Giant Coral Crab

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Class Aquatic
Rarity Epic
Size 190 - 200 cm; Medium

12 HP

15 Strength

6 Defense

5 Agility

2 Intelligence


A Giant Coral Crab is a fearsome creature of overwhelming size, their maximum height ranging somewhere between 190 cm to 200 cm (6'2 to 6'6). Though, its size is not as fearsome as its claws. The claws of the coral crab are enormous, and the sheer strength of these claws could rip you apart with ease. The coral crab has some color variations. These range from blood red to reddish-orange to dark yellow. They have rather small legs and often move sideways with claws high up in the air to intimidate their opponent or a female. Not many know these giant crabs can walk forward at a very slow and inefficient pace. It is best to run perpendicularly away from these creatures, so they are busy having to turn around to chase sideways.


The aquatic creatures live in coral reefs found in the warmer seas of southern Eden, most notably near the Golden Coral Bay and Coral Shores, after which they are named. Like most crabs, the Coral Crab lives mainly in bodies of saltwater, hidden away in the thick coral reefs. Reefs are the best kind of home for crabs due to their ability to blend in with the colors of their environment. It is unknown how many coral crabs live in the southern seas, but they're seen as rare creatures because they're not seen much on the shores.


The giant coral crab lives in the coral riffs and feeds on the schools of fish and other small creatures that are present there. They very rarely come to the shore. The crabs don't care what happens at the water's surface and only eat and sleep. They sleep a lot, but how much is unknown? Coral crabs that come to the shore are mostly there to intimidate a female or fight another crab for dominance back in the coral riffs. Coral Crabs rarely tussle by their residence so as not to have their home destroyed from fighting or put any of their young in danger.


The giant coral crab can smash its claws on its opponent, dealing huge D3 damage, but they're slow in their attacks. Though the attacks are slow, they deal damage. If a coral crab can get its enemy between its claws, it can squish it, dealing three damage. This is how a coral crab fights, smashes its enemies, and tries to grab them between its claws. Anyone caught by the giant claw cannot move away and will take three damage every round they're stuck until the crab is damaged for 4 HP.


Though fearsome and hard to defeat, these giant crabs can have quite the use when it comes to weapons, potions, or even food.

  • Claws
A crab claw is used for certain potions but can also be torn down to create spears or pikes. A smaller claw is often used in great horns to call for war or danger.
  • Legs
A delicacy of the sea and beloved by those lucky enough to get a taste. Due to the rarity of the Giant Coral Crab, these legs are a scarce commodity.