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Class Magical
Rarity ?
Size x - y cm; Size

? HP

12 Strength

12 Defense

5 Agility

14 Intelligence

Born from nature itself the Hathor are beings of the forests and landscapes of Eden, often being found near swampy regions and regions of strong vegetation. Often confused with regular Ents the Hathor are often born from the oldest tree in a region, as such being chosen as a protector of the nearby lands. While such may be the case the Hathor can vary in their size and appearance; A Hathor born from a cherry tree would often show some of the tree's original blossoms and fruit, while a Hathor born from a pine tree would look rougher and sturdier instead. However, all Hathor have one thing in common, being their natural affinity to nearby plants and animals, often being able to control them to some extent.


Hathors are born from the oldest trees in their local area, marking the landscape around their birthree as their habitat. Such habitats can often include whole forestsides or landscapes, yet, sometimes Hathors are capable of sharing habitats as well. Such an event often occurs when multiple trees are planted at the same time and then grow up to become the oldest trees of the region at roughly the same time, resulting in multiple Hathors being born at the same time as well.


Commonly referred to as rather calm beings, the Hathors don’t show any aggression towards any of the races or most beings. This is due to their natural calm behaviour, yet, while such may be the case the Hathor are often seen protecting their habitats or their birth tree in the times of need, calling forth plants and animals to assist them.


Hathors are capable of summoning forth the very focus of nature, ranging from summoning other animals, plants and even storms. Many of their attacks focus on protecting their very habitat and the Hathor won’t continue their attacks once the enemy has left their local vicinity.