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Class Magical
Rarity ?
Size ~30 cm; Tiny/Small

? HP

2 Strength

2 Defense

6 Agility

10 Intelligence

The Gimeek is a small animal, which is often mistaken for an onion because of its similar appearance to the plant. Despite its look, this small creature has a rather potent meaty taste, not all that dissimilar to venison, making the Gimeek quite the snack for the wandering traveller.

The Gimeek is only one foot high, about half of its height coming from its leaf-like top. The outer layer of the creature closely resembles plant material, but beneath the spherical body is a layer of muscle, followed by a layer of bones that allows the Gimeeks to hold their shape. Beneath that are the Gimeeks organs, with three sensory nerves and a thin layer of muscle running up and down its body. The thicker portion of its body splits into the three leafy portions, with the stem-like parts of each leaf converging to protect the Gimeek’s brain and prevent muscle and bones from being exposed. The Gimeeks’ rather short legs and arms each end in a small, sharp claw, the undersides of the claws hollow like a canine’s.


The Gimeeks prefers moderately warm climates that many would consider being suitable for farming, which often results in the creatures being attracted to farms and mistakenly trying to communicate with ordinary onion plants sometimes. Failing this, Gimeeks are most commonly found in temperate forests, often in burrows dug half a foot into the ground. Because of the Gimeek’s tendency to be amongst members of its own species, a multitude of burrows and fist-sized pits in the ground are a good sign that Gimeeks are nearby. Gimeeks will not survive in too hot of temperatures or too cold, so they often cluster together and hibernate in large groups come winter, and often try to find mud or puddles to cool down in summer. Because of its appearance, the Gimeek tries to blend in with other plants to avoid predators. So, Gimeeks will rarely be seen walking about if they’re in dense vegetation if they can help it.


The Gimeek is a rather social creature, resulting in large packs of them sticking together for most of their lives. When in distress, Gimeeks let out a series of squeaking noises, almost like a mouse or a rat may. If other Gimeeks are nearby, they will replicate this noise and scatter, creating a chain reaction and resulting in most of those creatures trying to flee to safety. When not in danger, they will use prolonged squeaks to communicate at a very basic level, often following one another two sources of food, hospitable territory, or two burrowing locations. They use their small claws when burrowing and digging holes, often helping one another if an individual Gimeek is unable to adequately burrow themselves. Because of the time-consuming reproduction habits of the creature, they will often not reproduce if many others in their pack already are, unless they are at the end of their lifespan and have no other option at that age. Gimeeks are very skittish beings, often fearing most beings bigger than them.


The Gimeeks do not have any special abilities, which makes them fairly easy prey if one would be able to catch them.