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Join the Community

Meet other nerds on our Discord and Forum

Multiple Characters

How to make your own characters

Chat commands

How to switch among global, local and In Character chat and have colored emotes

Combat Roleplay(CRP)

The map of FnF

Building castles and companies

Don't forget to vote FnF to gain money! Type "/vote" in game!

Learn the commands!

How to edit your items, set up a shop, use locks, putting links on a sign

The weight system and the lock system

Edited items with special properties must be approved!

Start your own institute

Time to Build!

How to claim a territory with your friends and build your own place.



How to go on an adventure alone or with friends

  • Party System Guide
  • Pick up a ticket on our Discord and declare your character's plan of adventure, you find the link in the information page in Discord.

How to become a Mage in FnF


Being a bad guy

Fight the criminals or be one of them

Lay war to your enemies!

Important Rules

Don't forget the RP rules!