Useful Commands

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General Commands:

The Item editor:

/edititem - Takes the item the user is currently holding and opens the item editor.

Default Minecraft color codes can be used when editing an item.

The Item Editor after using the command.
An example of a custom item that was made with the Item Editor


/roll [Number] - Rolls

/roll [number] [Strength/Defense/Agility/Intelligence] - Rolls but it automatically applies any modifier you may have.


Bottle color:

/bottlecolor - When editing a water bottle, you can use this command to change the color of the liquid.

Bottlecolor command GUI


/unsignitem - Removes the player signature from an edited item.


Character/IGN toggle:

/togglenames - Toggles the displayed name on tab and on the nameplate above the player between Character names and the player IGN.


Character Card:

/card - Opens your character card.

TIP: shift+right click on another player opens their character card!


Perma-kill Characters:

/pk [character name] - Kills and deletes the selected characters.


Link Sign:

/linksign [URL] - Allows the player to paste a link on a sign.

Select a sign by looking at it and use the correct formatting on the sign to apply a link to it. (See images below)

A sign before a link was activated using the linksign command.
An active link sign.



Right click a lockable with a Wooden Hoe to lock it. Then right click it again with a wooden hoe to access to lock GUI.

There the player can add and remove users and moderators to their locks.


Crafting a lockpick:

The lockpick crafting recipe.


The Calendar:

/date - Displays the current IRP date on the server.

The server calendar

Searching players:

/inventorysearch [IGN] - Shows you a player's inventory if they accept your request.

Searching a player's inventory

Soulbinding items:

/soulbind - Soulbinds an item to that character. You do not lose that item upon death. Use /soulbind again to remove the soulbind on an item.

Example of a soulbound item.

Combat Commands:

Duels and group combat countdowns:

/duel [player] - Invites the other player in a duel and starts a countdown when the other player accepts the duel.

/combatcountdown - Let's anyone in a 30 block radius know a fight is about to take place and puts a public countdown in place.


/weight - Opens an extra inventory which displays the weight of items on the player.

The weight inventory

Party system:

/party create [party name] - Creates a party with a custom name

Party Creation

/party invite [IGN] - invites the player to the party.

/party kick [IGN] - Kicks a player from the party (Only the party creator can do this)

/party leave - Makes the player leave the party they are currently in.

/party disband - Disbands an active party and kicks everyone who is in it. (Only the party creator can do this)

Note that all party commands also work with /p instead of /party

A party has a little icon next to their name to signal that they are in the party. Friendly fire is disabled between all party members.

Example of a party member and scoreboard.


For a full tutorial on how to use the shop plugin we use, check out the following video: [LINK]

An example of a shop on the server.

Discord Commands:

/verify [Discord tag] will link your discord and Minecraft account. Allowing you to use some Discord commands.

?Character - Displays your Character Card in Discord <<Discord command

?Character [IGN] - Displays that players Character Card in Discord. <<Discord command

?date - Shows the IC date and time of the server in Discord <<Discord command

Donator Commands:

/cheer - Activates a cheer.

/pets - Opens the pet menu.