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Fables and Fantasy RP makes use of a system where items get Event team or Loremaster approval to authenticate items that have certain uses or meanings. This guide is meant to help you understand what the approval tags mean and how to use them. First things first, you need to understand which types of approval there are and what they mean.


Event Approval tags are made by Gamemasters. These approval tags are meant to show items that are obtained IC and through roleplay. That means these items are canon and can be displayed as such. Event Approved items are cosmetic items and do not have any direct impact on the world around them, so they cannot be used as weapons on their own.

For example; you kill a spider and loot its fang. You might get an item with the Event Team Approval that this was indeed a spider fang salvaged this way. These fangs cannot be used themselves, however depending on the description you might change them.

Event team approved item.

Loremaster approval tags are made by Loremasters. These approval tags are meant to show items are able to be used to affect the user or the world around them. That means these items are able to be used for special means outside of the norm. These effects will always have to be described on the item.

For example; you have the spider fang from above and see it states there is strong poison inside. If you wish to utilize this poison you must extract it by requesting an event. The event team will then ask loremasters to help balance the poison and the loremaster will give a Loremaster approval tag. Now the item is ready for use.

Loremaster approved item.

As seen above, this item has infuence on the world around it if it is applied and able to poison the target. Or it is able to influence the user by poisoning them. This requires it to have the loremaster approval tag.

So when do your items need approval?

Most often, your items will not need any staff approval. Anything with custom lore that just describes the appearance of an item or foods and drinks that have no special effects to them do not need lore approval. Event team and loremaster approval tags are usually a way to authenticate items you got through RP. Such as severed heads, casting items, and objects obtained during events.

Event team-approved items can not be requested without having done a proper event for them. If you hunt something, for instance, you can harvest the corpse for certain items, it is up to the gamemaster if those items can actually be harvested or not. Other small trinkets and relics can also be obtained from events and will have this tag. Once again, these items do not have much use except as trophies.

Loremaster-approved items can be requested if the item in question has an effect on its user or the world and people around them. These items will only be approved if there’s a good reason for those items to have such effects. Such as the casting items of a mage character. Their magic stems from their catalyst, so when they insert their catalyst into a new item, it will get loremaster approval as a casting item. Similar items with special effects will have to get Loremaster approval before they can get used. Open up a lore request ticket for questions, it is up to the loremaster to say whether an item can or cannot be introduced into the server.

I have an item with a different approved tag, what does this mean?

It might be possible you find yourself in possession of an item with a different approval tag than what you saw before, such as the following:

Outdated Loremaster Approval tag
Outdated player created tag.

Do note that items with these tags are outdated and no longer supported in the same way. So items with these approval tags do not have any canon worth when used in peculiar situations. If you do happen to own one of such items then open a lore ticket so you might get a replacement where needed.