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Fables and Fantasy RP uses a plot system that acts as a build world for players to use. The plot world is a place where players can create their own creations, test out different build styles, and create builds for events. Players must keep in mind that the Build Team manages all plots, and has a final say in what can and cannot go on the map.

This guide will walk players through every aspect of the system and explain how it should be used.

Firstly, creating a plot...

So, do you want to build or explore others’ builds? To get to the plotworld, type the following command:


The profile menu will appear, and the player must select the ‘builder’ profile:

Character menu.jpg

This will teleport you to the plotworld!

Now, to acquire a plot, you must join our Support Discord, and open a build request ticket, as seen below:

Open support ticket.jpg

You must also present them with a plan of what you wish to build, with a screenshotted area of the map where you want to paste the plot. Note that you cannot paste on land that you do not own.

Do note that whenever a plot is finished it will be pasted within a week after completion. Additionally, before it gets pasted, the owners of the plot are required to pay a paste fee of 500 Andros per (64 x 64) plot.

Next, teleporting to plots...

Once a plot has been created for you by build team, to teleport to your plot, type the following command:

/plot home

If you would like to add other users to a plot, so they can help you build, type the following command:

(This allows the added user to build in the plot while the plot owner is online)

/plot add [username]

However, if you want to give that player more permissions, you need to ‘trust’ them. To do this, type the following command:

(This grants the added user more privileges than the normal add command, such as the ability to use WorldEdit while the plot owner is offline)

/plot trust [username]

If you have made a mistake or would like to remove a player from a plot, type the following command:

/plot untrust [username]

For the more in-depth commands: Plot specific commands

If you want to set the position where a player is teleported when they first visit the plot, type the following command:

/plot sethome

Another cool feature is that you can set the biome of a plot. This may help to replicate the actual biome your build will be pasted in. Type the following command:

/plot setbiome

Viewing Plot Information

If you would like to see the information of a plot, type the following command:

/plot info

A list of information concerning the plot will appear. This shows the trusted members, members, the owner, etc. as seen below:

Plot info.jpg

Do you want to visit a friend’s plot?

If you wish to visit a player’s plot, type the following command:

/plot visit [username]

And finally, if you ever forget any commands, type the following to get a full list of available commands:

/plots help

A list will appear:

Plot help.jpg