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The Bestiary summarizes most beasts and creatures in Eseron and the other realms. As such, some creatures may resemble the common beings of Eseron, while others may appear like horrors in the eyes of most races.

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There are many creatures in the land of Eden and beyond, and are thus categorized by the following sizes.

Tiny Small Medium Large Huge Gargantuan
10 - 30 cm 30 - 120 cm 120 - 220 cm 220 - 600 cm 600 - 1200 cm > 1200 cm
4" - 12" 12" - 3'1 3'1" - 7'2" 7'2" - 19'8" 19'8" - 39'4" > 39'4"

These creatures also have a rarity, that indicates how likely you are to encounter them
Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
A common creature. You can find this only as a random encounter. You can find this randomly only if you are (un)lucky otherwise you have to look for them. Very few exemplars exist and their presence is close to legend, but they're still known from written stories or documentation. It's believed extinct and people in Eden even have a doubt they exist.

Amphibic Creatures
Bound by land nor sea, these creatures can travel across both realms of terrain on Eseron. Amphibians can breathe air and water, though they spend most of their young life developing in water.

Aquatic Creatures
Creatures of the seas, a final frontier in the depths of the ocean blue, lie dormant until disturbed. Some reside closer to the shores of mere mortals, while some wait for a passing ship to sail into their trap.

Avian Creatures
Limited by the sky, these feathered friends (or fiends) can take off at a mere moment's notice. Hunters, or possible companions, an avian is equipped with the tools to survive among the sky and the land.

Draconomicon Creatures
The legendary magical creatures, known as dragons, come in various shapes and sizes. Most dragons reside in large caverns or on top of mountains. Yet some claim that there are dragons that live beneath the waves or live with the northern giants.

Elemental Creatures
Elemental creatures, nicknamed Elementals, correspond to the four cardinal elements: Air, Ground, Water, and Fire. They are unlike voidal creatures, which may be seen as untold horrors to the mortal eye.

Fey Creatures
Communed with nature, these beings thrive with little interaction nor concern for the outside world of humans, elves, etc. It is like they live in a realm of their own, rarely seen, unlike their more humanoid counterparts, such as the centaur.

Arcane Creatures
Creatures of yore, mystical beings only read about. It is rare to see an arcane creature, and some even consider it the greatest omen or blessing. Though be weary, not all of these creatures can be a good thing to encounter, and you may be lucky to escape intact.

Humanoid Creatures
Humanoid creatures are such that they resemble the main races in their shape. Though some may have more than four appendages, there may be little to differentiate them from humans or elves, though some may resemble the shape of denur or that of orcs and goblins.

Mammalian Creatures
The common creatures, most of which reside in our farms, are mostly peaceful beings that can be found grazing on the plentiful grasses of Eseron. Though these are the prey of mammals and unknown to some, their days are short as wolves and bears hunt them.

Reptilian Creatures
The scaled, often slithering, type of creature. These beings are normally cold-blooded, requiring hours of basking in the sun. Loved by some, though feared by most, being charmed by these creatures is an acquired taste.

Undead Creatures
The rotting or the long gone, an undead creature is one of the scarier monsters of the underworld. Shapes and sizes vary, but most can resemble the spirit or structures of mortals long dead. They 'live' between planes, stuck in a waking cycle of perpetual torment.

Vermin Creatures
Though, not the most feared, vermins are some of the most hated among the races, simply for being a disease-riddled ankle-biter. Though rats are considered the poster child of vermins, they don't compare to the giant scorpions or spiders that run amok.

Insect Creatures
The common insects, most of which reside in our fields and towns, are mostly peaceful beings and fundamental in every ecosystem.

Voidal Creatures
The supernatural, or rather the unnatural, creatures of the night. If there's anything that creates almost as much fear as the undead do, it's a voidal creature. Seeming to originate from the depths of the void, the fear lies in the fact that they could live hidden among us.

Pet Creatures
Some wild creatures have long grown in captivity, or evolved throughout history as small pets. They have lost their danger over time, made smaller by artificial selection by the civilizations of Eden. Others, however, are small critters who are already harmless in nature, who love to follow and make friends with the inhabitants of Eden.