Stone Golem

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Class Constructed
Rarity ?
Size 1000 - 30,500 cm; Huge/Gargantuan

? HP

14 Strength

16 Defense

6 Agility

8 Intelligence

A stone golem is a non-organic elemental being originating from the icy northern mountain regions. The name golem comes from the ancient Attian languages before the Attian empire, which translates roughly to 'clumsy and slow being.' The creature is compromised out of the elemental component rock. Variants of golems have been spotted with parts of his body made out of hardened gravel or dirt. As the translation of his name suggests, the stone golem is a slow and clumsy being but also very aggressive.

The stone golem may reach between 10 meters (32 feet) to over an unknown amount in height. The tallest golem being recorded was over 305 meters (1000 feet), the size of a small mountain. The number of different sizes of stone and boulders that make up his body cannot be weight; hence, the importance of the creature is unknown. Golems are always in different sizes, heights, and looks; no stone golem seems the same. What is the same, though, is his 'heart.' While the sand golem is given life by a rock of raw magic energy housed in its center, the stone golem has been confirmed to have an actual component that works as the heart. This spherical stone of molten rock is always in the part of the being that is the strongest. Most times, this is the upper torso. How these hearts came to be is yet to be studied. But it is believed in Denur Mythology that the stone golems are souls that have lost their way to the afterlife. The truth behind this has yet to be confirmed. Even when the heart is removed from the golem's body, the heart keeps its heat and glow.

Due to its long-dormant state, nature mainly converts the stone golems into little hills, making them camouflaged around the world. So it might be plausible for someone to walk on top of a stone golem at any given time. When these golems do awake, they often carry large chunks of grass or even forest on their backs.

The shape of the stone golems resembled that of a large humanoid. Being that certain limbs or body parts are out of proportion due the variety of rocks used to shape it. Every stone golem is different in size or shape. While most of these creatures tend to have two arms, golems have been seen with multiple limbs. The golems legs are thick and mostly made out of connected boulders; this holds the weight and balance of the creature despite its shape. The head of the golem differs. Most golems are seen with featureless heads. Mostly just being a large stone in the rough shape of a face.

In contrast, others have carved out mouths and actual eyes that hold the same motoric functions as real organic organs. The being is capable of producing sounds despite lacking the organs to do so. Albeit only roars and groans when showing the be in the emotional state of being angry or hurt. However, it is rumored that despite these factual claims, stone golems can produce speech or even communicate with one another.


Stone golems were first sighted in the northern mountain regions. This has now been classified as their region of origin. From there, they move south to the Northern Vale, Heartlands, Hinterlands, and the Glade Of Dragons to avoid the cold. There are rare sightings of stone golems in the Delorwaki Savanna.


Like the sand golem, what drives these beings is unknown, as they seem to lay dormant for thousands of years, only to spontaneously awaken when someone is too close to their resting place. Stone golems seem to only thrive on combat, as when golems meet, they instantly clash to gain more power. When alone, the creature appears to be in a neutral state. Yet even in this state, they are quickly agitated as they are aggressive in nature.

Their aggression is targeted not only on other beings and their environment but also their own kind. Some mountains or small hills are speculated to be the outcome of a stone golem battle. After a long time, a stone golem may find a place to rest and bury himself into the earth, where it blends into the environment. Never to be discovered, allowing it to lay dormant again for over a thousand years.

The heart of the golem is what moves them. Damaging these hearts gives them great pain. Destroying them causes them to crumble and lose their power. These hearts lay buried under the earth, eventually pulling the elements towards themselves to shape the body and start to move. If a stone golems heart is not taken after its death,the heart will heal by unknown means and retake form after another long-dormant state.


The power of the stone golem varies like its size. When agitated, they can tear through both forests and mountains and smash into other creatures like killing a fly. They always hold the same shape, so when losing a limb in battle, it will look for it or use other rock materials to regrow one back. This is seen as a form of healing for the stone golem. Their raw strength is a force to be reckoned with, and they can even use trees as weapons like the trolls. Killing them is a task that needs skill and tactics. Stone golems are observed to be dull creatures and cannot take multiple opponents at once. The only way to kill a golem seems to be to destroy its heart or sever all its limbs, taking away its ability to heal.