Tarik il Iʂik

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The star of Iʂik
Origins Anjyarr
Demographics Khadan

Dark Elves


Good and evil are deities that reside within an unseen realm. They cannot show their physical forms but manifest themselves through deeds or ideas. Thus, one is believed to become a vessel for good through doing good. Likewise, one that commits evil deeds shall become a vessel for evil.

In the perfect creation, the universe, everything fits in its own place, as it is meant to be. Upon death, the souls of those that have walked the path of evil in their mortal lives shall be cast into the darkness of the void, surrounded by horrors unimaginable that seek only to devourer them whole.

The souls of those that lived good lives, those that were heart, shall end up within the warm embrace of the sun, the only light in the darkness. They are the brightest stars in the night, waiting to return to Eseron when the time of their reincarnation arrives. A chance only they will get since the souls that reside in the light shall not be devoured by the creatures of the dark.


Followers of Tarik il Iʂik (meaning "Path to the light"), Tarik for short, view life as an endless struggle between light (Iʂik)  and darkness, where they serve as holy soldiers of light. Violence against those who embody evil is highly encouraged, and "holy wars" against evildoers are viewed as blessings from the divine. It gives the followers a chance at achieving heroism, the highest attainable goal during mortal life. To become a hero is to embody goodness in its purest form. To deny all self-preservation instincts and instead dawn the mantle of self-sacrifice for the good of others. The divine cherishes the souls of heroes. When heroes perish, they live on as great beacons of hope in the night, set apart from even the brightest stars to continue to shed their light upon the world. Only to be reincarnated in times of great need.

But this greatness is not only reserved for heroes. By subjugating oneself to hardships, be it in a month or year-long campaign or during one's daily life, any man can find spiritual elevation that will aid him in this life and his next. This notion of glory and self-sacrifice has motivated people throughout history to expose themselves to hardships repeatedly in the hopes of transcending to live a better life of spirituality over materialism.  

Tarik il Iʂik is practiced by most inhabitants of the empire, including dark elves, who have combined the teachings of the Cult of Fineall into the Tarik. Many Lunn believes their creator god to be an agent of Iʂik, sent to battle the darkness.


Philosophy is highly regarded, for art concerns itself with questioning what is good and evil. It is thus no surprise that the Paths spiritual leaders are philosophers of great intellect, valued throughout all of Eden.


Tarik il Iʂik came about in 150 BFS due to the teachings of a man known as "The Philosopher''. It started in Zenfey, the capital of the Zenither tribe.