Aleksandra Baireiksing

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Aleksandra Baireiksing
Title(s) Thiudan of the Kingdom of Eisarnknoth

Mikils Blōstreis of Eisarnknoth

House House Baireiksing
Born 1513 AFS
Spouse N/A
Issue N/A
Rule 1534 -
Realm(s) The Kingdom of Eisarnknoth
Race Attian Human
Culture Eisarnthiuda

Physical description

Aleksandra is taller than most, standing at six feet four with a lean yet muscular build and an extremely light complexion. Her stature becomes even more conspicuous, though, on some days when she dons her boots, putting her at an even more impressive height. Blonde hair reaches only to the edges of her shirt collar in the back and to her mid-cheek on the sides. It is swept back and well-groomed while maintaining an air of wealth and elegance, though not without shrouding her in a look of pride and, perhaps, cockiness. Her eyes are blue, the same color as the coldness of the sea.