Mythanthar Vidarr

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Mythanthar Vidarr
Title(s) Chieftain, Superintendent
Born 1416 AFS.
Rule 1521 AFS – present day
Realm(s) The Woodlands Kingdom of Myln Arbor
Race Wood Elves
Culture Azari'Cerr, Elven

Physical description

Myth has dark brown hair, amber eyes, and brown skin like the soil. He’s on the taller side of wood elves being 6,1. Vidarr’s hair looks ruffled and a thin braid would drape on to his collar bone. He often wears a thin jacket with a large opening that shows his chest. has long leather gloves that go up his arms. Permanent golden patterns run across his body. A toothy necklace would be around his neck from his coming of age hunt. A stern look would always be on his face.


Vidarr hasn’t left Mitrona since the beginning of the rotten plague, as it is his safe haven, however that may change in the future if he wishes. Other than hunting and training, Myth enjoys creating tiny wood sculptures. He’s good with his craft but terrible at singing. Myth often sits out on tribal songs though he knows all the words. Many believe that he is only tough mentally and physically, but he is also considerate and dependable. He doesn’t show his soft side to anyone outside of his race or home.


Mythanthar’s family was extremely religious. They were true to their traditions and devotion to the Pantheon of the Phoenix. Growing up in Mitrona, Vidarr had to learn quickly to adapt to his surroundings. Though he felt most comfortable in the forest, it was extremely dangerous. His parents forced him to be a hunter at a young age along with his remaining younger sister. Vidarr’s Mother was the strictest, they had to come home with a hunt every night or she wouldn’t feed them. He watched his mother have many miscarriages and siblings disappear once they left the woods. Myth wouldn’t dare thinking about leaving.

Mythanthar takes pride in his home culture, determined to grow stronger to protect it. Like many of fighter wood elves his age at the time, he wanted to prove his strength and cleverness. In which Mythanthar did during his trial, passing with flying colors. He will never take the wolf teeth necklace he earned off, as it is a reminder of his strength.

The Vidarr family has had a long warrior running bloodline. Teenage Myth was disciplined yet cocky. A very skilled hunter, who wasn’t afraid of a challenge. Mythanthar truly believed he could take upon a bear by himself at that age. Unfortunately, his young pride got his best friend killed saving Myth during that hunt. After grieving and learning from his mistakes, he grew wiser from it. Leading to his constant reserved and serious attitude.

Over many years Myth has climed the ranks and earned the respect of his home, eventually becoming a strict superintendent. He would become chieftain in the year 1521 after the previous one had stepped down.


  • Mythanthar absolutely loves honey water
  • Has a rough rigged sword he calls Mythical Blade
  • Devoted follower of kharash. Myth also has a strong connection to wolf spirits because of his trial hunt.