Sultan Sig'vyl Al-Buthara

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Sig'Vyl Al-Buthara
Sultan Sig'Vyl Al-Buthara.jpg
Title(s) Sultan of Anjyarr, Firelord, Arch-

Pyromancer, Heir of the Phoenix,

Monarch of the shifting sands

Born 1275 AFS.
Rule 1522 AFS – 1527 AFS.
Realm(s) The Empire of Anjyarr
Race Dark Elves
Culture Anjyarri, Azari’Lunn, Elven

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Physical Appearance

Sig’Vyl Al-Buthara, or Sig as he is commonly referred to by ones close to him, is a tall and muscular man coming in at 2.15 meters tall. His skin is a pale purple, a tone somewhat uncommon among his Azari’Lunn kin. He has long ears that are home to two large golden earrings and long black hair.

When it comes to clothing, his most recognizable feature is his long red mantle, made from the finest cloth in all of Eden and decorated with threads of gold and various orange flames.


Sig’vyl is a calm and humble individual, even though he is from noble origin. He tends to have cheerful outburst of laughter when faced with absurdity, which results in mixed reactions from those around him. He is knowledgeable, yet fearless and unwavering at the same time. Facing down foes that far exceed his own strength, yet prevailing none the less, resulting in a sort of overconfidence in his own ability. He also has a love for tea of all sorts, his favorite being Yansoon tea.


Early Life

Sig’Vyl was born on a Fireday, 21st of Goldscorch 1275 AFS. to the noble Buthara family. He was firstborn of his father Melchior Buthara, who was head of the family at the time. When he was still young, his mother, Yndrah Buthara, would tell him many different bedtime stories. From tales of old to myths and legends. And Sig’Vyl was profound by all of them. These stories sparked an interest in the history of his people and that of Eden, one that would guide him through his early youth. He spend much time studying history and had a great interest for the Age of Fallen Spires, especially the years before the war. A craving that could not be satisfied however, since the Azari’Lunn lacked pre-AFS literature at the time.

Knowing Sig’Vyl would have to follow in his footsteps and not wanting him to become an arrogant nobleman, his father decreed that he had to spend significant time among Lunn societies commoners. When he was 71 years old he joined a group of local fishermen and set sail to a new passion, fishing. An occupation that lasted for 46 years, but would remain a hobby for the rest of his life. During this period he would start to develop rapidly, reaching peak physical condition at the ripe age of 81. Growing greatly in strength and endurance, since he had to pull in the heavy weight off full nets of fish night after night. He also made many friendships during his work, both Lunn and Khadan, most of which still stand to this day.

Military Career

The day Sig’vyl turned 117th was a turning point in his life. Even though he enjoyed the life he had lived to this point, there was more to be gained. Hence why he quitted his job as a fishermen and enlisted as a soldier. With the aid of his father and due to his physical strength, he was able to climb up the ranks rather quickly. Securing himself a commanding position with the Royal guard, the Baltadji, over the span of just 3 years. He used this time to further study warfare and various fighting styles, eventually mastering the blade and becoming reasonably acquitted in hand-to-hand combat.

A painting of Sultan Sig'Vyl al-Buthara, painted by the talented Soun'ii al Maqlee'bayt per the Sultan's request, late 1526 AFS

The Buthara Family

The Buthara family is an ancient 'Lunn dynasty that can be traced back to the days before the age of fallen spires. Most famous of them was Selphariel Buthara, a name that strikes fear into the hearts of the other Azari to this day. The family is well known for bringing forth the best Pyromancers in on the continent, as is historically evident. The current head of the dynasty, Sig'Vyl, follows after his father Melchior in pyromantic prowess. It was his father that drived the orc Faultide of Grannûsk in the early 12th century AFS.

The Buthara lineage

  • Selphariel Buthara: 245B.F.S. - 227A.F.S
  • Sormil Buthara: 137A.F.S - 428 A.F.S
  • Sachirmelion Buthara: 324A.F.S - 777 A.F.S
  • The Banished one: 688A.F.S. - 1100 A.F.S
  • Melchior Buthara: 1003A.F.S. - 1486 A.F.S
  • Sig’vyl Al-Buthara: 1275A.F.S. - current day