The Tzardom of Raevkov

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The Tzardom of Raevkov
Capital Raevkov
Location Magna Attia
Races Hinterlanders, Nordlanders
Primary Religions Makerism
Political System Monarchy / Local Democracy
Current Leader Tzar Matthijs van Oudkerken
Council of Boyars -
Preceded by:


They are the wardens of the north, guarding the frontier from their empire forged from blood and ice after years of being cast aside as the lesser. The old republic has fallen under its own weight and from its icy ashes, The Tzardom of Raevkov has risen in its place. In the far north of Eden close to the ancient Denur holds of the far north lies this realm of hardened Nordlanders and cast-out Hinterlanders of the Republic, and together they have left their mark. The Tzardom of Raevkov is the northern hub of civilization due to its central position on the crossroads between the Hadrian Realms in the south, the Denur in the north, and the Elven realms to the east. The Tzardom is an enormously culturally diverse realm due to its position and prides itself on it. But this seemingly blessed position in the north also comes plagued with a curse, for Magna Attia is a doomed land as a result of the fall of the Attian Empire and the horror that followed. Witches, horrid beasts, and vampires roam the dark forests at night, luring in innocent and isolated mortals for their dark rituals or to feast on their flesh simply. Those who reside in Raevkov understand the lands within which they live and strive to repair what the Attians could not. With toil, pain, and blood is every inch reclaimed by the forces of the Tzar and his followers, every night again the armies of Raevkov march with stabs, gauges, rips, and bites and on broken limbs, ceaselessly standing guard against the horrors of Eden so that those in the south may live another day without them. The wheel must turn, and those living in the Tzardom shall ensure it will until it grinds their bones to dust.

Culture and Society