Victoria Rovelt

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Victoria Rovelt
Title(s) Lady Of the Rovelt Household
Born 1492 AFS
Realm(s) The Kingdom of Hadriana
Race Attian Human
Culture Hadric

Physical description

A tall thin woman with dark brown eyes and long brown hair that’s nearly black. She’s the definition of elegance ; wearing sleek dresses and expensive jewelry many of the common folk dream of. Victoria often wears her household colors along with her favorite golden horseshoe earrings. Wearing a valuable necklace with a green pennant her husband had given her. Victoria never leaves the house without it.


Victoria exhibits sophistication in it’s finest. She’s firm and slow with her words, and is patient with others. A well educated woman with no interest in physical combat. She orders her knights to handle any such things for her. As generous as she normally is ; Victoria prefers to annihilate her enemies using society and its influence. She’s often caught  gambling at the jousting tournaments and sponsoring upcoming Hadric craftsmens.

The Rovelt History

Born in 1492 Hadriana, from an unloving arranged marriage, Victoria’s Hadric mother was strict with her. Made sure she had the proper education and a polite attitude. While her father, Victor was a wealthy travelling merchant. The Rovelts were known for whiskey and rum trading across the lands. Being the only known Rovelt child at the time she aimed to continue her father and grandfather’s legacy within Hadriana.

It was until the plague hit when she was 14 in 1506, Victoria had a fairly happy childhood. She always had food on her plate and plenty of clothes to wear.  Her father spoiled her rotten despite rarely being around. The plague in Hadriana was devastating, causing the infection of Victor and his lackeys, while they were out trading food for Hadriana. They died with the many other Hadrian lives lost by the rotten plague in 1509. Victoria’s mother, Adelaide rarely let her off the property. Unwilling to have the risk of losing the Rovelt’s sole heir.

During her time on her family’s property, Victoria read through her father’s entire office. Using the time to study and polish herself. Learning how her grandfather made his alcohol and the effective ways of trade from her father. Teaching the ins and outs of society. How to manipulate the mind. Half way through the tragedy, her mother began to show symptoms of the plague. As much as Victoria had disliked her mother, she was devastated. Adelaide’s last words were “I am returning to the maker, he will take care of us”. As she left their home swiftly.

Victoria was the last survivor of the Rovelt household with very few servants. Had nothing to her name but wealth and a title. In 1510 Victoria had met an honorable Hadric knight with a missing right eye, Magnus Andraka. The two married the same  year to rise in strength. The plague had finally passed in 1511, however, the political tension in Hadriana didn’t. The noble hunt for power started and the recovering Rovelt household remained in the shadows. They were more focused on the economy of Hadriana than who led it. Supporting whoever was in the lead, which was The Withmond household. This is also the year Victoria had given birth to her first born son, Maximus.

Years had passed and the Rovelt household had earned its place on the newly noble court again. In 1514 Victoria gave birth to twins. Rosaline and Roman. Unfortunately Roman died tragically in an accident as a toddler in 1518. A wave of sorrow as the king was assassinated the same year. Now Lady Victoria uplifts her noble title, using her old money to sponsor craftsmens, listen to citizens, and monitor her tavern.  A well respected woman in Hadriana with a cold gaze.


  • Victoria loves jousting tournaments and spends a lot of money when she attends.
  • Wears a dim wedding ring on her ring finger.
  • Enjoys light alcohol, like wine and mead primarily.
  • Tends to say “The maker will take care of us” often