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Classification Elemental Magic
Energy Source Ignos - The scorched lands
Casting Method Catalyst - Sphalerite gem

The mages of fire are mages of desire, as these have always used their sheer force of will to mold the flames of Ignos. Fire has always been seen to be close to complete chaos, but it can be more so described as ordered chaos. It takes a lot of concentration to wield the force of flame, but there have been innovations to help resolve these issues making fire magic more widespread.


Fire has been there for as long as people can remember, to cook meat, warm yourself up and alot more useful facts. But around the year 200 there was someone that took the flames to another level. They had a primal rage large enough to tear a permanent tear between the realm of Eden and Ignos, bringing eternal flame into the world, making the world a few degrees hotter. Once this primordial had brought their fire they went to their respective realm to rule over it. Fire has been a signet for smiths all over Eden and beyond, be it that metal has an innate connection with fire through its inability to burn, as it has been used to open tears easier and to even color the blaze rare tints. The easiest way to find such an item is to open a tear to Ignos, and let someone, or something stamp a circle under the excruciating heat there. The reason this signet is stamped onto the items is certainly unknown, but it has worked for long enough to be seen as tradition by teachers to teach their students.

Learning and Teaching

To strengthen your will and resolve one's master will put you under extreme heat and torrid conditions, for your own good of course. Your mind becomes calm after the horrendous experiences you go through. As your rage, fear and other emotions fade away. Your mind starts to understand runes of old, created by the first mage of fire to teach. Only once ones mind has been calmed down enough can one access the true potential of the ring of fire. Training is usually done in volcanic waters, scorching rocks or close to molten lava, though the conditions are all optional depending on what the teacher sees fit for the student.

To reach level one a teacher needs to have at least four sessions with their student, each session being at least sixty minutes long. To obtain level two the student needs to have another four lessons of sixty minutes. To finally reach level three and the ability to teach magic themselves the students need to have another set of two sessions, each with a length of thirty minutes. Each day one session can be held by the teacher/been received by the student. After finally reaching level three the student doesn’t require any additional sessions and will reach level four automatically after two weeks of self-studying the magic. Once level four was reached the cooldown is renewed and the mage will reach level five after an additional two weeks. After finally reaching level five, the spellcaster faces a decision to follow either of two paths. This decision will determine his further magical journey, and can never be undone.

Level Increase Required Sessions Req .Session Length
Lvl 0 to Lvl 1 4 Sessions 60 Minutes
Lvl 1 to Lvl 2 4 Sessions 60 Minutes
Lvl 2 to Lvl 3 2 Sessions 30 Minutes
Lvl 3 to Lvl 4 Self study level up after 2 weeks.
Lvl 4 to Lvl 5 Self study level up after 2 weeks.

After choosing a path, the spellcaster will automatically increase in level every two weeks.

Bonding trials are still required to level up between each level, but spellcasters can request those themselves after they move on to self studying.

Progression - Pyromancy

Base Spell Progression

Level Unlocked Spells Abilities/Bonuses
Lvl 1 - Novice Fireball No spellcasting bonuses.
Lvl 2 - Spellweaver Fireball +1 spellcasting bonus.
Lvl 3 - Sorcerer Fireball, Breath of the Dragon +1 spellcasting bonus. The spellcaster unlocks the Flaming Familiar ability.
Lvl 4 - Magus Fireball, Breath of the Dragon, Ignis Enlightenment +1 spellcasting bonus.
Lvl 5 - Ignos Seer Fireball, Breath of the Dragon, Ignis Enlightenment +2 The caster can now choose a path. They can now become either a Solarmancer or a Magmamancer.

Progression - Solarmancy

Level Unlocked Spells Abilities/Bonuses
Lvl 1 - Solar Student Inner Brilliance +2 spellcasting bonus.
Lvl 2 - Spellweaver Inner Brilliance, Smite +2 spellcasting bonus.
Lvl 3 - Solarmancer Inner Brilliance, Smite, Fiery Mirror +3 spellcasting bonus. The spellcaster unlocks the ... ability.
Lvl 4 - Magus Inner Brilliance, Smite, Fiery Mirror, Regulus Protection +3 spellcasting bonus.
Lvl 5 - Solaris Inner Brilliance, Smite, Fiery Mirror, Regulus Protection, Wrath of the Sun +4 spellcasting bonus.

Progression - Magmamancy

Level Unlocked Spells Abilities/Bonuses
Lvl 1 - Magmic explorer Scorching Panoply +2 spellcasting bonus.
Lvl 2 - Spellweaver Scorching Panoply, Molten Soil +2 spellcasting bonus.
Lvl 3 - Magmamancer Scorching Panoply, Molten Soil, Blazing Bolts +3 spellcasting bonus. The spellcaster unlocks the ... ability.
Lvl 4 - Magus Scorching Panoply, Molten Soil, Blazing Bolts, Ring of Fire +3 spellcasting bonus.
Lvl 5 - Magmaris Scorching Panoply, Molten Soil, Blazing Bolts, Ring of Fire, Eruption +4 spellcasting bonus.


Fire from Ignos does not do permanent harm, so it will not leave permanent burn marks and they will heal, though this damage does kill, while following all rules. This is just so that one's appearance doesn’t change without consent. If discussed with the recipient of the flames and they want to have the marks you can make an exception, but only then.


Base Spells

Strings of fire erupt from the tear to the realm of Ignos. The casters hand catches these strings of freed energy as they slowly form into a sphere, whereafter it becomes too big to hold. The user now throws the sphere of flame towards their target, and when it collides it explodes, obliterating anything around impact.
Casting Value 10
Range 20 Blocks
Damage / Effect This spell creates an unstable ball of fire, which does, on impact, D3 damage. If the target is in it’s explosion radius of 2x2x2 blocks, but does not get directly hit by the spell, it will do half as much damage.
Critical Failure The ball of fire becomes too unstable while wielding it, as it explodes within the casters grasp. They roll for damage as they would usually do, and halve that damage, rounding up. They take this amount of damage.
Critical Success The ball of flame has more power than usual, and it appears it explodes more heavily this way. The spell will cause D4 damage instead.
Red Lines The spell can damage objects, but requires a loremasters supervision to do so.

Breath of the Dragon
The Pyromancer stands behind their tear and blows forth a powerful blazing wind from the tear, burning everything in its path.
Casting Value 12
Range 15 Blocks
Damage / Effect If successfully cast, the caster draws a 15 block long and 3 blocks wide line from the point they stand in any direction. Anyone who stands on that line is hit with the spell. Whenever the target is hit with this spell, the caster rolls a D2 to determine the amount of damage the target takes. Additionally, the spell inflicts burning.

The fiery line, bringing unimaginable heat, will also set fire to inflammable blocks situated within or touching the drawn path.

Critical Failure The breath does not go forth, instead gets sucked back into the tear, the spell has no effect and the caster takes 1 damage.
Critical Success Roll a D4 to determine damage instead of a D2.
Red Lines The line cannot go through solid walls, but can pass through fences, bars and similar.

Ignis Enlightenment
The user creates a fiery circle around a metal object, magical or not. They start to transfer heat over to this item at a fast pace, letting the item glow bright, and letting all that get near scorch uncontrollably.
Casting Value 16
Range 25 meters
Damage / Effect This spell lights up the metal item, creating an illuminating light around them.

If the object is a one-handed weapon, it sets the damage of the object's next successful attack to the amount of levels the spellcaster has gained since unlocking this spell, up to a maximum of four.

If the object is a two-handed weapon, it causes a burning effect for 2 turns on the next successful attack.

Critical Failure The spell's effects work uncontrollably, so much that the item becomes too hot to hold. The user is unable to use their magical item for D3 turns as it cools off on the ground.
Critical Success The caster’s control over where the heat resides makes the glow stronger at the edges. The object grants +1 on attack rolls.
Red Lines The person in question has to be able to carry the object and it must be made of metal. The object will fall apart after being used three times for this spell (unless stated otherwise), due to the constant reheating and cooling of the metal.

This spell can also be used on allies.

Spells - Solarmancy

Inner Brilliance
Inner Brilliance allows the user to invoke an incantation and call upon the powers of the sun. As long as the user remains in sunlight, they will become empowered with a great force. Bare flesh that touches them shall be seared horribly, and they become incredibly difficult to look at. Every strike, whether it’s with a weapon or their fists, shall imbue a burning effect on the target that causes additional pain.
Casting Value 10
Range Selfcast
Damage / Effect Upon casting this spell the mage will need to roll a D5 to determine the duration of the spell in turns. If striking an enemy, while the spell is active, they can add +1 damage to their attack.
Critical Failure The spell fails, causing the mage to receive some light burning on their hands, dealing 1 damage to themselves.
Critical Success The duration of the spell is lengthened by D2 turns.
Red Lines The spell can’t ignite any materials.

Smite allows the caster to invoke an incantation when outdoors, and call down a brilliant light from the sky that scorches the air and slams into a target of choice that is not obstructed from the sun's rays. If the target is within shade then the spell cannot be utilised. Upon connection with the target, they will be immediately knocked prone and all metal on their person becomes superheated, causing burns and requiring them to take it off. Once taken off their skin and flesh starts to be shredded, as if someone would use sandpaper on their skin.
Casting Value 16
Range 20 Blocks
Damage / Effect If hit by the attack (The spell hits a 3x3 area) the enemy will receive D3 damage. If the target continues to wear superheated armor or similar, they will experience burning.
Critical Failure When a critical failure occurs, the mage fails to direct their magical power into an incantation and instead heats all metal in a 1 block radius around them to become superheated. These metal pieces will, when touching to a character's body, inflict burning.
Critical Success The spell is empowered and deals D5 damage instead.
Red Lines The enemy needs to be under open sky for the attack to hit them. The attack can’t ignite any material, besides the worn materials of the enemy.

This spell can only be cast during daytime.

Fiery Mirror
The caster summons a fiery mirror in front of themselves or an ally, deflecting any incoming damage back to the attacker.
Casting Value 15
Range 8 Blocks
Damage / Effect After the spells is successfully cast, the caster rolls a D3 to determine how many turns the spell remains active.

They then need to determine a 4x1x3 area of where the mirror appears. Whenever an attack targets the caster, they roll a D6, on an even number the attack is deflected back onto the attacker, dealing half the normal damage to them to a minimum of one. On an odd number, the damage goes through to the caster but the damage is halved to a minimum of 1.

Critical Failure The spell has no effect.
Critical Success The spell lasts 1 extra turn and any attack deflected by the mirror will inflict burning.
Red Lines When an incoming attack does 1 damage, the damage is simply deflected and no damage is done to the caster or the attacker.

This spell can be used to shield allies, but it can only target one player.

Regulus Protection
The Regulus Protection-Spell allows the caster to invoke an incantation and empower their body with nearby sunlight. So long as there is sunlight, the next incoming strike after speaking the incantation will have an incredible knockback effect of five meters on the attacker which automatically winds him. This will be displayed by a thin layer of light around the user.
Casting Value 18
Range Selfcast
Damage / Effect The caster needs to roll a D8 to determine the defense of their summoned protection. The caster makes use of their protection to guard themselves from one attack of their choice during a combat encounter. If being hit by an attack while using this spell, the attacker will be knocked back D10+10 blocks.
Critical Failure The spell malfunctions, knocking the caster D8 blocks away from their original position. The caster can roll two times and choose whatever outcome he likes most.
Critical Success The caster can roll D10 for the spell's defense value.
Red Lines The protection can’t be used as a solid light source. It is too weak of a glow to do so. The caster will also not take fall damage due to this spell.

Wrath of the Sun
The caster calls forth a solar ray from a ginormous tear in the sky. The ray travels across the lands, scorching everything in its path.
Casting Value 20
Range 40 Blocks
Damage / Effect After the spell is succesfully cast, the spellcaster must lay out a path of 40 blocks long and 5 blocks wide, every building in that path gets damaged and all players that get hit by the ray receive D8 damage and will burn.
Critical Failure The spell will fail, causing the caster to be wounded instead. Most often the caster will lose a limb, due to the strong drawback of the spell.
Critical Success The range of the spell has been increased to 70, and the ray is strong enough to burn through 8 meters of stone.
Red Lines This spell can only be used when supervised by a loremaster/event team member. Additionally the help of a builder is required.

Attempting to cast this spell can only be done once per OOC week.

While all flammable blocks are nearly immediately destroyed, stone materials are scorched, yet not affected nearly as much. The spell only manages to burn through 4 meters of stone.

Spells - Magmamancy

Scorching Panoply
Out of the tear to the realm of fire, the caster takes out a suit of armor more of the consistency of molten steel. It latches onto the front of their body as the fire laps around their appendages.
Casting Value 14
Range Selfcast
Damage / Effect The casters' entire body is surrounded in a shielding flame that grants them +3 on defense rolls for D3 turns.
Critical Failure The casters suit of armor made of inferno, is really not that great. The armor explodes, dealing D2 damage to the caster.
Critical Success The cover the user created for themself is practically perfect. It grants the caster +5 on defense rolls for 2 extra rounds.
Red Lines This spell only works on the caster themself. The armor cannot come off their body. This suit of armor will only shield, and cannot damage anything on itself. The spell can be cancelled out with any water.

Molten Soil
The caster strikes the ground, liquifying a portion of the ground around their target, pinning them in place.
Casting Value 14
Range 15 Blocks
Damage / Effect If successfully cast, the caster may choose a 5x5 area within range to liquify, all targets standing in this area that are not Pyromancers are unable to move for D3 turns, if they do so anyway they take D2 damage per turn that they move within the area.

After escaping the area, characters will have their movement reduced by 2 blocks for the following 10 turns.

Critical Failure The spell has no effect.
Critical Success The area is 8x8 instead of 5x5 and remains for D4 turns.
Red Lines The spell only affects the ground, therefore flying objects can move over the area without taking any damage.

Regular water can neutralize the effects of this spell momentarily, however it will not flow on any more blocks than the one it was placed on.

Blazing Bolts
A blazing fire emanates from the tear into Ignos, as 3 bolts slowly appear. The bolts point towards the target the caster calls out loud, be it a name or description. All 3 bolts fire in a volley, letting the target burn hotter and hotter with each consecutive hit.
Casting Value 16
Range 15 Meters
Damage / Effect When firing this spell, and it is a successful roll, the caster rolls a D3 to see how many bolts appear. For each shot that hits (Apply regular projectile rules), the next bolt deals +1 more damage than the previous shot, starting at a value of 1 damage.
Critical Failure The tear becomes unstable whilst casting this spell, and collapses in itself requiring the caster to open a new tear before casting again. Only 1 of the 3 bolts is to be created.

No D3 is rolled with a critical failure.

Critical Success The caster fires more bolts, as their control reaches its highest level over this spell. They roll a D4 instead of a D3, however the fourth bolt will not deal any more damage than the third.
Red Lines A maximum of 5 consecutive shots can do extra damage. When it hits 5 consecutive hits the streak restarts.

Ring of Fire
The caster creates a ring of fire around themself or another person within 15 blocks. As this ring is created, nobody can get through without getting their skin turned to ash, except for 4th level or higher fire mages.
Casting Value 17
Range 15 Meters
Damage / Effect The caster creates a ring of fire, a circle with a diameter of 5 blocks, impenetrable by any projectile thrown or shot. This ring of fire does damage when touched. The damage it gives is D2 damage every turn they touch the ring and inflicts burning. The ring of fire lasts for D5 rounds, but can be stopped earlier if the caster is incapacitated, or if the fire was stopped by an aquamancy spell or enough water.
Critical Failure The ring grows small, letting through any projectiles and spells, but the damage upon someone entering stays the same.
Critical Success The ring of fire is strengthened, lasting D7 rounds instead of D5 rounds. The spell will also deal 1 extra damage to any aquamancer touching it and disable all aquamancers from passing through unaffected.
Red Lines The ring of fire can be breached using water or aquamancy. The ring will vanish as soon as the mage leaves the area.

Any pyromancer can pass through the ring unaffected. The same applies for Aquamancers above level 5.

The caster stabs their item into the ground, as eternal flames burst through the ground in front of them. A big ravine forms in a line, as molten rock slowly erupts from it. This expands until the user has used up the entirety of the item as fuel, leaving behind a crater, stretching for as long as a city, and being wider than 5 blocks.
Casting Value 20
Range 30 Meters
Damage / Effect The caster rips open a plot of ground, using their items infused magic, and their own strength. The caster creates a ravine filled with molten rock and lava, which slowly goes across the ground until it reaches its max potential. It is around 10 blocks deep. If an enemy is hit by this attack they will receive D3 damage.
Critical Failure The spell fails, and instead retaliates against the caster. The user starts to feel their arms melt, as small streaks of skin burn, from their hands all the way to their shoulders and sometimes their chest or head. The caster will receive D5 damage, in addition, the caster loses one of its limbs
Critical Success The eruptive forces are of great strength, making the ravine wider. It is now 40 blocks wide.
Red Lines This spell can destroy buildings. As such the caster needs to request a Loremaster to inspect the rolls.

Attempting to cast this spell can only be done once per OOC week.

Additional Effects

Flaming Familiar
The mage is capable of creating a small, flame-like spirit, which follows them around. While being near their creator the spirit will grant them +1 to either their casting roll or their success roll. However, the familiar can’t be used in combat and can't ignite anything.

Brilliant Radiance (Solarmancers only)
The mage slowly consumes the sun's heat and energy throughout the battle, charging themselves with an unimaginable tension. After at least one round of charging, the spellcaster can use their action to release the tension from inside themselves, blinding everyone in a range of 10 meters for D4+1 rounds with a varying debuff.

The strength of blindness depends on how many turns the mage charged this ability:

  • One turn: A debuff of -1
  • Two turns: A debuff of -2
  • ...

Once a spellcaster reaches level 5 of Solarmancy, their intake of sunlight vastly increases which grants any of their blindness debuffs to be stronger by one point.

Running Hot!
When the spellcaster is in CRP they feel the thrill of battle and channel heat from deep within them, willing or not. This creates an aura of scorching heat in a radius of 2 meters around them for D3 + (Levels above Level 8)turns.

This meaning, the ability duration is as follows:

  • At level 8, D3
  • At level 9, D3+1
  • At level 10, D3+2

This heat is unbearable to anyone who gets too close while unprepared. Those who dare get close to the caster will take D1 damage per turn they are in range of the heat wave. Once the wave dies down it will not activate itself again until after a duration of 10 turns.

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