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Classification Elemental Magic
Energy Source Ignos, the realm of Fire
Casting Method Catalyst - Sphalerite Gem
Additional Paths Solarmancy · Magmamancy

The mages of fire are of desire, as these have always used their sheer force of will to mold the flames of Ignos. Fire has always been seen to be close to complete chaos, but it can be described as ordered chaos. It takes a lot of concentration to wield the force of flame, but there have been innovations to help resolve these issues, making fire magic more widespread.


Fire has been there for as long as people can remember to cook meat, warm themselves up, and other useful facts. But around the year 200, someone took the flames to another level. They had a primal rage large enough to tear a permanent tear between the realm of Eden and Ignos, bringing eternal flame into the world and making it a few degrees hotter. Once this primordial had brought their fire, they went to their respective realm to rule over it. Fire has been a signet for smiths all over Eden and beyond, be it that metal has an innate connection with fire through its inability to burn, as it has been used to open tears easier and even to color the blaze rare tints. The easiest way to find such an item is to open a tear to Ignos and let someone, or something, stamp a circle under the excruciating heat there. The reason this signet is stamped onto the items is certainly unknown, but it has worked for long enough to be seen as a tradition by teachers to teach their students.

Learning and Teaching

To strengthen your will and resolve one's master will put you under extreme heat and torrid conditions for your good. Your mind becomes calm after the horrendous experiences you go through. As your rage, fear, and other emotions fade away. Your mind starts to understand the runes of old, created by the first mage of fire to teach. Only once one's mind has been calmed down enough can one access the true potential of the ring of fire. Training is usually done in volcanic waters, scorching rocks, or close to molten lava, though the conditions are all optional depending on what the teacher sees fit for the student. The teacher can teach their student up to 2 levels under their own. So only level 5 or higher teachers can train their students to level 3.

To reach level one, a teacher needs to have at least four sessions with their student, each being at least sixty minutes long. To obtain level two, the student must have another four lessons of sixty minutes. To finally reach level three and the ability to teach magic themselves, the students need to have another set of four sessions, each with a length of sixty minutes. Each day one session can be held by the teacher and student pair. After finally reaching level three, the student doesn't require additional sessions and will reach level four automatically after some time of self-studying the magic. The first level requires a bonding trial to empower the spellcaster. These trials are usually done at or around the Hallowed Grounds of the magic type that is considered sacred by all those who practice that elemental art. Bonding trials are events of big importance to the mage as they represent their progress and path to attain the true mastery over their element.

Level Increase Required Sessions Req .Session Length
Lvl 0 to Lvl 1 1 Session Event at Hallowed Grounds
Lvl 1 to Lvl 2 4 Sessions 60 Minutes. Proof in lore ticket.
Lvl 2 to Lvl 3 4 Sessions 60 Minutes. Proof in lore ticket.
Lvl 3 to Lvl 4 Self-study. Show proof of self-study in lore ticket 3 times.
Lvl 4 to Lvl 5 Self-study. Show proof of self-study in lore ticket 4 times.
Lvl 5 to Lvl 6 1 Session Event at Hallowed Grounds
Lvl 6 to Lvl 7 Self-study. Show proof of self-study in lore ticket 6 times.
Lvl 7 to Lvl 8 Self-study. Show proof of self-study in lore ticket 8 times.
Lvl 8 to Lvl 9 Self-study. Show proof of self-study in lore ticket 10 times.
Lvl 9 to Lvl 10 1 Session Event at Hallowed Grounds

After choosing a path, the spellcaster will automatically increase in level if they can show proof of self-study. The caster can level up once every IC year or twice if that year is their primal season. Eden's Shine is the primal season of pyromancy.

Bonding trials are still required to level up between certain levels as seen above with "event". For more information about self-study, check the magic rules page.

Progression - Pyromancy

Base Spell Progression

Level Grimoire Slots Abilities/Bonuses
Lvl 1 - Novice 2 lvl 1 spells. No spellcasting bonuses.
Lvl 2 - Spellweaver 3 lvl 1 spells. +1 spellcasting bonus.
Lvl 3 - Sorcerer 4 lvl 1 spells, 2 lvl 2 spells. +1 spellcasting bonus. The spellcaster unlocks the Flaming Familiar ability.
Lvl 4 - Magus 4 lvl 1 spells, 3 lvl 2 spells +1 spellcasting bonus.
Lvl 5 - Ignos Seer 4 lvl 1 spells, 3 lvl 2 spells, 2 lvl 3 spells. +2 The caster can now choose a path. They can now become either a Solarmancer or a Magmamancer.

Progression - Solarmancy

Level Grimoire Slots Abilities/Bonuses
Lvl 6 - Solar Student 4 lvl 1 spells, 3 lvl 2 spells, 3 lvl 3 spells. +2 spellcasting bonus.
Lvl 7 - Spellweaver 4 lvl 1 spells, 3 lvl 2 spells, 3 lvl 3 spells, 1 lvl 4 spell +2 spellcasting bonus.
Lvl 8 - Solarmancer 4 lvl 1 spells, 3 lvl 2 spells, 3 lvl 3 spells, 2 lvl 4 spells +3 spellcasting bonus. The spellcaster unlocks the Brilliant Radiance ability.
Lvl 9 - Magus 4 lvl 1 spells, 3 lvl 2 spells, 3 lvl 3 spells, 3 lvl 4 spells, 1 lvl 5 spell +3 spellcasting bonus.
Lvl 10 - Solaris 5 lvl 1 spells, 3 lvl 2 spells, 3 lvl 3 spells, 3 lvl 4 spells, 2 lvl 5 spells +4 spellcasting bonus.

Progression - Magmamancy

Level Grimoire Slots Abilities/Bonuses
Lvl 6 - Magmic explorer 4 lvl 1 spells, 3 lvl 2 spells, 3 lvl 3 spells. +2 spellcasting bonus.
Lvl 7 - Spellweaver 4 lvl 1 spells, 3 lvl 2 spells, 3 lvl 3 spells, 1 lvl 4 spell +2 spellcasting bonus.
Lvl 8 - Magmamancer 4 lvl 1 spells, 3 lvl 2 spells, 3 lvl 3 spells, 2 lvl 4 spells +3 spellcasting bonus. The spellcaster unlocks the Running Hot! ability.
Lvl 9 - Magus 4 lvl 1 spells, 3 lvl 2 spells, 3 lvl 3 spells, 3 lvl 4 spells, 1 lvl 5 spell +3 spellcasting bonus.
Lvl 10 - Magmaris 5 lvl 1 spells, 3 lvl 2 spells, 3 lvl 3 spells, 3 lvl 4 spells, 2 lvl 5 spells +4 spellcasting bonus.


Fire from Ignos does not do permanent harm, so it will not leave permanent burn marks, and they will heal, though this damage does kill while following all rules. This is just so that one's appearance doesn't change without consent. If discussed with the recipient of the flames and they want to have the marks, you can make an exception, but only then. Fire from Ignos does NOT spread to flammable objects and can not cause large spreading fires such as forest fires.

Bodily Changes



Because of a magmamancer's connection to heat, it raises their body temperature. Their veins appear slightly more exposed, reminiscent of rivers of lava flowing beneath the skin.


The Magmamacer connects to the more outer parts of the realm where magma flows, able to bring about distinctive alterations in the mage's physical form. Eyes may adopt colors akin to the molten heart of lava, ranging from fiery reds to smoldering oranges. Hair could exhibit a reddish tint, mirroring the hues of Magmamancy. They could also grow some slightly visible scales on their skin, akin to dragon scales.

While their high temperature does not universally affect their temperament, this connection may lead to being irritated quicker. However, it's essential to recognize that this transformation doesn't necessarily define their personality, many Magmamancers remain composed and level-headed.



Because of a Solarmaner’s connection to the element of heat and the realm of Ignos, their body temperature rises.


The Solarmancer connects to the inner parts of Ignos where the sun shines brightly, and this could leave some marks on the mage's appearance. Eyes could ignite with fiery hues, ranging from warm golds to radiant oranges. Their skin might acquire a sun-kissed tone, enabling them to control their melanin completely. Hair might shimmer with a golden luster, reflecting the splendor of sunbeams. At times, faint, almost ephemeral flames could dance across their body, a testament to their newfound connection with fire's solar counterpart.

Solarmancers because of their strong connection to the sun and light tend to be more concentrated on what they are doing and focused on their goals. They also tend to be more determined and passionate.


Base Spells

Ignis Enlightenment
The user creates a fiery circle around a metal object, magical or not. They start transferring heat over to this item quickly, letting it glow bright red. Items made of fire will also become far more intense.
Level 1
Casting Value 14
Range 3 meters
Damage This spell lights up the metal or flame item, illuminating the surrounding area.

If the object is a weapon, it sets the damage of the object's next successful attack to 2. This damage increases with the mage's level beyond level one, up to a maximum of 4.

In addition, a successful strike with this object inflicts the burning effect for D2 rounds.

Critical Failure The spell's effects work uncontrollably, so much so that the item becomes too hot to hold. The user cannot use their item for D3 rounds as it cools off on the ground.
Critical Success The caster's control over where the heat resides makes the glow stronger at the edges. The object grants +1 on attack rolls.
Red Lines The person in question must be able to carry the object, which must be made of metal or fire. A metal object will fall apart after being used three times for this spell (unless stated otherwise) due to the constant reheating and cooling of the metal. This spell can also be used on the objects of allies.
Blazing Tempo
The caster opens a tiny tear below them and channels the power of ignos from it to propel them forward.
Level 1
Casting Value 8
Range Selfcast
Damage The caster channels power from Ignos through their tear to move at a fiery pace, gaining 3 meters additional movement for D2+1 rounds.
Critical Failure The flames become too hot for the caster to deal with, and they take D2 damage.
Critical Success The spell's duration lasts for D3+2 rounds.
Red Lines The spell is ineffective if the caster is bound.
Flame Arrow
The caster summons a blazing arrow through their tear. Lava seems to be dripping off the tip, and the shaft seems to be completely made up of flames.
Level 1
Casting Value 8
Range 10 meters or Bow range if used.
Damage If the arrow is shot on its own, it deals 2 damage.

If the arrow is shot with a bow, it deals D3 damage. If the arrow is shot with a crossbow, it applies Burning.

Critical Failure The arrow disintegrates early and puts the bow ablaze if used, making the item unusable for the remainder of the battle and in need of repair.
Critical Success Two arrows are created. If fired on its own or through a bow, both arrows can be shot in the same action. If used with a crossbow, the second arrow can only be fired on the wielder's next action or it vanishes.
Red Lines Summoning the arrow and shooting it may be done in a single action and the caster may use their intelligence modifier instead of their agility modifier to shoot. The arrow can also be loaded into the bow or crossbow of allies within range, but they must fire it on their next turn or it vanishes.
Pyrotic Pulse
The caster summons flames from their tear and pressurizes them into compact focal points around them. The focal points will erupt, creating a scattered combustion effect that will knock away nearby entities. The combustion is low in damage but great in blast force.
Level 1
Casting Value 12
Range Touch
Damage The caster unleashes the combustion from their hand onto the entity that they touch; the entity takes 1 damage and flies back D5+5 meters due to the force of the impact. If successful, this disengages the caster from the entity they blew away.
Critical Failure The combustion erupts pre-maturely and deals 1 damage to the caster. Additionally, the caster cannot use one of their arms for their next roll.
Critical Success The combustion is more powerful than expected and deals D5+7 meters of knockback.
Red Lines This spell does not work on large constructs and cannot blow up the terrain.
Blazing Arsenal
The caster manipulates fire to take the form of a weapon composed of flame.
Level 1
Casting Value 12
Range Selfcast
Damage The caster summons a sword made of flame, which stays within their grasp until dispelled and as long as they are within range of their tear.

This weapon can be of any known and common design so long as it is one solid piece.

This weapon has 3 attacks, each dealing D2 damage. If a burning target is hit with a swing of this sword, they take 1 round of their burning duration's damage early. This equally shortens the duration of the burning.

Critical Failure The weapon fails to summon.
Critical Success If a target's burning effect is ended via this sword, the target takes 1 additional burning damage.
Red Lines The summoned weapon can not be wielded together with normal weapons. It cannot be thrown.
Breath of the Dragon
The Pyromancer draws strings of fire from Ignos and concentrates them at the entrance of their mouth. After taking a deep breath, they release a fiery wind when they exhale, burning everything in its path.
Level 2
Casting Value 12
Range 15 meters
Damage If successfully cast, the caster draws a 15-meter long and 3-meter wide line from where they stand in any direction.

Anyone who stands on that line is hit with the spell. Whenever the target is hit with this spell, the caster rolls a D2 to determine the damage the target takes. Additionally, the spell inflicts burning.

The fiery line, bringing unimaginable heat, will also set fire to inflammable blocks within or touching the drawn path.

Critical Failure The breath does not go forth, instead gets sucked back into the tear, the spell has no effect, and the caster takes 1 damage.
Critical Success Roll a D3 to determine damage instead of a D2.
Red Lines The line cannot go through solid walls but can pass through fences, bars, and similar.
Scorched Blade
A weapon is coated in, or formed from flame that starts hovering around the caster, aiding them in a fight.
Level 2
Casting Value 13
Range 8 meters
Damage The caster creates a weapon out of flames, or coats a weapon on them in flames, which would start to hover around them. The weapon would stay around the caster for D2+1 rounds. The caster is able to attack with the weapon after their action with a D20 intelligence. The weapon upon a successful hit does D2 dmg.
Critical Failure The weapon implodes, dealing 2 dmg to the caster.
Critical Success The weapon seems to burn hotter and brighter than expected, setting the first target it hits on fire.
Red Lines This spell can NOT lock people in melee combat unless the target is in melee range of the caster.
Strings of fire erupt from the tear to the realm of Ignos. The caster's hand catches these strings of freed energy as they slowly form into a sphere, whereafter it becomes too big to hold. The user now throws the sphere of flame towards their target, and when it collides, it explodes, obliterating anything around impact.
Level 2
Casting Value 10
Range 15 meters
Damage This spell creates an unstable ball of fire, which does, on impact, 2D2 damage.

If the target is in its explosion area of 2x2x2 blocks but is not directly hit by the spell, it will do half as much damage rounded up.

Critical Failure The ball of fire becomes too unstable while wielding it, as it explodes within the caster's grasp. They roll for damage and halve the result, rounding up. They take this amount of damage.
Critical Success The ball of flame has more power than usual, and it appears it explodes more heavily this way. The spell will cause 2D2+1 damage instead.
Red Lines The spell can damage objects but requires a loremaster's supervision.

Always round off the damage if the number is uneven.

Rejuvenating flames
You call forth the power of Ignos to shroud yourself and your near allies in flames. These flames protect the caster from incoming magical attacks.
Level 2
Casting Value 14
Range 6 meters
Damage Whenever anyone within range of this spell gets hit with magical effects, you may roll a D20. On a 10+, the spell effects are negated.

This shroud lasts for D2 rounds.

Critical Failure The caster receives a -3 to spell defense, and cannot dispel spells, for 1 round.
Critical Success The effect lasts for 1 additional round.
Red Lines
Aspect of Flame
The caster infuses a part of their body with a flaming extension, be it horns, tusks, or spikes. They are able to use these extensions as burning weapons that strike their enemies up close.
Level 2
Casting Value 14
Range Selfcast. 1 meter when used for combat.
Damage An extension of the caster's choosing is created which stays for 3 rounds.

The caster can choose to use the extension for two purposes:

The first is being able to attack using the extension with a D20 intelligence, and the target defends with a D20 intelligence as well. A successful attack deals 2 damage and leaves a burning effect.

The second is to use the fiery effect of the horns to rush toward an enemy up to a maximum of 5 meters. If a target is reached another D20 intelligence attack and defense roll is made. A successful attack does 4 damage and leaves a burning effect but ends the spell early.

Critical Failure The caster fails to control the flames and burns themselves for 1 damage, scorching the part of their body on which the fire was focused.
Critical Success The fire control is extremely potent and the spell lasts for 5 rounds instead.
Red Lines The caster does not have to use a turn to switch weapons if the wish to use the horns as a weapon. The caster cannot attack the same round that they cast the spell. The horns may be extinguished with an aquamancy spell of a higher level.
Ember Trap
The caster generates two fireballs which spin in rotation, creating a ring of fire which traps their target in a fiery spin of embers. Burning and trapping them.
Level 2
Casting Value 14
Range 15 meters
Damage The embers of the spell trap the lower half of the target, making them unable to move for D2 turns. The target is also afflicted by the burning effect.
Critical Failure The fireballs become too much to handle and explode into the face of the caster, dealing D2 damage.
Critical Success The trap is cast exquisitely and lasts for D2+1 rounds.
Red Lines The burning effect starts the moment the spell successfully hits the target. The burning effect does not get prolonged by the multiple turns, meaning even being trapped for 3 rounds means you'll only get the standard burning affliction of 3 rounds.
Wall of Flame
You draw from the power of Ignos to create a flaming barrier.
Level 3
Casting Value 16
Range 20 meters
Damage Create a 9 meters long, 1-meter-thick, 3 meters tall wall. For every round a player is inside the wall or moves through the wall, they will take D2 damage. Additionally, they will have the burning status effect while inside, which lingers for 3 turns after leaving the wall. The wall stays up for D3+1 rounds.

If the barrier is placed inside a player, they can roll agility against the initial damage and move away from the barrier. Projectile and spells cannot travel through this wall.

Critical Failure The wall is insatiable and falls on the caster, dealing D3 damage.
Critical Success The wall flares up, dealing D2+1 and burning.
Red Lines This wall cannot be placed diagonally. It is a straight line without curves. Only one wall can be placed by a caster at once. An aquamancy spell of a casting value higher than the DC can end the wall early.
Spirit Phoenix
The caster summons a blazing Phoenix through their tear to the magical realm of Ignos made of magical flame to control.
Level 3
Casting Value 15
Range Selfcast
Damage The caster may direct their phoenix to any location within a 30-meter radius of their location. The caster closes their eyes for the duration of the spell to see what the phoenix sees.

During their next round, they may send the phoenix careening toward the ground to produce a powerful explosion that deals 2D3 damage in a 3-meter radius. The phoenix lasts 3 rounds or until it is used as an attack.

Critical Failure The phoenix spirit cannot be controlled by the caster and careens down on the caster instead. Dealing D3 damage in a 3-meter radius.
Critical Success The spell's duration increases by 2 rounds.
Red Lines While the caster controls the phoenix, they cannot defend against incoming attacks.
Coiling Inferno
A coil of fire forms around the caster's arm which grows as they send it out binding a hit target.
Level 3
Casting Value 14
Range 15m
Damage The caster fires a coiling stream of flames to a target within range, a target hit by these flames takes D3+1 damage.

Additionally, the flames coil around a hit target, on their next turn the coil implodes on the bound target. They make another intelligence defense roll against the casting value taking an additional D2 damage if they fail.

Critical Failure The flames coil fully around the caster dealing D3 damage.
Critical Success The coiling flames are tighter making the bound target unable to make the second intelligence defense roll and take the additional damage immediately.
Red Lines The coil can be destroyed if the target is affected by an aquamancy spell before their turn.
Fiery Cyclone
Call forth the swirling winds of embers from deep within Eden and send out a flaming cyclone into any target direction.
Level 4
Casting Value 18
Range 6 meters
Damage Send out a fire tornado into the target direction, taking up a 5x5x10 meter area. The cyclone lasts for D3+2 rounds. Once cast, the cyclone can move up to 6 meters straight in any direction the caster sees fit. Any targets that start their turn in the cyclone take D2 damage. For every turn they do not exit the cyclone, the initial damage increases by +1. Meanwhile, targets that exit the cyclone receive Burning. The cyclone can move again at the start of each following round.
Critical Failure The caster takes D3 damage and loses consciousness for 1 round, leaving him vulnerable.
Critical Success The cyclone's movement becomes 8 meters.
Red Lines
Flaming Behemoth
The caster summons flame from their tear, slowly building up a giant flaming beast before their very own eyes, which can be commanded to their every move, for massive damage to be unleashed.
Level 5
Casting Value 20
Range Selfcast
Damage The caster creates a giant flaming beast to their liking in how it looks. This flame spirit stays on the caster and will move where they move. It may be brittle, but it is a force of fierce flaming fury.

HP: 10

Str: +6, Def: +2, Agi: None, Int: +6

The spirit has 3 attacks, which the caster can use at the end of their turn.

Flame Breath: The caster can make the beast breathe out a giant line of flame, 7 blocks wide and 20 blocks long. Every creature within that area takes 3D2 damage and receive Burning for 2 rounds. The land is also scorched in fire and ash. This attack can be used once per cast.

Flame Claws: The caster allows the beast to attack 2 creatures within a 10-meter radius swiftly. The creatures hit will take 5 damage. A single creature cannot be targeted more than once with these attacks in a single round.

Burning Blight: The caster can make the beast consume the burning effect from any targets within 30 meters of the caster. Every source of flame within the area counts as 1 burning effect, while large burning areas count as 2 burning effects. For each burning effect consumed, the resulting ray of heat deals +1 damage to a single target within 30 meters. This ray starts off dealing 4 damage. This attack can be used once per cast.

This spell ends after D2+1 rounds, where after, the giant beast falls to the ground and crumbles up into blocks of coal.

Critical Failure The caster creates a beast, which starts tearing the caster apart. The caster takes D3+3 damage and may lose an eye or a limb by these giant claws.
Critical Success The creature stays for the maximum amount of time. The claw attack can be used on 3 targets. Both flame breath and burning blight have no limited uses.
Red Lines A loremaster must be present when trying to use this spell.

Solarmancy Spells

Smothering Dome
The caster is covered in a small dome that absorbs blocked spells, growing deadlier in the process. The dome is compressed and shot out afterward.
Level 1
Casting Value 14
Range Selfcast
Damage The caster creates a small bright 3x3x3 layer covering them. For 1 round, spells would be absorbed into the sun, adding half of that spell's damage, rounded down, to the damage of the sun. At the start of the caster's next turn, the layer is compressed into a small beam shooting out to the enemy, dealing D2 damage + the absorbed damage to a target within 15 meters of the caster.
Critical Failure A dome of unstable sunlight is created, exploding around the caster. It deals D2 damage.
Critical Success The dome will last for 2 rounds.
Red Lines If the damage of a single attack exceeds 4, the dome breaks.

Shooting the beam does not require an additional action.

Solar Blessing
The caster blesses someone with the power of a sun from Ignos, enveloping them in light. This restores some of the targets' minor wounds and aids with their sight.
Level 2
Casting Value 13
Range 12 meters
Damage The caster envelops someone with light restoring D2 HP to them, removing the blindness effect and making them immune to magical darkness for 3 rounds.
Critical Failure The light shines in the casters' eyes instead blinding them for 1 round.
Critical Success The light restores the maximum amount of HP and can be used on two targets but only heals 1 HP if you decide to target two people.
Red Lines The caster can target themselves with this spell.
Smite allows the caster to invoke an incantation when outdoors and call down a brilliant light from the sky that scorches the air and slams into a target of choice that is not obstructed by the sun's rays. The spell cannot be utilized if the target is within the shade. Upon connection with the target, they will be knocked prone, and all metal on their person becomes superheated, causing burns and requiring them to take it off. Once taken off, their skin and flesh start to be shredded as if someone would use sandpaper on their skin.
Level 2
Casting Value 16
Range 20 meters
Damage The attack covers a 3x3 area. All targets within the area receive 3D2 damage and become Blinded by the light for 1 round. If the target continues to wear superheated armor or clothing, they will experience burning.
Critical Failure The caster becomes Blinded themselves for 1 round, and receive Burning.
Critical Success The spell does 3D2+1 damage instead, and the Blindness lasts for 2 rounds.
Red Lines The enemy needs to be under the open sky for the attack to hit them. The attack can't ignite any material besides the worn materials of the enemy. This spell can only be cast during the daytime.
Blinding Strike
The caster concentrates light within their palm; hitting an enemy unarmed will cause a flash of light.
Level 2
Casting Value 15
Range Touch
Damage The target takes 2D3 damage and is stunned until the end of the next round. Making them unable to move or take any actions or reactions.
Critical Failure The caster takes 3 damage from sunburn.
Critical Success The stun lasts for an additional round.
Red Lines
Fiery Mirror
The caster summons a fiery mirror in front of themselves or an ally, deflecting any incoming damage back to the attacker.
Level 3
Casting Value 15
Range 8 meters
Damage After the spell is successfully cast, the caster rolls a D2+1 to determine how many rounds the spell remains active.

Whenever an attack targets the caster or the target ally, they roll a D6. On an even number, the attack is deflected back onto the attacker, dealing half the normal damage to them to a minimum of one.

The damage goes through to the caster/ally on an odd number, but the damage is halved to a minimum of 1.

Critical Failure The spell has no effect; it breaks apart, and little shards of sunlight pierce whoever the mirror was supposed to protect, dealing D2 damage to the caster.
Critical Success The spell lasts 1 extra round, and any attack deflected by the mirror will inflict burning.
Red Lines When an incoming attack does 1 damage, the damage is deflected, and no damage is done to the caster or the attacker. This spell can shield allies, but it can only target one player.
Ecliptic Blast
The Solarmancer creates a tiny sun the size of their fist before overloading it with heat giving it an eclipse-like appearance and sending it forward in a blast of concentrated light that pierces through enemies.
Level 3
Casting Value 13
Range 12 meters
Damage If successfully cast, the caster draws a 12-meter-long line from where they stand in any direction.

Anyone within this line that fails to resist will take a d2+1 damage and is blinded for a d2 round.

when casted to a target that is within melee range the caster will also push back their opponent for d3 meters.

Critical Failure The tiny sun gets unstable glowing brighter, blinding the caster for 1 round and dealing a d2 damage.
Critical Success The tiny sun overflows with power shooting out not 1 but 2 blasts.

The spell will cause 2D2+1 damage instead.

Red Lines The line cannot go through solid walls but can pass through fences, bars, and similar.

After using this spell the caster cannot attempt to cast it again for 3 rounds.

Regulus Protection
The Regulus Protection Spell allows the caster to invoke an incantation and empower their body with nearby sunlight. So long as there is sunlight, the next incoming strike after speaking the incantation will have an incredible knockback effect of five meters on the attacker, which automatically winds him. This will be displayed by a thin layer of light around the user.
Level 3
Casting Value 18
Range Selfcast
Damage The caster needs to roll a D5+5 to determine the HP of their summoned protection. If they are hit by an attack while protected, the attacker will be knocked back D10+5 meters, become Blinded and slowed by -4 meters for 2 rounds, and receive Burning.

The spell lasts until its HP is gone or after 3 rounds.

Critical Failure The spell malfunctions, knocking the caster D4+4 blocks away from their original position. They receive 2 damage, Blindness, and -4 meters movement for 1 round.
Critical Success The caster can roll D10 for the spell's HP value.
Red Lines The protection can't be used as a solid light source. It is too weak of a glow to do so. The caster will also not take fall damage due to this spell. Anyone can only be affected by this spell once at the same time.
Sunlight Mirage
The caster envelops themself into the sunlight as multiple images of themself appear through solar reflections. The caster can use this to confuse enemies or put up a fun display.
Level 3
Casting Value 14
Range Selfcast
Damage The caster creates a mirage of themselves in the sunlight surrounding them and moving with them, changing intermittently so enemies cannot find the real one. During the day, they may make 2D2 mirages that are powered directly by Sol. During the night, they may make D2 mirages that are powered by sunlight from a tear.

An attacker will have to roll a die with the number of mirages + 1 for the caster. If the caster has 4 mirages then the attacker rolls a D5 for the attack. To successfully hit the caster, the attacker needs to roll the highest number, after which the caster defends. If any other number is rolled, then a mirage is hit and will disappear.

After 2 rounds, 1 mirage starts disappearing at the end of the caster's turn even if one or more mirages are already destroyed that round.

Critical Failure The caster fails to control the sunlight, blinding themself in the process of enveloping themself in sunlight for their next turn.
Critical Success The sunlight sharpens and the maximum amount of mirages is conjured.
Red Lines The spell has a 3-round cooldown. Mirages cannot attack. An attack cannot destroy two mirages at once. Area of effect attacks will always hit the caster.
Spear of the Sun
Conjure a spear from the sunlight of Ignos in your hand and send out long-ranged spear attacks to deal massive damage.
Level 4
Casting Value 16
Range 15 meters
Damage The caster creates a spear within their hands, a weapon infused with the powers of the Sun itself. It lasts until dispelled and while the caster is within range of their tear.

The spear can attack 3 times and deals D2 damage with each hit using a strength roll. The caster may also throw the spear, having a range of 15 meters. The spear deals D4 damage and Blinding the target for D2+1 rounds if thrown this way using an Intelligence roll. When this happens, the spear disappears.

Critical Failure The caster becomes blinded for D2 rounds as they cannot handle the sun's powers.
Critical Success The first target hit by the spear cannot handle the sun's powers, as they become Stunned for 1 round as well when the spear is thrown.
Red Lines Only one spear may be created by the caster at any time.
Shining Valkyrie
The caster creates a set of winged armor made of sunlight bolstering their defenses and empowering their spells.
Level 4
Casting Value 16
Range Self
Damage A shining armor is formed around the caster for D3+2 rounds.

Whilst this armor is around the caster they gain a +2 on any defensive rolls, physical or magical.

Additionally due to the wings on the armor the caster floats slightly above the ground ignoring ground hazards and giving them 4 additional meters of movement.

Critical Failure The light is too bright for the caster blinding them for 1 round and dealing D2 damage to them.
Critical Success The armor shines brighter adding an additional +1 to magical defence rolls and movement.
Red Lines Hazards that are slightly above the ground still affect the caster, who only hovers a few centimeters above ground.
Rays of Ignos
The caster conjures potent beams of light that track their targets.
Level 4
Casting Value 18
Range 15 meters
Damage Rays of light stream forth from the tear to illuminate 3 creatures of the caster's choosing. These creatures bathed in Ignos' light will take 2D2 damage for the spell's duration. If any of the creatures are wearing armor, it will become extremely hot, which increases the damage to 2D2+1 per round instead.

This spell lasts for 3 rounds.

Critical Failure The spell fails, the light falls upon the caster, and they take D3 damage for 2 rounds.
Critical Success The spell stays for an extra round.
Red Lines The target must have a clear line of sight to the tear of the caster for the ray to lock onto them. If the line of sight is broken or the target moves beyond the maximum reach distance, the ray will become inactive and will not re-activate if the target comes into the line of sight again.
Solar Expulsion
The caster channels all of their energy to seep out the deepest power within the core of Ignos and form the energy into a personal miniature sun, letting it explode upon their enemies.
Level 5
Casting Value 20
Range 20 meters
Damage The caster charges its power and compresses it in a focal point, creating a sun within range. At the start of the caster's next round, the Sun explodes. This spell deals 8 damage to anyone within six meters and 4 damage + Burning to anyone further away from the sun on the battlefield (besides the caster). Everyone hit is Blinded, and receives -6 meters movement for 2 rounds.
Critical Failure The caster becomes unconscious, receiving 3D2 damage and may lose a limb.
Critical Success The targets are blinded and slowed for 3 rounds instead of the original duration.
Red Lines This spell decays structures within 30 meters as if they were molten.

A loremaster must be present for the casting of this spell.

This spell can only be cast once a week.

Magmamancy Spells

Blazing Shield
The casters summons a blazing shield from Ignos. It steams with heat, and bits of lava drip from its edges.
Level 1
Casting Value 12
Range Selfcast
Damage Create a shield of fire that acts like a normal shield. This lasts until dispelled and as long as the caster remains within range of their tear. Blocking melee attacks will allow the caster to riposte with a fiery pulse via an intelligence roll, dealing 1 damage on success.
Critical Failure Nothing happens.
Critical Success The fiery pulse riposte now deals D2 damage.
Red Lines You cannot give the shield to another player. This shield can also not be used in combination with a two-handed weapon.
Ring of Fire
The caster creates a ring of fire around themselves or another person within 15 blocks. As this ring is created, nobody except the most prestigious of Pyromancers can get through without getting their skin turned to ash.
Level 2
Casting Value 17
Range 15 meters
Damage The caster creates a ring of fire, a circle with a diameter of 5 meters, impenetrable by any projectile except for the caster's. The caster deals +1 extra damage while inside of this ring. This ring of fire does damage when touched. It gives D3 damage every round they touch the ring and inflicts burning. The ring of fire lasts for D3+2 rounds.
Critical Failure The ring grows small, letting through any projectiles and spells, but the damage upon someone entering stays the same.
Critical Success The ring of fire is strengthened, lasting D3+4 rounds instead. The spell will also deal 1 extra damage to any aquamancer touching it and disable all aquamancers from passing through unaffected.
Red Lines The fire ring can be breached using water or aquamancy. The ring will vanish as soon as the mage leaves the area.

Any pyromancer can pass through the ring unaffected. The same applies to Aquamancers above level 5.

Darkened Skies
The caster creates an illusion that blocks out the sun for enemies, blinding them while those deemed allies are not affected.
Level 2
Casting Value 14
Range 15 meters
Damage Any enemy within range cannot see more than 2 blocks in front of them as long as they are within range of this spell. This makes them unable to fight/target/follow enemies outside this range.

This effect lasts for D3 rounds.

Critical Failure Nothing happens.
Critical Success The effect stays for an additional D3 rounds.
Red Lines Ranged troops outside the range of the spell cannot shoot into the illusion as those within are invisible to them.
Blazing Bolts
A blazing fire emanates from the tear into Ignos as bolts slowly appear. The bolts point towards the target the caster calls out loud, be it a name or description. All bolts fire in a volley, letting the target burn hotter and hotter with each consecutive hit.
Level 3
Casting Value 16
Range 15 meters
Damage When firing this spell, a successful roll, the caster rolls a 2D2 to see how many bolts appear. Each bolt deals 1 damage and adds 1 round of burning. If three or more bolts hit the same target, they take all damage from their active burning effect immediately. This ends the burning effect.
Critical Failure The tear becomes unstable whilst casting this spell and collapses, requiring the caster to open a new tear before casting again.
Critical Success The bolts always make the target take immediate burn damage.
Red Lines A maximum of 3 bolts can be shot at the same target.
Molten Soil
The caster strikes the ground, liquifying a portion of the ground around its target, pinning them in place.
Level 3
Casting Value 14
Range 15 meters
Damage If successfully cast, the caster may choose a 5x5 area within range to melt down. All targets in this area that are not Pyromancers cannot move for D2+1 rounds. If they do so, they take 2 damage per two meters they move within the area. After escaping the area, characters will have their movement reduced by -3 meters for the following 2 rounds.
Critical Failure The spell has no effect.
Critical Success The area is 8x8 instead of 5x5 and remains for D4 rounds.
Red Lines The spell only affects the ground. Therefore flying/floating objects can move over the area without taking any damage. Regular water can neutralize the effects of this spell momentarily. However, it will not flow on more blocks than the one it was placed on.
Scorching Panoply
Out of the tear to the realm of fire, the caster takes out a suit of armor more of the consistency of molten steel. It latches onto the front of their body as the fire laps around their appendages.
Level 4
Casting Value 14
Range Self
Damage The casters' entire body is surrounded in a shielding flame that grants them +4 on defense rolls for D2+1 rounds.
Critical Failure The caster's suit of armor made of the inferno is not that great. The armor explodes, dealing D2+1 damage to the caster.
Critical Success The cover the user created for themselves is practically perfect. It grants the caster +6 on defense rolls for 2 extra rounds.
Red Lines This spell only works on the caster themself. The armor cannot come off their body. This suit of armor will only shield and cannot damage anything. The spell can be canceled out with any water.
Smouldering Rain
You make it rain fiery ash for a short time.
Level 4
Casting Value 17
Range 15 blocks
Damage The caster channels a ball of magma which shoots into the air and explodes into a 12 meter area. Everyone within the area takes 1 burn damage at the end of their turn if they are within the area. This effect lasts for 5 rounds.
Critical Failure The ball fire dissolves into the hand of the caster and deals D3+1 damage.
Critical Success The rain is more intense and deals D2 damage instead of 1 damage flat.
Red Lines The caster is immune to the rain.
Meteoric Barrage
The caster creates a small volcano that erupts flaming rocks that fall in a flaming barrage on the battlefield.
Level 5
Casting Value 20
Range 30 meters
Damage Create D7+5 meteors, which can fall onto a maximum of 7 players. Any target that gets hit takes 4 flat damage per fireball, and will be pinned under the meteorite unable to move for 2 rounds.
Critical Failure Instead half of the summoned fireballs, rounded up, will hit the caster for 1 damage each and the others disperse. The caster will be pinned for 2 rounds, and may lose a limb.
Critical Success The fireballs deal 5 flat damage.
Red Lines A maximum of 2 fireballs may be directed at a single player.

These fireballs can cave in roofs to hit targets inside of buildings, or destroy buildings via circular craters.

A loremaster must be present for the casting of this spell.

This spell can only be cast once a week.

Additional Abilities

Flaming Familiar
The mage can create a small, flame-like spirit that follows them around.
Range Selfcast
Effect The flame spirit has 2 HP. While near their creator, the spirit will grant them +1 to their casting roll. It will also add its flame-like feistiness to the caster, allowing them to deal +1 damage to Burning targets.
Red Lines If the familiar is slain, this ability goes on cooldown for 2 rounds.

Brilliant Radiance (Solarmancy only)
The mage slowly consumes the sun's heat and energy throughout the battle, charging themselves with an unimaginable tension.
Range 10 meters
Effect After activating the ability, the spellcaster will passively charge up sunlight for 2 rounds. Afterwards the spellcaster can use their action to release solar tension from inside themselves, blinding everyone in range for D4+1 rounds.

Once a spellcaster reaches level 5 of Solarmancy their sunlight intake vastly increases, which allows them to choose to stun targets within range for D2 rounds upon activation instead of charging up blindness.

Red Lines If a level 5 solarmancer chooses to stun instead, this ability goes on cooldown for 4 rounds.

Running Hot (Magmamancy only)
When the spellcaster is in CRP, they feel the thrill of battle and channel heat from deep within them, willing or not.
Range Selfcast
Effect This ability can function in one of two ways. Either they can spend an action to channel surrounding intense heat into enemies, setting any enemies within 2 meters on fire. Or, they can release a wave of heat in a 4-meter radius around them, dealing 1 damage each round for 2D2 rounds.
Red Lines Once used, this ability has a cooldown of 3 rounds.

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