Fynenar II Zaithrall-Aey'flir

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Fynenar II Zaithrall
Title(s) Therri'cill, Pricecili
House Zaithrall | Aey'flir
Born 1418 AFS
Father Fynenar Aey'flir
Spouse Cirlia Zaithrall
Issue N/A
Realm(s) The Enlightened Kingdom of Luminion
Race High Elf
Culture Elven

Physical description:

Fynenar II Aey'flir, a scion of the illustrious Aey'flir lineage and subsequent ascension into the Zaithrall lineage, embodies the ethereal grace and regal bearing characteristic of the High Elves. Standing at a height of 7’1, his lithe frame is adorned with the elegance befitting his noble heritage. His hair, a cascading curtain of moonlight silk, is intricately woven with threads of mithril, catching the ambient light and shimmering like a starlit waterfall. Tresses of silver and azure, reminiscent of the celestial night sky, frame his chiseled elven features with a timeless allure. Fynenar's almond-shaped, moonlight-silver eyes hold the weight of both ancient wisdom and youthful curiosity, reflecting the duality of his ageless soul, reminding of the features inherited from both his Khari and Aeri. A circlet graces his noble brow, an exquisite craftsmanship of silver and moonstone, symbolizing his lineage and marking him as a scion of the Aey'flir and Zaithrall house. Elven runes, delicately etched into the circlet, whisper of the ancestral knowledge and the timeless legacy he carries.


Fynenar II Aey'flir emerges as a paradoxical figure, embodying both the frigid winds of ancestral duty and the gentle warmth of familial devotion. a figure of ethereal grace and stoic demeanor within the High Elven society. His countenance and visage, typically masked in a veil of tranquility, reveals little of the intricate thoughts and emotions that course through the depths of his elven soul and body. Leading many to believe that perhaps the ‘cill is closer to his father in nature then they imagined. Standing at a commanding height, Fynenar's stoicism is evident in the measured way he carries himself. His movements are deliberate, every step echoing the solemnity of an ancient stone, and his silver eyes, often reflecting the ageless wisdom of his kin, betray only the faintest glimmers of emotion.

Yet, beneath this composed exterior lies a fierce protectiveness that mirrors the ancestral roots of the Aey’flir. Like the towering spires that guard their marble realm, Fynenar stands resolute in shielding those closest to him. His unwavering commitment to safeguarding his immediate family and those under his watch manifests as a silent, enduring strength. While his exterior may exude a certain coldness, especially to those beyond the circle of his trust, Fynenar's heart beats with a warmth reserved for his cherished kin. Within the intimate sphere of his immediate family and Cirlia, he reveals a softer characteristic, a love that, while not overtly expressed, flows as steadily as the river that courses through the heart of Ariel.


Born in the year 1418, Fynenar II Aey'flir's earliest memories are enshrined within the venerable walls of the Aey'flir estate. As the heir to the esteemed Aey'flir household, his upbringing bore the weight of noble expectations, a legacy to be carved under the watchful gaze of his esteemed parents, Fynenar I Aey'flir and Vanessa Aey'flir. From the nascent stages of his youth, Fynenar found himself immersed in a regimen of rigorous education and etiquette befitting the privileged status of his lineage. Unlike many of his peers, however, his childhood home resonated with a unique balance. As the years unfolded, the household was blessed with the arrival of Aestaenna, marking a new chapter in Fynenar's familial tapestry. The Aey'flir estate, with its marble halls and ancient wisdom, served as the backdrop to Fynenar's formative years, shaping his character amidst the gentle guidance of his Aeri. Vanessa’s influence, particularly in correcting his mischievous tendencies and refining his manners, played a pivotal role in shaping Fynenar into a fair and poised High Elf within the intricate tapestry of Elven society. Yet, amid the splendor of noble education, there was a facet of Fynenar's youth that diverged from the conventional path. From an early age, he displayed a remarkable affinity for the blade, a predilection that would become a defining aspect of his identity. Under the tutelage of his Khari, he honed his skills in swordplay, showcasing a natural competence that would later evolve into his preferred and primary choice of weaponry—blade and shield. This inclination toward martial prowess, though met with skepticism from his Aeri, garnered steadfast support from his Khari, despite the latter's own elevated status as an Arch-Mage. It marked the commencement of a journey where he began to follow in the venerable footsteps of his father, carving a path uniquely his own.

In the later years of Fynenar II Aey'flir's adolescence, the walls of the Aey'flir estate expanded to reveal the broader canvas of the Enlightened Kingdom. It was during this phase that the heir, despite his stoic nature, found his voice resonating in the wider society, a demeanor befitting his lineage as the child of Vanessa. His introduction to the intricacies of elven society coincided with a fateful reunion with Cirlia Zaithrall, the heir to the Enlightened Kingdom and the eldest child of Therri'cill Aldir'tor. As if guided by the threads of destiny, Fynenar and Cirlia, oblivious to their shared past, forged a connection that transcended the societal boundaries that typically constrained such interactions. Over the course of their renewed acquaintance, the two heirs discovered solace and camaraderie within each other's company. The romantic undercurrents that began to weave between them remained a guarded secret, a delicate dance around the expectations of both their families and the discerning eyes of elven society. Their bond, both personal and professional, deepened when Fynenar was appointed as Cirlia's personal guard. Beyond the duties of protection, the appointment served as a testament to the unspoken connection that bound them. However, fate, in its capricious nature, took an unexpected turn. Following the first event hosted by Cirlia, Fynenar, without warning or explanation, vanished into the folds of seclusion, leaving behind a void that stirred whispers and speculation throughout the Enlightened Kingdom. The sudden departure, shrouded in mystery, became a topic of heated debate among the courtiers and nobles, each harboring their own theories about the reasons behind the Aey'flir heir's enigmatic disappearance. Only Fynenar himself held the true reasons close to his heart, veiled in the solitude he sought. The intricate dance of fate had whisked him away from the visible tapestry of elven society, leaving behind questions and conjectures in the wake of his unexpected vanishing act. The true motivations behind his departure remained a secret known only to the stoic heir, as the pages of his story turned beyond the scrutiny of curious eyes.

After an enigmatic absence spanning 12 years, Fynenar II Aey'flir emerged from the seclusion, stunning the denizens of Luminion with his sudden return, he first sought the familiar embrace of the Aey'flir estate. The initial days were marked by a mix of reunion and admonishment from his Aeri, Vanessa, who had weathered the storm of his mysterious disappearance. However, it didn't take Fynenar long to grasp the state of affairs within both the Aey'flir House and the broader Luminion dominion. The realm had undergone significant changes, thrusting him once more into the forefront of nobility. Returning to his father, who was on the brink of abdication, Fynenar found himself reluctantly resuming the role of the heir, a responsibility compounded by the reclusion of his sister. Returning to a Luminion under the rule of Respen Zaithrall rather than Cirlia, Fynenar rode to the capital seeking answers. Hope lingered in his heart, a desire to rekindle what once seemed lost in time. Fate seemed to favor his return, for his first encounter was with Cirlia herself. Their meeting was a tumultuous symphony of emotions—shock, anger, sadness, happiness, irritation every emotion one could ever think about. In a public display that reverberated through the court, Fynenar and Cirlia openly courted each other, their romance becoming a beacon of hope for those who witnessed it. During this time, Fynenar built close bonds with Respen and others in the court. The timeline that unfolded saw him gain permission from Cirlia's father to formally propose, resulting in their engagement. He rose as the Cinna'Vanaris and Lord of House Aey'flir, signifying his new rule, Fynenar officially reintegrated into society with a notable feat—felling an Ice Troll to aid in the recapturing of the old Denur Hold. The echoes of his return rippled through the kingdom, marking a chapter of renewal and resurgence for the Aey'flir heir.

Yet the happiness from his return was short lived, only a year into his return, Respen Zaithrall, Therri’cill to Luminion would fall ill and subsequently perish after succumbing to his injuries and diseases, this signified a turn for the Aey’flir, his soon to happen wedding with Cirlia would also take a sour twist as she was the designated heir who would take the mantle of the Aeri’cill. He was to be her King, her Therri’cill, yet for such to take place, Fynenar, with the admission of his father would make the decision to take the Zaithrall name instead, only continuing to lead the Aey’flir house as it’s temporary regent until another could take his place, his newfound reign instead would enter it’s beginning with his marriage and covenant with Cirlia, signaling an ushering of a newfound era within the Enlightened Kingdom.