House Zaithrall

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House Zaithrall
House Zaithrall Variant1.png
Country The Enlightened Kingdom of Luminion
Founder Aetharis I Zaithrall
Current Head Aldir’tor Zaithrall
Ethnicity High Elves
Title(s) Therri'cill of Luminion

Guardian of Purity

Cinna’Vanaris of Alcyon

Cinna’Vanaris of Thetius

Guardian of Caliatha

Guardian of Ilumnia

Guardian of the Dragon Isles

Guardian of the glittering cay colony

Aerièlle's Chosen

Branches House Elladris


The now royal bloodline of house Zaithrall can be traced all the way back to the Age of Fallen Spires when the Zaithralls of the grand colleges of magic supported the efforts of the first Therri'cill, Tetheris I of house Elladris of cleansing the glade of dragons of the taint of Azari'lunn. The then head of the house, Aetharis, was responsible for crafting magical weapons and soul-draining devices to deny the traitor God and his followers the souls they so desired.

After the conclusion of the civil war, house Zaithrall was rewarded with noble status for their great contribution during the conflict. The Zaithralls under the command of the then elder Aetharis mostly continued their works in the colleges of magic in an effort to advance Azari'cill society ever onwards under the new guiding gaze of the Mother and the Tetheriani.

This went on until the reign of Therri'cill Calydrian II Elladris. To strengthen the bond between the shrinking Elladris house and the Zaithralls, he promised to marry the eldest daughter of Lord Acaris of house Zaithrall. Aestaena Zaithrall entered marriage with Therri'cill Calydrian II Elladris in the year 925 A.F.S, securing the future for both great houses. It was agreed that the children that came forth from this marriage would bear the Zaithrall name, yet when the firstborn son would ascend to the throne, they would continue bearing the name Elladris, and so would all of his children. Yet this never came to be as when Therri'cill Calydrian II suffered an untimely death, his wife ruled instead of him as the widow Aeri'cill until their son, Aethis, came of age.

When he eventually did, instead of honoring the agreement, Aestaena the widow chose to have her firstborn son retain the Zaithrall name, while passing the Elladris name on to her second son, Vaelor. Thus officially replacing the royal family with her own. And since there was no Elladris left with a claim as Vaelor was only granted the Elladris name after Aethis was officially named Therri'cill, it was mostly accepted within the inner circles of the royal court.

The rule of Aethis was relatively peaceful up until the start of what is now known as the rotting plague. There he was tasked with carrying his people through the famine that came as a result of the plague. The Elves themselves were not affected by the plague, but their crops and livestock were. Aethis left for the Hadrian Kingdoms with a good portion of the active medi'cilus to aid them in finding a possible cure to the disease that ravaged Eden.

Aethis only had one son in his lifetime, Aldir'tor, who was left in charge of the homeland while he was on his quest. Aethis' only brother Vaelor left the court after finding out about the schemes of his mother and is said to have had a child with his wife, Minarielle, yet this was never confirmed.

After Aethis passed away in 1521, his eldest son Aldir'tor rose to power and oversaw the completion of the new capital city of Luminion which was commissioned by Calydrian II in the year 1050. His greatest challenge was that when he wished to resign from his position of Therri'cill to return to the roots of his bloodline and continue work in the colleges of magic, an alliance of princes led by Eldrin Faerondaerl and Fynenar Aey'flir overthrew the appointed successor of Aldir'tor, Thalanil Larethael, who has served the crown as the right hand for many years in a swift military coup.

As Thalanil fled to the Kingdom of Hadriana under the protection of king Roderick Withmond, the princes tried to negotiate his extradition back to Luminion to stand trial. Roderick Withmond denied these requests and offered Therri'cill Thalanil to march on the Enlightened City alongside him with an army of Hadrians to reclaim his throne. Though Thalanil contemplated the offer, he ultimately rejected as he did not wish to see the seat of his people ravaged by humans for personal glory.

Aldir'tor remained by his side during his exile in Ceril's keep to offer some support. And after Thalanil rejected the offer of Roderick, he offered the crown back to Aldir'tor as he did no longer wish to bare the burden of Therri'cill of a nation that rejected him. Shortly after, the council of princes also sent a request to Aldir'tor in the form of a letter to return to Luminion and reclaim the throne to bring back stability to the realm. He accepted and though tensions were still high between the houses of Larethael and Faerondaerl, this was swiftly resolved as the Hadrian civil war broke out shortly after, and Prince Eldrin was shot down in the then-independent republic of the Hinterlands on the orders of Arnoud van Leuveren.

From that point on, Aldir'tor was able to preserve stability within his realm and wishes for that to remain this way until the three children he had with his wife, A'mos, can take over after he passes away.

Values & Beliefs

House Zaithrall as one of the great houses from the time of the Age of Fallen Spires is very much invested in ensuring their bloodline remains pure. They do this to preserve the legacy of those who carried the 'cill through the great civil war without having it washed down with those who possess impurities.

Before a Zaithrall marries, it is expected of the house that wishes to present a suitable candidate to come and present the young lord or lady and have them examined to ensure they are free of impure features that could stain the bloodline. This is usually done by the High Priestess of the temple.

Members of the Zaithrall family, despite their noble status, do see themselves as being true servants of the state. It is expected of every Zaithrall when coming of age to take a vow of protection and service to the state and carry it out in every capacity they can. Be it in the form of acting as a tutor for the citizenry, or as their protector in military service.

Zaithralls are very protective of their own and will do everything in their power to protect and preserve the family as a whole. They will always do what they deem right for the family and the state first.

Notable Members

Aldir’tor Zaithrall, Therri'cill

A'mos Zaithrall, Aeri'cill

Cirlia Zaithrall, Pricecili

Tetheris III Zaithrall, Pricecilus

Respen Zaithrall, Pricecilus