A'mos Celephin'nel

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A'mos Zaithrall-Celephin'nel
Title(s) Aeri'cill, Visera, Ar’mágoi,

Pricecili (formerly)

House Zaithrall
Born 1398 AFS
Spouse Aldir’tor Zaithrall
Issue Cirlia Zaithrall

Tetheris III Zaithrall

Respen Zaithrall

Rule 1523 - Present.
Realm(s) The Enlightened Kingdom of Luminion
Race High Elf
Culture Elven

Physical description:

The female Elfess stood at 1.83m tall (6’0”), just on the cusp of average height, but her body was rather frail, with only limited strength. She appeared generally slender, but with noticeable curves around her hips. Her hair would more often than not be kept in a loose braid draped across her shoulder. This was with occasional wisps of platinum blonde locks falling back into place, primarily around her icy blue eyes. Unlike her husband, she prefers to wear loose-fitting dresses with simple adornments that complement her circlet, straying more from bold clothing and the like. An elegant rose-tinted crown replaced simple gold for her. Her one accessory, worn securely around her right ring finger, was a golden white wedding ring.