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The Marble City of Luminion
Luminion Logo png.png
Nicknames The Marble City, The Enlightened City,

The Blessed City, The Silver City

Country The Enlightened Kingdom of Luminion
Founded Founded in 1521 by Aldir’tor Zaithrall


The Luminion Citizen Council


Aldir’tor Zaithrall

A'mos Celephin'nel

City Mayor Vacant
Scinari’cilus Tetheris III Zaithrall
Language(s): Common / Elven


Approaching the city of Luminion from the northern road.

The Marble city of Luminion, as it’s often called, stands as a beacon of Azari supremacy in the center of Arda, the Glade of Dragons. The city is located beyond the spine of Eden, connected to the west by the Emerald pass.

Founded in late 1521 by Aldir’tor Zaithrall, the city of Luminion serves as the capital for the Enlightened Kingdom.  It is home to the largest High Elven population in all of Eden. Furthermore, a small minority of  Tieflings also settled within the city walls.

The outskirts of Luminion are a sight to behold on its own. Its lush nature, mansions, the Calydrian’s Crown Amphiteatre and a large statue of Arièlle to its south are all spectacles on their own.

But it is within the walls where the city truly comes to life. Upon entry, one would find the Phoenix Beak tavern, a staple of Azari’cill hospitality. Further down the street one can find Larethael square. This square is the beating commercial heart of Eden. Merchants from all over the continent flock towards this center to sell an array of items, such as fine wine, jewelry and flowers. 

The remaining districts form a large contradiction against the brustling public nature of its commercial district. The southern district, as it’s called, is home to the bulk of the citizens of the Blessed city. Divided by a canal that streams from the mountain the city was built on, this district was solely designed to house citizens, having nothing else than housing in it. This district can only be entered from Larethael Square, and stands solemnly from the rest of the city.

Also connected to Larethael Square is the upper-class district. Named after Therri’cill Aldir’tor Zaithrall , Zaithrall Square is reserved for many  of the city's upper-class citizens. Its houses are bigger than the ones in the Southern District to offer good comfort to those that live there.

Follow the stairs up from Zaithrall Square and you would arrive at the academic heart of Eden. This district serves as a place where one could become Enlightened, educating themselves on various topics and the High Elven culture. With its grand Library, the Colleges of Magic & Sorcery and the Temple to Aerièlle this district offers the perfect tools to become a true Enlightened Soul.

Lastly we reach the most upper district Luminion has to offer. Calydrian square, which gets its name from former Therri’cill Calydrian II Elladris, who was respected for his poetry, history books and overall knowledge. It is therefore no coincidence that the political heart of the Enlightened Kingdom, the Radiant Citadel, is placed on the square's stones. Beside the Radiant Citadel lies the Waterfall Palace, in which the Royal Zaithrall family finds it’s daily residence, a true crown jewel of the city, that radiates the Zaithrall supremacy far over the realm.

Historical Events

Founding of Luminion - 1521 AFS

Larethael Square after renovation. Depicting the Gilded Barrel liquor store (left) and the Aey'flir jewellery (right)

It was Therri’cill Aldir’tor Zaithrall, who in 1521 AFS got to officially open the city of Luminion, though the construction of the city had actually started years before. The construction of this city was ordered during the reign of Aethis I Zaithrall. This city, that we now know as Luminion, was supposed to be the pinnacle of his lifelong work, rebuilding High elven society after the devastating rotting plague. Sadly, he never got to see the finished product.  Aethis, whose body couldn’t handle the stress involved with the crisis he ruled through, was taken on one final tour of his almost completed masterpiece before he passed away in late 1521, mere months before the city  was completed.

Devastated by his loss, but determined to follow in his fathers footsteps it was the relatively young Aldir’tor Zaithrall that gave the nameless city a name, Luminion it was to be called. Opened by a festival of a magnitude never seen before, it was Luminion that would order in a new chapter in High elven history.  In its first year, the city proved to be a great success. Azari’cill from all across the realm flocked to the newly established capital. Its location, right behind the Spine of Eden, centralised in the Glade of Dragon proved essential, as the city formed a beacon within the Glade, its spires towering above everything and all.

However, by 1522 the peace would be disturbed.It successes were short, as soon the city would tremble under Eldrins Rebellion.

Eldrin’s Rebellion - 1522 AFS

Sowing the seeds of unrest

One year after the official opening of the new capital, its peace was disturbed. The city was shook when Aldir’tor Zaithrall resigned as Therri’cill, a mere year after his appointment. His place was to be taken by Thalanil Larethael, a Prince that moved to Luminion from the northern city of Aerial. His appointment wasn’t as much a shock as Aldir’tor’s sudden resignation, but to one man it was. Prince Eldrin Faerondaerl, who saw himself as the rightful successor of the then childless Aldir’tor was filled with rage when he found out that he, who deemed himself a right-hand to the Therri’cill to not be chosen as his successor. But rather, Thalanil, an inexperienced ruler of a new and less established noble house. Thalanil lacked political training, growing up in a house of blacksmiths and real estate owners he in no way compared to Eldrin, who at that point was an established Cinna’Vanaris of the north, schooled and trained to be a ruler from birth.

The plot thickens

Eldrin Faerondaerl, who was emboldened by ever-growing support for his cause concocted a plan, a  plan that  is now known as Eldrins rebellion.

Thalanil Larethael got crowned Therri’cill in 1522, his official coronation was hastefully put together and missed the meticulous planning and detail that the festivities High elves usually brought with it. This coronation, followed by festivities in the local tavern would be a forebode of what would follow. The first weeks of Thalanils rule turned out to be rather uneventful. The sudden change of leadership, and the fact that  nothing noteworthy happened after the coronation saw the Kingdom in a decline. The peaceful bustling streets of Luminion slowly grew empty. And as Eldrin plotted away in the background, support for Thalanil dwindled. It was the decline the Kingdom had entered that also saw the then Commander of the Lunar Guard, Fynenar Aey’flir flock to the side of the usurpers. With him he would take most of the Lunar Guard, leaving only a handful of able bodied men that supported Thalanil behind.

The seeds sprout

Eldrin Faerondaerl and his supporters confronting Therri'cill Thalanil Larethael moments before draggin him off his throne.

The usurpers, now led by Prince Eldrin and the Lunar Guard, started forging a plan for the eventual disposition of power. Nearing the end of 1522 the day had finally come, it was early in the morning, when a party of rebels stumbled onto Thalanil inside his throne room. The then Therri’cill was taken aback by this action, or so the rebels thought. They arrested the Therri’cill on grounds of impurity, a legal case built by Prince Eldrin.

Yet it would never reach a trial. With help of his last few loyal supporters Thalanil was able to escape captivity. Instead of being locked up in the prison he was put into house-arrest, as to honour his noble name. This gave him the possibility of breaking out, using a horse his followers had prepared to flee east. Far away from the Marble city.

The aftermath

Eldrin’s Rebellion was over, and war was averted. Yet there were some loose ends to clean up. Eldrin, who once again failed to become Therri’cill returned north to Aerial.  There he attempted to take back his usual duties, all the while he had a massive target on his back.

Fynenar, surprised by the incompetency and failure of Eldrin, saw himself as far superior, and therefore tried to take Eldrins position as Prince. As a true High elf would, Fynenar then trusted by Eldrin would often be by his side, gaining his trust and gathering information. Yet Fynenar would never expect that disposing of Eldrin would be so easy. During their time in the north, Fynenar found out that Eldrin held a captive in the crypts of Aerial. It was not just any captive, the person held below Aerial turned out to be a hemomancer. At first sight this was positive, until it came to light that Eldrin was actively taking lessons in hemomancy. Not only had he failed as a leader, he had fallen so far, he tainted himself with voidal magic.

Fynenar, who had sworn loyalty to the Zaithralls and the state swiftly reported this information back to the capital, from which the Therri’cill took action. Eldrin was to travel to Wakkerdam for diplomatic talks following the debacle that had ravaged the Enlightened Kingdom. Yet he was executed by the Wakkerdam population, a plan preemptively put up by the Therri’cill.

Eldrin never saw it coming. His lifeless  body was thereafter delivered to Luminion, from where it was disposed of, never to be seen again. Eldrin Faerondaerl was dead, and his rebellion had ended for good.

The Royal Wedding of 1523

During the midst of the destructive Hadrian civil  war raging just west of the city outskirts, the Therri’cill at the time, Aldir’tor Zaithrall, decided to host the royal with of him and his love interest. He chose this hasty approach during tumultuous times because he and his partner A’mos found out that she was pregnant. Aldir’tor, wishing to have the coming triplets born as legitimate princes of the realm chose to hastily host a wedding to officiate A’mos’ position as Aeri’cill. The wedding was officiated at the great temple to Aerielle in the capital city Luminion. The whole city was decorated with white and blue flowers during the day. Many representatives from the nations of Eden attended and many new alliances were forged.

Yet it was not all roses as after the international parties were leaving after another wedding took place between Tiefling royals of the remnants of Nous, the warring Hadrian nobles picked a fight outside the gates, resulting in the Veronian queen Wendelin being captured by Hinterlander forces. The Elven hosts were clearly displeased by this affair taking place on their land as it painted the neutral kingdom as taking a side in the conflict. In response the Therri’cill sent out a public declaration denouncing the actions of the Hintish lord Arnoud van Leuveren and his men and demanding a public apology which was granted by the Stadtholder.

Local Government

The City Mayor

Similar to Aerial, the city mayor is an office usually held by the prince who rules the region. If the prince is not available, it is expected of them to appoint one of their closest Pricecilus to fulfil the duty for them.

List of Luminion Mayors

City Scinari’cilus

The Scinari are servants only to the Mother herself. They reside within the city temples where they bring offerings to the Mother, bless Azari in need and often aid the city Medi'cilus in their duties. Commoners often call them the Mothers and Fathers  of the city. At the helm of the temple is the Scinari’cilus, or High Priestess in common tongue. She / he acts as a guide for all Azari'cill within the Kingdom and safeguards the laws of purity.

List of Luminion Scinari’cilus

Notable Buildings

The Radiant  Citadel - 1521

The crown of the city, the Citadel is the final level within the metropolis. Towering columns carved with swirls and depictions of the mother lead up to crown molding in the shape of past rulers, capped with a dome that holds place to a massive Silver Phoenix that can be seen from any point in the city. Inside, pillars lift a massive hall that bears two magnificent marble thrones with drapes of cerulian stitched with silver phoenixes. Four smaller thrones flank the main hall for the noble houses of Luminion and its notables. Off to the right side, a dining room of  much elegance sits, accompanied by wine barrels. To the left is the council chambers, where almost weekly council meetings are held.

The Colleges of Magic & Sorcery - 1521

Reaching the top of the main street, a magnificent domical vault rises out of the mountain with several smaller buildings jutting out of the side of the mountain. This grand building is the home of all knowledge in the Silver City, The College of Magic & Sorcery. Walking inside the domical vault, a massive crystal pulses with light, wisps of magic leading up to the enchanted roof, forever night within the dome. Down the hallways, which are lit by magical candles, classrooms of all types can be seen and elves of all ages being taught within.

The Temple to Aerielle - 1521 / 1525

A magnificent hall of swirling marble pillars anointed with gold and teal domes, the Temple to Aerielle is one of the most spectacular buildings in the Enlightened City. Magenta banners bearing the Silver Phoenix flank the entrance to the temple, ushering those within. A path bearing a fountain leads into the heart of the temple, where flowers of purple and white are tended to meticulously. The shrine itself is a beacon of purity, a marble podium giving host to a beautifully carved statue. Around the statue’s feet are bouquets of flowers, candles and incense, all in the same purple. Pews for a sermon are all around the edge, with a podium in the far back, leaving much to admire the statue and revere it as they should.

Lunar Bastion - 1523

Towers rise high above the trees on the northern end of the city. A magnificent fort constructed of Marble bricks stands tall to protect the silver city and its citizens from any who dare to threaten the capital of the Enlightened Kingdom. Upon entry you will find yourself in a long hallway, decorated by statues of their former commanders on either side. Down in the basements you will find Luminion’s dungeons, cells that have been the final destination of many criminals. Going up inside the keep, one would immediately reach a floor that houses barracks and offices for the Tyr’es Alari, followed by another floor of offices, which eventually lead up to one of its many spires. A tower in which a single cell is placed, reserved for High value prisoners that are simply to much of a risk to keep in a public cell.

The Waterfall Palace - 1524

The crown sitting upon the Enlightened Kingdom’s capital city is the architectural marvel known as the Waterfall palace. This magnificent citadel houses the royal family and acts as a centerpiece that radiates the Zaithrall family’s dominance over the realm. Its construction was a challenging endeavor as the Therri’cill wished to preserve the streams flowing from the mountains that the palace is built on, explaining the name of the structure. The fresh water streams contribute to the flow of the river Aeris, maintaining a steady southward flow and through its richness fostering many forms of wildlife around it. One of the most noteworthy room inside the palace are the crimson ball room, a majestic, lavish ballroom decorated with strands of gold and ruby. Another well known place is the southern tower which holds the Therri’cill’s private study. Its balconies look out over much of the southern forests of Alcyon and the streams running from the mountain the palace is built on.

The Calydrian’s Crown Amphitheatre - 1526

Located south of the metropolis Luminion, The Calydrian’s Crown Amphitheatre was constructed to honorate Therri’cill Calydrian the second, who started the yearly tradition of the Luminion games. The Amphitheatre, which has its facade adorned with statues of a plethora of Azari’cill warriors, champions of previous years,  finds its entry through an array of spiraling pillars. Upon entry visitors will be greeted by large stands to their right and left, and in front of them a large marble structure. This structure, highly decorated with finely carved stones and pillars has been fitted with three large balconies on its front. The largest of the three designed especially to carry the Royal family, and offer them the best view during any event. The two to the side are reserved for any representatives from the provines or foreign royal visitors. Within the southern building also lies a medical office to treat any wounded and an armoury.

Notable Figures living in Luminion.


Other Notable figures: