The Woodland Realm of Mitrona

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The Woodland Realm of Mitrona
Location Forest of Myln Arbor
Races Wood Elves, Tieflings
Primary Religion The Pantheon of the Phoenix
Political System Tribal Monarchy
Current Leaders Khari'cerr | N’vaestīl Vobisere
Important people Tericyées | Faiir Chamaire

Lla'viltir |

Visera |

Preceded by The Woodlands Kingdom of Myln Arbor

Buried deep into the Glade, east of Luminion, shows a heavily protected Forest named “Myln Arbor” with curving trails and sharp turns to confuse any outsider. Most across Eden know one thing: Do not enter Myln Arbor unprotected. As one trudges through the mystical terrain, ominous echoes can be heard even throughout its density. What lurks in the Forest stays inside to protect the ones native to the land and holds no mercy for any race other than the Azari’cerr. As one goes deeper into the Forest, one starts to think not what, but who lurks in the Forest. The Woodland Realm of Mitrona protects its own and each other, making it unlikely for an outsider to depart without harm.


Wood Elven outfits.

Those who live within Myln Arbor are fierce people. At times they are incredibly intense. However, with another look and an open mind, it’s manageable to see how involved the Azari’cerr are with their culture and Forest. Their violent demeanors are quickly explained as many tales are told of their ancestors that came before them, the experiences the Azari’cerr have had for centuries, and the beasts they’ve had to overcome to survive within the deep Forest. The entirety of Mitrona is filled with diverse flora and fauna, making it enticing for an outsider to visit. As the ‘Cerr hosts many ceremonies for others to enjoy, they are fond of music and the dance of fighting.


Many of the citizens, both men and women, of Mitrona sport loose-fitting clothes. Though it’s merely a trend, some individuals prefer something that covers them better. Citizens find it easier to travel through the Forest with clothes that they can effortlessly maneuver in. Most of the colors have a wide range that reflects the Forest’s colors. However, do not mistake that for being dull. With the different types of fabrics and textures the Azari’cerr enjoy, they can make even the darkest colors impressive.

Uniforms do exist within the realm. Though they are not the usual plated armor most advanced nations wear. Armor would easily weigh down a citizen of Mitrona, mainly Azari’cerr, making it far more difficult to go through the Forest stealthily. Instead, they utilize what’s given by Kharash himself in the Forest. Using darker greens and browns, they wear a thin layer underneath the bark they use for their protection. This keeps them agile while blending in well into their surroundings.

Azari'cerr in a painting class.

A lot of Azari’cerr love paint. Especially in terms of “war paint”. ‘Cerr will not only paint themselves in the colors of the Forest but use it as temporary markings. They frequently change this to adhere to the stories they can tell with meticulous lines and shapes. Warriors and any of those who fight are seen with the most paint to signify the troubles and tribulations they may have faced while working for the nation.


The Azari’cerr are incredibly gifted with a multitude of talents. Their music is considered incredibly unique. With only woodwind instruments and vocals. Many ‘Cerr are considered visionary when it comes to these different arts. Large murals can be found along the sides of trees or cliffsides, retelling stories of Sylvani and Azari’cerr alike. Songs often incorporate the old tales of previous Khari’cerr’s and poems are recited to inform others on news within the nation. Mitronans often decorate everything. From as simple as decorated pots to even small trinkets and wood carvings. When it comes to art, their culture is undeniably rich and fascinating for an outsider.

However the most intriguing part of what the ‘Cerr consider art, is sparring. Fights with bows are considered art pieces as they use their abilities to show their strength. The citizens don’t see sparring amongst one another as too serious unless stated as so. Spars are to show their pride in being within the nation and most citizens are left with a sense of fulfillment and dignity.


Wood-elven houses are fairly simple to reflect their hidden humble nature. Most houses are on the ground and close to one another. The resources come from the Forest itself, but the resources are always used efficiently to not disrespect the one who gave them the land. Built with not only the tree's bark and lumber, but also from the stones found near ponds, and the general landscape within Myln Arbor. Used for the roofing of the houses, with natural adhesives like clay to make them set in place. Each home has a fair amount of moss and foliage atop them, or other lively indicators to point to the fact that the Forest is the number one priority to those living inside. Houses are separated into the categories of “bigger” and “smaller” to make it straightforward. The houses blend well into one another and around their natural habitat for a purpose. Blending in makes them exceptionally well hidden in case a threat is to one day come through the Forest. This makes it easier to strike on their own time.

In other territories Mitrona owns, such as Salus Limin, this can be seen as a consistency in the way they blend into each other though with much more firmer reinforcements into the soil for living by the water. While it does exist for outlier homes, it isn’t exactly common. Most outlier homes are there for farms, ranches, or for botanists. However, in Salus Limin, it is much easier to obtain a bigger home by the shore. In Sunscape, wood is seen less, unless it is for large buildings such as the tavern. There is not one style that Sunscape keeps, as it spans from tents to huts to bungalows to make the perfect spot for vacations. Though much like the other cities, the natural resources are used to their full potential. Bamboo, mud, natural greenery, and foliage. Nothing goes to waste when it comes to the buildings of Mitrona.

While glass is seen rarely, it is mainly seen in the palace. This not only represents status but also provides differentiation in texture.

Food and Drinks

The Azari’cerr love anything that incorporates honey. Honey tea, mead, pie, and cakes. They have a natural sweet tooth for the fruits that grow in the Arbor. Not only this but berries are especially favored within the Forest. Most ‘Cerr gets incredibly resourceful with presentation and are known to be experimentalists when it comes to different flavors and textures. There is never a dull feast within the city. However, the ‘Cerr are not gluttonous. Every meal they have is to fulfill their palettes and needs. Cabbage, onions, and other greens are always an important part of any Wood Elf meal. With this in mind, grains can be harder to grow within Mitrona. Bread is a rare luxury as well as other wheat-based foods.

Festivals and Celebrations

Mitronans are lively people when an event causes festivities. Many often put their art and creativity to use. A Mitronan celebration incorporates storytelling, singing, painting, spars, and lots of dancing. This is when citizens across the nation come together, basking in the presence of each other.

Mitronan Trials

This is one of the most meaningful events of all of Mitronan history. Every Azari that lives within the nation must undergo a trial before they turn one hundred. Every citizen, ‘Cerr or not, is allowed to participate in these events. And it is highly encouraged to participate if you never have. This trial determines to the Khari’cerr and the rest of the populous that they have not lived in vain. Their collective efforts to teach the new generation of citizens are not useless and have a purpose within the nation. Failing can cause Mitronans to be shunned. The ones who pass are held a massive feast to reward them for their efforts.

Kharash’s Blessings

This day is held on any Godsnight day through all seasons. Many Azari’cerr and other citizens will come to the altar in the upper section with an animal of Kharash’s choosing to sacrifice. With the chosen Azari’cerr, the Visera, or Khari’cerr, holds the animal’s heart into the air and speaks praises to Kharash. Many of them contain deep thank you’s for the Forest, the land provided by Kharash himself. The heart represents one hundred more years of life, hope, and love. And most importantly, gratefulness for the land they’ve been given. This is one of the most favored events by every citizen as it shows their faith in the deity they adore.

Mitrona Harvest Festival

On hotter days of the year, Mitrona will decide to open their gates for all outsiders, for a fee, to come into their borders and trade. Many merchants travel through Mitrona, showing their culture’s items and harvests. While Mitronans will trade with these merchants with the bountiful items they’ve worked for throughout the years. This includes exclusive honey drinks or food, mounts of animals, impressive animal pelts, and much more.


High Council Meeting Room

Mitronans thrive off of competition in who can be more useful. Being demoted can come off as harsh and blunt, but to the natives, this is only the natural order of things. Despite the competitive nature, each ‘Cerr and citizen can perfectly understand their place within the community. This is meant to promote self-sufficiency, training, and improvement. Most times, it is the Khari’cerr who approves of promotions and gauges each citizen if they’re worthy of their position.

Mitrona's Hierarchy

Political System

Mitrona is described as a “Tribal Monarchy” by all, even outsiders. Everyone works in their respect. Most laws aren’t written and treaties are rarely heard of because of how secluded they seem to be. Being a tribal monarchy also insists on there being one true leader. While the High Council are the advisories, they are nothing other than that. The Khari’cerr has the final say on everything, even if the High Council advises otherwise. The system does not allow for any overthrowing and the fight for the Khari’cerr position has since been abandoned. Instead, the High Council suggests a successor to their throne. The Khari’cerr, still, has the final say on this last matter. Though anyone can make events and host them, most need the Khari’cerr’s permission.

The realm can be primarily seen as traditionalist. They stick to what they know, and most are incredibly uncomfortable with change within the nation. Everything they do is mostly by approval of the spirits or the Khari’cerr themselves. As a Tribal Monarch, the Khari’cerr is seen as the main mouthpiece of the spirits. As any ‘Cerr can communicate with the Myln Arbors spirits, the Khari’cerr is seen as a translator of Kharash himself. Very few are ignorant to speak down of their leader and whomever does, is looked at strangely. Though it is not unlawful to do such, it brings great disrespect to the spirits themselves.

Royalty is a strange topic for the inhabitants of Mitrona. The one true leader will always be the Khari’cerr as they are closely seen as a demi-god by the Azari’cerr. And though his direct kin are respected throughout the nation, and given a room in the palace, they have no real say unless they are in the High Council or other positions. They are still expected to work just as hard as a regular citizen. The direct kin is invited to other national events and perhaps treated nicely, but that is it for given privileges.


The majority of the inhabitants of Mitrona are wood-elven. All other races are discouraged from finding solace within the Forest and nation. Though there are no laws against it. Since the rise of Jolie Elaine Lovell, tieflings have found a home in the Glade, especially in Myln Arbor because of their relative closeness. Since then, tieflings are nearly viewed as fellow ‘Cerr citizens. It is a strange sight as one can consider the history of the ‘Cerr and tieflings, but Jolie Elaine Lovell had seemed to inadvertently encourage more of her race to feel comfortable within the Arbor.

Other minorities are still seen as lesser than the natives of the Forest and they do not come often.


Ceremonial Spot of Mitrona

Mitronans follow the Pantheon of the Phoenix. No other religion is tolerated within the Arbor, seeing as it’s discourteous to the ‘Cerr who were given the Forest by the Father, Kharash. As every ‘Cerr believes in the Mother, Father, Son, and Daughter, their main focus is Kharash. Their God is the protector of wood-elven and in return, they protect the Myln Arbor with every ounce of strength. He is seen as giving the ‘Cerr strength. While this is all within the beliefs of Azari’cerr, this elven race also leans into Feaeism, a branch of the Pantheon. Being surrounded by ents, and other mystical creatures of the landscape has advanced the ‘Cerr’s knowledge and further their wisdom on surviving in the otherwise treacherous woods. Azari’cerr not only lives to impress Kharash but also the creatures and spirits. Many prefer the spirits as a whole to Kharash, and this is seen as slightly less inappropriate, but acknowledged in the eyes of the Khari’cerr.

Though, if anything, it is not entirely obvious that the Azari’cerr are deeply religious. Regardless, when an outsider takes a deeper look, it is seen everything they do is nearly always in the name of their religion. Whether it be Feaeism or the Pantheon, it all motivates them to do better.


Out of all the races within Eden, Azari’cerr are considered one of the least materialistic. For they are rich in many other things, like culture and expression. They do not feel the need to focus on any form of Andros. Though one wouldn’t be heard complaining of such, Mitrona also has considerably cheap taxes and simple housing systems. Most money the Azari’cerr receive is theirs. It is not unheard of, however, to charge outsiders a higher price at blacksmiths, taverns, and apothecaries. Yet, due to their oath with clinics, they have gone on record to never charge any andros or receive payment.

Imports and Exports

The citizens of Mitrona have worked hard to be more self-sufficient since they have stated themselves as a nation. Though it’s becoming less common to make trading deals due to Mitrona’s properties providing them enough, it is not unheard of. Many, however, work off of what they need in the Forest as it delivers almost everything a ‘Cerr would require to thrive within the woods. When it comes to importing, more “advanced” technology may be taken. But they Azari’cerr find no need in such.

When it comes to exports, things may be slightly different. Though there is a specific festival to open their borders to let trade begin, it is not uncommon for the Azari’cerr to sell the items they work for in the Forest. This includes honey and berry products, large animal hides, bows, and rare herbs.


The “military” to Mitrona comes as one of the most important things within the nation. While religion is a larger part of the nation, the protection of Myln Arbor comes in with warriors. Every Azari’cerr is a natural-born fighter and once sworn into the nation, they automatically opt themselves to serve the nation if needed. However, that is only under dire circumstances. The ones who volunteer as warriors are respected amongst their peers and the Khari’cerr themselves. If it is seen that one warrior stands out from the rest, they have the chance to be a more official guard for the palace, or the Khari’cerr. Warriors of Mitrona are stationed within the main city. Most are given orders to always be on guard, or perform specific tasks catered to them. Some are stationed within Sunscape or Salus Limin by the deep waters, making sure anything imported and exported is safe. Though due to their lack of knowledge of the seas, it is not uncommon for the exports they send to be lost in the ocean. Anything they do in the name of Mitrona must first be reported to their Tri’cilus. While the Lla’viltir watches over both groups, making sure the captains and volunteers are acting accordingly. The Lla’viltir has a direct connection to the Khari’cerr as they speak mostly about political affairs and future military plans.


Within the military, the Khari’cerr always has a final say. However, the Lla’viltir is allowed to pick their own Tri’cilus, send out orders, and hold their own office in the palace. All are reported to the Khari’cerr by the Lla’viltir and they act as the Khari’cerr’s first-hand man.

Military Hierarchy
Skin made by linniex_


Uniforms are strictly enforced when the military is enacting their orders. If they are off-duty and focusing on their private matters, they are expected not to wear the uniforms. Tricilus’ wear the same uniform as their team, only with a small badge over the shoulders to let others know their rank. Warriors are given uniforms, mostly made of the greenery and shrubs they live around, but making it fashionable enough to be presentable. However, the Lla’viltir wears something much more refined. While staying aligned to the fashion sense of the Forest, with darker greens and browns, it indicates sharpness. The wear is similar to the warrior outfit, as they must always be prepared for a better fight.


The Mystical Realm and its inhabitants don’t prefer writing. Many laws within the Arbor aren’t written. Instead, they’re spoken aloud. Not only this, but most laws would go without saying. Ones who are instated in Mitrona learn quickly on what is acceptable and unacceptable. And while they seem harsh, it is to ensure the safety of each citizen and the overall protection of the Arbor. The Military of Mitrona is expected to capture criminals immediately and cage them in a cell. More times than not, their punishment ends with a limb loss or death. After this, it is a firm banishment. Those who are banished are to never set foot into Mitrona, the entirety of the Forest, again. If this were to happen, though, the punishment on them would only be worse. When it comes to petty crimes such as theft or lying, the punishment comes swiftly with no private trial. If the crime is far more elaborate, and the accusation is larger, the accused is allowed a private trial. Here they have an audience with the Khari’cerr themselves. All parties are allowed to bring witnesses to defend their points. However, they are not to speak unless spoken to first. As the Khari’cerr and the High Council sit upon their chairs, letting the facts be heard, they will then have a meeting to discuss punishments. Though not many laws are written, these are the most notable ones.

- Once a traitor, always a traitor. Anyone who renounces citizenship publicly or receives double citizenship is banished from Mitrona to never step foot in Myln Arbor again. This does not extend to their family and only the traitor. However, if the family leaves with them, they are cast out as well. There have been little to no instances where they are accepted back.

- Thieving, lying, and deceiving stand not allowed. These are considered petty crimes but are dealt with seriously. Most times they end up without a thumb, eye, or worse.

- Trespassing within the borders of any Mitrona city is forbidden. Most, if not all, outsiders require a permission slip from the Khari’cerr themselves unless they are coming to seek citizenship. Trespassers are immediately thrown into a dungeon to await punishment.

- Citizenship is not a form you fill out. One must seek out a High Council member, or the Khari’cerr themselves, to ask for citizenship. There, they will repeat a secret oath to be sworn into the nation. With this oath, they are forbidden to break it.


Mitrona around 1522.

The Beginning of Mitrona

Coming to a brand new landscape, the Azari’cerr were gifted the entirety of Myln Arbor. Their Father, Kharash, who represents everything powerful. As Kharash gave this section to the ‘Cerr, came a deal. The wood elven race must always protect the Forest and the nation they build within it. And if this were to stay true, Kharash himself would keep supporting the Azari’cerr. This is why there are many twists and turns within the Arbor. Many mystical, and dangerous, creatures are exclusive to the land to protect the Azari’cerr and lend them wisdom. As their nature is to be vicious, it is a better idea to believe every outsider is dangerous than to accept all of them. Thereafter, the ‘Cerr began building upon the land they were given. They required no other help from their fellow Azari and used the resources from the Forest as Kharash intended. Soon after building what they believed to be homes, celebrations began. The Azari’cerr focused on their protection after all was settled and swore not to get involved with foreign affairs as that is where Kharash would not protect them.

The Rotting Plague

For a few hundred years, all was peaceful within Myln Arbor. The Azari’cerr found peace within this nestled part of Eden and it seemed as though the rest of Eseron understood to not bother them. At this point, the ‘Cerr have advanced since the beginning of their time, but not past their neighbors. As a regular warrior scout was conducted, in the distance was a strange sighting. On the edges to the East of the Forest, like a ring, were thickened and compacted spots of decay. It was a strange sight. But something the Azari’cerr didn’t give another thought to. Decay could be inevitable in the natural cycle of the Forest, and it was perhaps just another test by Kharash to test the ‘Cerr’s loyalty to the Arbor. So they stayed and chose to not worry about it. This was, until, two years later. Circa the years between 1506 through 1511, The Rotting Plague, as they deemed it, spread throughout the Forest. Starting from the east, they had deeply wondered where it had come from. Though the Azari’cerr had never truly found out why, scholars theorize it had been due to The Rat being out of turn, thus a voidal realm attack. As another expedition was sent out to find out the meaning of this plague that killed the wildlife and flora, they spotted something in the distance. Short, humanoid creatures with curled horns, axes, and swords. Fear had immediately sparked in the eyes of the Azari’cerr. To them, this is exactly what Kharash had been training them for. To serve and protect their Forest. Immediately, the warriors had lunged and attacked these attackers of the Forest.

The Fall of Nous

With a closer look, it was evident. These were no elves. It was something entirely new to the wood elves. Humanoids with horns and painted skin. It was a strange sight. Though, in near cold blood, they had slaughtered these threats. Fueled by the Azari’cerr wrath, gifted by Kharash himself, they set out to follow the footprints in the depths of the night. The benefits for the ‘Cerr proved more useful than the consequences. As these tieflings had seemingly brought forth a plague to their kind, it was only fair to them to take what they wanted. When the wood elves found their home in the crevice of Eden, it was clear to see how lively they lived while the Azari’cerr had suffered through this apparent plague. Throughout the night, they had pillaged their home. They stole livestock, and plants, and killed the tieflings they found. Blood seeped into the ravine the tieflings called home. The tents they had worked hard to put up and their colorful banners were all torn. Very few survived, and the ones that did immediately fled with nothing but the clothes on their back. The Azari’cerr went back home with just enough resources to keep them alive and waited for the plague to solve itself.

Mythanthar in the water of The Kanok Branch.

Mythanthar’s Reign

Years later, the dust had settled. And the Azari’cerr felt stronger than ever. Came forth in the year 1521 to 1526, Mythanthar Vidarr had begun his reign. A young, though strong, wood-elven man who worked hard to contribute to where Mitrona is as a nation today. Throughout his time came multiple trivial tasks and hardships, though with true Azari’cerr strength, he helped the subjects of Mitrona to endure anything. During the short five years, Vidarr had built Salus Limin, the countryside of the nation. He was the first to make the circus from two tiefling performers. The Khari’cerr had conquered The Dragon Isles, which is now Luminion’s, and The Kanok Branch, now known as Sunscape. He strengthened the bond between Luminon and Mitrona singlehandedly, making them a true force to never be messed with.

The young man, after making Mitrona successful, had felt as though he never got to enjoy his youth. This is when he took a break from Khari’cerr, stepping down. Then came Solana Faesatra and Hesperas Andut to take the position together. Though, unfortunately, they had not met up to the expectations. Luminion demanded that Mythanthar be back on the throne. This is where Vidarr had come back until the year 1534. And which he enacted a succession tournament. During this tournament, a ‘Cerr named Aedan Pineblossom, who was previously Tri’cilus, took the throne. Seeing the other choices, this was indeed the best option. Aedan did not reign for long, nor was it memorable for most. In the year 1540, Aedan Pineblossom stepped down. Then came possibly the most notable era of Mitrona by far.

A portrait of Khari'cerr, Jolie Elaine Lovell. Art by ATiredGh0st

The First, and Only, Tiefling Khari’cerr

Jolie Elaine Lovell is a name many have heard throughout the east of the spine. A wild, though ferocious, tiefling who wears a deep red paint. The Khari’cerr had grown up in a deeply secluded area in the depths of Anjyarr, then moved away at fifteen from her four siblings. In the year of 1536, she had stumbled upon Mitrona. And immediately, the small woman fell in love with it. The culture of the Azari’cerr was beautiful– from what she could see. And the first day she visited, she swore under the citizen oath. Elaine had immediately gone to work within the nation. From librarian, medic, tavern keep, and eventually the first Lla’viltir of Mitrona. She had held just about every job in the book– all within the same timeframe. As the nation had lost its popularity due to an absent Khari’cerr, she had worked relentlessly on the nation. Events were held every night by her and the culture of the Azari’cerr was told, encouraging Kharash’s chosen ones to dive deeper into their roots. Elaine’s main and only mission was restoring the broken nation to its previous greatness and nothing had stopped in her way.

Directly before Elaine had taken the throne, it had become evident to her how the entire nation had been in shambles since Mythanthar passed down his title. Elaine had to be good with words and deals as a young traveler. So, thereafter, when she saw this with her own eyes, she took this as a sign. Now was her time to shine more than ever. The young tiefling at the time knew she could not take the role with just her race, because so far a “tiefling Khari’cerr” had never been heard of. The woman managed to gain an audience with the Khari'cerr and they would meet behind closed doors. When those doors opened again, the Khari'cerr endorsed her ascension and named her his successor.

Aedan Pineblossom gave the throne to Jolie Elaine Lovell in 1540. For a moment, she did rule alone. But through the help of the High Council, it was then something to be proud of. In her current reign, Elaine has made the nation more than self-sufficient. She created more jobs, encouraged the ‘Cerr, and helped rebuild the main city of Mitrona. As they took back Sunscape, Elaine had then revived the dead branch. Despite her obvious success, it is still a deeply controversial topic of her being a tiefling leader. As she cannot speak to the spirits. All within an understanding lens, Elaine then wrote out to be the first and only tiefling Khari’cerr. As it would stand unfair to the Azari’cerr to not have someone truly represent them. Though her subjects are deemed to deeply respect and fear her, she knows it is not her rightful place.

Mitrona as of 1546.

Present Day

As of the year 1547, Jolie Elaine Lovell has passed away, appointing a new Khari'cerr after her. Mitrona is a thriving nation with its self-sufficiency. They lean on no one other than themselves and trust none other than themselves. With all three of Mitrona’s properties rebuilt and loved dearly, the nation gets plenty of attention. Their Forest is mostly open to everyone with their risks in mind. Disrespectful outsiders are not tolerated. The ones who come in with an open mind and friendliness are met with skepticism, but the Azari’cerr can learn to be open with their song and dance.

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