Zadh Nadrozz

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The Faul Tide of Zadh Nadrozz
Location Inside Mount TollSoll
Races Orcs


Primary Religions Azdugian and The everlasting party
Political System Tribal Council
Current Leader Rud Rib Amadeus
preceded by Zadh The Domain of Zadh Nadrozz


From the darkest and solemn pits of Eden they came, bouldering with a barrage of shouts and an incredible array of violence. Thus all the nations of Eden shake at the shattering Green tide of a Foulskin host approaching. Orcs & Goblins , or Orkz and Gobboz as they refer to themselves are one of the oldest races that still roam Eden. Yet much of their history is unknown due to their barbarian ways. They are a very warlike and primitive race of strong bestial humanlike creatures that live scattered in tribal societies consolidating in the Derlowaki Savannah at the rite of their conquest, the mighty hold of Zadh-Nadrozz. Defining themselves as the armageddon of all civilisations to understand what is a Foulskinis to understand what is raw unlimited power. In contrast to their brute force Orcs are known to be dim witted but not less vindictive and cunning, preferring to make up their own perverse logic to cope with the difficult questions of life. Foulskins don’t know they’re right, they just think they are. The Foulskins are savage and brutish creatures that band together in warbands to spread their scourge to the lands of all races in Eden. Yet their aggressiveness towards other nations has seen their society wither down to a decentralized mess, for the nations of Eden have always sought to quickly band together at the threat of an Foulskin host. So it has only been since recent times that the Foulskins started consolidating again in their ancient hunting grounds.

Culture and society

Structure of Orc society

The Dominion of Zadh Nadrozz is home to the most warlike and brutal culture in the known world. It is home to the largest tribe in Eden, the Zaghorim,  and has a mixture of different Foulskins. The Orcs and Goblins are lead by the the strongest of Orcs; the Chieftain. He’s the commanding figure, whose got the final say in everything. However, the Chieftain is surrounded by his council of so-called Bloodbrothers; ‘wise’ Orcs and/or goblins, each one of them specialized in their own craft, who take command over the every-day tasks, such as taking care of the Farmlands, training new warriors and preaching The Green Flame.

It is possible to challenge the Chieftain and take over the power. However, whoever thinks he is more fit to become the commanding figure of Zadh Nadrozz will have to fight through all of the Chieftain’s Bloodbrothers first, before he shall be considered worthy to take on the Chieftain himself.

Besides the Chieftain and his Bloodbrothers, there is one more important figure in the Orc Society that should be noted. The so-called Arch Shaman, who has control over The Green Flame. Every Foulskin is considered to be a Lad, and thus all Foulskins are considered to be equals. The only way to climb in the hierarchical standings is by becoming part of the Bloodbrothers. However, to become a Bloodbrother, one must first become Blood Bound. To become Blood Bound is to reach Foulskin Adulthood.

Children at the age of eight are separated from their families and brought up by the Blood Masters. The Blood Masters take these children to the most southern part of the savannah, where they are mostly trained in both combat and forging armor and tools. The training process is gruesome and merciless, and due to the harsh beliefs of the Foulskins, those who cannot survive the basic training are not worthy of living on. After eight years of training, once a Foulskin has reached the age of sixteen, they will be put through a set of Trials, testing the ability of those who managed to survive the training years. These trials vary, as the

Orc Hierarchy.png
A flowchart sketch of the Foulskins structure

of hierarchical standings.

  • Boss - Chieftain
  • Big ‘Unz - Bloodbrothers
  • Gitz - Allies
  • Ladz - Inhabitants of Zadh Nadrozz
  • Filth - Slaves

Shaman is told by Zodagh and Makbul what that year's Trials will contain. After surviving and beating the Trials, one will be considered to be Blood Bound; a fully grown Foulskin warrior.

City life

Zadh Nadrozz, home of the Foulskins. Located inside the Spine of Eden, the hollow mountain has been turned into a fortress for the Foulskins to thrive in. If one dares to visit the Foulskins, one will be in for quite an imposing sight.

Before entering the mountain, one will have to pass through a wooden barricade with watchtowers on both sides, one of which has cages strung up to it, where the skeletal remains of different kinds of creatures can be found. If the visitor is not scared away by this gruesome sight, they are to pass through a gigantic gate, made out of blackstone, adorned with wooden architecture depicting humanoid-like skulls.

After passing through the gate, one will walk over a bridge, with filthy dark water underneath. The filthy water is used to power water wheels on either side of the bridge, though it is not known what the water wheels are supposed to power. Above the bridge leading up to another smaller gate, another bridge-like barricade is used to monitor who enters and leaves the mountain, by patrolling Foulskins, armed with their mighty axes.

After being allowed through the last gate, one will walk into the living area of the Foulskins; an immense hall, with a giant crater in the middle, filled with murky water, which seemingly got there through a system of pipes, leaving it to one's own imagination what kind of filth floats around at the bottom of the crater.

From the right side of the mountain, the sounds of forges being worked can be heard. This is where the Foulskins craft their weaponry, armor and tools. Though the clanking of iron is loud, it is not loud enough to drown out the occasional dragons roar, followed by the trembling and shaking of the entire mountain.

On the left side of the entrance, one can hear the chants of warriors and the noise produced by weapons clashing coming from The infamous “Fighting Pit”. This pit is where the Foulskins train their young ones in hand-to-hand combat and the usage of multiple forms of weaponry, such as swords, axes and spears. Though if one comes closer to the pit, cries for help, forgiveness and mercy can be heard, for the ruthless Foulskins keep their prisoners in a dimly-lit prison, right next to the pit, effectively making it the best guarded prison in Eden, for the prisoners will always be surrounded by some of the most skilled warriors in Eden.

While some visitors travel to Zadh Nadrozz to buy weaponry and armor from the forges and others aim to refine their skills in The Pit, most visitors have come for an activity that is in no way related to physical violence, for they have come to gamble in the grand ‘Kazino’.

The casino is located on the north side of the cavern and it is safe to say that Zadh Nadrozz is the recreational heart of Eden, for it has a wide variety of forms of entertainment. On ground level, you will find a bar and a dance floor, with a guarded counter where you can buy chips. Once you’ve bought chips, you will be shown the way to the higher floor, where you will find a wide array of gambling games, such as poker, blackjack, roulette and the more extreme version; Goblin roulette for those who are brave enough, and many more minigames. Though if one wants to relax after gambling, dancing and drinking this is most certainly possible as well. On the higher level, there is a swimming pool located on the east side. Upon entering the swimming area, you will first walk through one of two rooms that most definitely once were changing rooms, though they now resemble a place of prostitution and erotic dancing, performed by women and men that have been enslaved by the Foulskins. Though if you’re not interested in such a performance, you can pass on through and enter the swimming pool, where the water is at a surprisingly pleasant temperature, though it is unknown how the water is heated.

Orc Gate.png

Commerce and work


The workers in Zadh Nadrozz are quite skilled in their own profession. There are those who work the forges and craft weaponry, tools and armor, which can be bought by both the Foulskin inhabitants, but also any who dares enter the domain of the Foulskins, against a fair price.

Besides working the forges, there are those who work on the farmland just outside of the mountain. The vegetables that are being cultivated consist of carrots, potatoes and sweet berries. Besides vegetables the farmers of Zadh Nadrozz also cultivate wheat. Besides goods and foods it is also possible to purchase a certain service from the Foulskins. It is also possible for a nation at war to buy the help of the fearsome Foulskin warriors, which they will gladly fight in, for the Foulskins love fighting and killing. Though it is also possible to purchase the services of the Foulskins if one needs help digging a hole, building a wall, gathering information… Whatever one might need help with, the Foulskins are more than happy to help, against a fair payment.


The only thing that the Foulskins are known to import is scrap iron, for they are always producing weaponry and tools.


Orc Faith is bound to their warrior culture. Their religion is really seen as something apart, they’re Fanatics, but not zealots, they’re believers yet not pious. Orc religion exists on a very personal and individual level and does not require church meetings. Orcs religion is founded on the intrinsic connection of an Orc to their ancestors whose spirits live through in him or her.

The Spirit Realm

The Orcs believe that the world that exists around them can only exist when it is seen, for when it is not seen nor experienced then the world can not exist. For instance if there’s an empty field with an apple tree in the middle of it. How would one know that the appletree is still there if no one is there to see it. Hence the Foulskins believe that the world of Eden is bound to a spirit world, Badzohg. Where spirits, Gruumzh, of the Foulskins ancestors roam free as to always perceive the world around them.

They do not account for the spirits of other races, Graumh, as no other race can perceive Eden as Foulskins can, thus no other spirits can keep the world from existing but Foulskin spirits. However, the spirits of other folk can turn into evil spirits that seem to chip away at the Fabric of how Foulskins view the world and are thereby in a state of constant war against the Foulskin spirits in Badozgh. This bloody and warrior- like society that Foulskins incarnate is seen as the obligatory premise for the rite of passage to the Badzogh. This entry is guarded by the deities of the Foulskins, Zodagh and Makzub. These are the protectors of the Badzogh and were the first of the spirits to venture into Eden and manifest in what we know today as the first Orc and Goblin.

Orcs believe that Zodagh and Makzub were the most powerful spirits in the Badzogh, for they had conquered all of the spirit realm combining their powers. Zodagh is the epitome of what an Orc should live up to. Zodagh is deviously vicious. Makzub however, the epitome of Goblins is viciously devious. They complement each other in a brutal and cunning way. After Zodagh and Makzub conquered all the spirit realm the Graumh managed to escape to the realm now known as Eden and physically manifest in the true form of their spirits. The pathway to travel through Badzogh and Eden is believed to be fire. It was only when all the spirits had traveled to Eden that Zodagh and Makzub opened a Green Fire and created fierce and warlike creatures shaped after their own image; the first Orcs and the first Goblins to open the hunt against the escaped spirits in Eden. And this is the paradox that the Foulskins find themselves in, the more they murder in Eden, the more evil Graumh spirits return to the Badzogh to first their ancestors. But if the Foulskins don’t go about Eden murdering their way across the world then the Gruumzh will not receive any new warrior spirits to combat the challengers to the Badzogh.

At the center of the Foulskin religion is the Green Flame itself, or Urneldash in Foultongue. This ancient magic portal is seen as the only way for Foulskin spirits to travel to the Badzogh. The Green Flame is conjured by the Arch-Shaman of Zadh-Nadrozz. This is an Orc or Goblin whom at birth was assigned with the Mark of Gnalurg. This mark is gifted to the child of the most ferocious warrior during the last Foultide. The child bearing this Mark will grow up hearing both the voices of Zodagh and Makzub guiding him or her. This will slowly chip away at their minds and every Arch-Shaman balances between sanity and the endless wisdoms granted to them by the spirit realm.

Only the Arch-Shaman can conjure Green Fire and this is why the Shaman has such a pivotal place in Foulskin society.  It is also believed that one is capable of acquiring memories of their ancestors’ past lifes by inhaling the fumes of The Green Flame, albeit not without any risk.n Among the memories of the Past Ones also lies an imminent danger, in the form of traitorous spirits that’ll infiltrate the brain of a Foulskin, which will result in the Foulskin going crazy. The Shaman in turn forges in the Green fire a token. A token that belongs to the mightiest Foulskin in his time. This would be the Warlord, this token is the object that grants the Warlord neverending contact with the spirits of the ancestors to guide him to lead the Foultide.



Since Orcs are an illiterate folk, relying mostly on the passing of history through generational information some of their history is clouded in mystery whilst other parts of their history have been exaggerated to make for an epic tale. The Foulskins mark their history by several great figures, the warlords. They united the Foulskins for Foultides across Eden, and thus are marked in Orc legends. Often a Foultide was eventually grinded down and or destroyed, these intermezzo periods are not accounted for by Orc storytelling for they are seen as periods of time unworthy and without pride. The fact that the Foulskins were send to Eden through the Urneldash after the Graumh is the explanation for their barbaric society. They had no time to establish and or ‘civilize’ as they were tasked by Zodagh and Makbul hunt down and return the Graumh to the Badzogh.

Era of the Hunt

The Foulskins came into being after Zodagh and Makbul put them on Eden as representatives of the living Gruumzh. Due to the Foulskins being a generally illiterate society historians of other nations, mainly the Empire of Anjyarr have the most complete sources on Foulskin history. According to the scholar Gilad Sala warriors of the Ancient Anjyarr Empire were first set upon by a pack of Orcs and Goblins around the end of the Anjyarran Golden age (~350 B.F.S.). Sightings of disorganized packs of Foulskins running rampant across Eden became ever more frequent.

After an expedition to find the source of this new menace to the east never returned, Gilad Sala concluded that the Foulskins must have originated from the Derwalaki Savannah in the near east. His book the Chronicles of Angrbád the Slayer of tribe Ranûsh wrote of the first Orc warchief that united the tribes nomading around this Savannah in a Foultide against the Empire of Anjyarr.

The Foulskins lived a very nomadic existence during these first ages. Settling their raiding camps wherever the war brought them. To succeed in his task of bringing back the Graumh to the Badzogh Angrbád claimed as his tokens the axe of Zodagh, Krabaath and the dagger of Makbul, Lugdush. His Foultide was remembered by the sacking of several Khadan burial sites and tombs and the legendary siege of the Anjyarran capital which was repulsed and caused the Foulskins to scatter. After the first Foultide fell apart and Angrbád was slain, Krabaath and Lugdush were lost to history, their whereabouts unknown to this day. Although the Foulskins still seek to retrieve these artifacts.

Era of Despair/Recent History

The presence of the demigods Gnavleec and Grannûsk caused a major issue for the Foulskins living in the 14th and 15th centuries. For they had, in all honesty, set the bar too high. The Foulskins believe that the wisdom and power of their ancestor spirit still guides them to victory on this very day. Having all this power and knowledge stack up through the ages would make the descendants of great and powerful Foulskins invisible, they figured. And huddled in this arrogance they were mistaken.

In the ages after Grannûsk many Foultides were gathered with the goal of being more succesful than Gnavleec and Grannûsk. However time and time again these Foultides were smashed by the civilizations that surrounded them. Their success limited the Green Flame dwindled. Newer generations of Foulskins grew thinner and tired of the decades of failures; the Ogres and Trolls left the Orcs and Goblins to fend for themselves. Then came the final blow, from somewhere nobody knows came the Rotting Plague to claim more lives than any Foultide ever could. It struck hard in the densely populated halls of Zadh-Nadrozz and the Orcs were hit hard by this invisible foe. At the end of the plague in 1511 the Warboss and all his Blood Brothers had been killed by the disease. The Orcs and Goblins were in total chaos. They’re numbers were few, their forces scattered and had no one to lead them. They then turned to a leader who promised them success in the form of civilization.

This concept, foreign to Orcs & Goblins, was brought to them by the Orc Batul’arak. And so he rose to power trying to mirror the nations of Eden and surrounding himself in foreign concepts. His reign was weak however and most Foulskins wanted nothing to do with this new way of living. Batul’arak even banished those that actively seeked conflict in the honor of Zodagh and Makbul. This prompted one Gaerth da batl' 'Ardend, a cunning and strong Orc still caught up in the old ways to part from this new Orc society. Gearth sought to accomplish what Grannûsk had done so long ago by capturing Esgerath, for Gearth wanted to tame a dragon.

Batul’arak wanted to fit in so badly with the civilizations of men and elves that he had promised to hand over all the conglomerated loot of all past foultides to some wandering elf wanting to raise a city for his own. This enraged Gaerth so severely that he temporarily set aside his goal of hunting a dragon and he returned to Zadh-Nadrozz with matties. Gaerth then challenged Batul’arak for leadership and because Batul’arak abandoned the practice of Bloodbrothers he was the first in line to fight Gaerth. The battle was fierce, Gaerth was physically stronger than Batul’arak. However, Batul’arak had one advantage. The Orc did not value Foulskin honor, and would resort to tricking his opponent if the need would arise. After five minutes of fierce blows and the most disrespectful of insults being traded, it seemed like Gaerth would be taking the upper hand in the fight, as he managed to land a powerful blow on Batul’arak’s shoulder with the pommel of his sword. Batul’arak would cry out in pain, and the sound of bones shattering could be heard, as the Orc leader would clutch his injured shoulder.However, Batul’arak would quickly retaliate with a kick to the knee of his opponent, resulting in Gaerth falling into a kneeling pose. Gaerth, however, was no inexperienced warrior and knew to roll away, barely avoiding a small knife getting thrown at him that Batul’arak had hidden away in his belt.

Gaerth quickly jumped back to his feet and charged at Batul’arak, attacking the already weakened shoulder. He managed to dislocate Batul’s entire right arm, and the Orc fell down. The fight seemed to be over as Gaerth stalked his prey. However, Batul was well prepared. He had hidden away a crossbow in a dimly-lit area of the arena in which the two Orcs were brawling, and he had now gotten a hold on the weapon which he had prepared. Batul would cackle like a madman as he aimed the crossbow at Gaerth’s face, thinking that he had already won. Once Gaerth realized that his opponent managed to grab a loaded crossbow, he dropped to the ground. The battle-hardened Gaerth had barely managed to avoid the projectile that zoomed towards his face, and as he let out a load roar filled with hatred, he charged at the wounded Warchief, who had frozen in place with a look of disbelief on his face. The charging Orc would repeatedly kick the Warchief in his face for over a minute. Once he stepped back, panting heavily, little was left of Batul’arak’s face. A headless body would be propped up against the wall, with a puddle of blood, skin, brains and god knows what else could be seen by the spectacting Orcs and Goblins. After beating Batul’arak, Gaerth was granted the title of Warboss of Zadh-Nadrozz. He quickly resettled the mountain.

After coming to power, Gaerth would focus on restoring Zadhh Nadrozz and the Foulskins to their proper ways. He would reinstate the practice of having multipe Bloodbrothers, and he would als reinstate the practise of Blood Trials. Upon restoring much of what his predecessor had neglected and started by reestablishing the Dowagh. During the travels made by the mercenaries, they noticed that the races of Eden were keen on spending a little dime in a gambling match. So as to reaffirm their place in Eden Gaerth set up a giant gambling emporium within the halls of Zadh-Nadrozz to create funds and draw attention away from the Foulskins regrouping in numbers capable of a future Foultide. In the meantime however Gaerth is set upon filling Badzogh with spirits through mercenary contracts. The goals of  the Foulskins are clear. They seek to create the biggest Foultide since Grannûsk. They seek to reclaim the lost weapons and tokens of past warbosses scattered in Eden. They want to reunite the Ogres and Trolls into the gold. They want to hunt the mightiest beasts in Eden. And finally they are keen to become the strongest warriors in all of Eden and to live up to their ancestors' creed.

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