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Pronunciation Goblin
Classification Faulskin
Nicknames Runts, Orukk, Faulskin
Languages Common, Orkish.
Average Height 1.06m - 1.24m (3'6" - 4'1")
Average Weight 21kg - 25kg (46lbs - 55lbs)
Maximum Age ~130 Years Old
Stat Bonuses

+0 Strength

+1 Defense

+2 Agility

+1 Intelligence


The tiny Goblins of Eden are known to be meddled with; their size may be small but do not underestimate them. They are swift with their short daggers. They could slice you up before you even realize they are there. Nothing matters more to a Goblin than the shininess of gold or the weight of a coin purse. They are crafty little runts able to trick you for all your possessions. They were always seen around Eden in a tavern or street with some game to leave them going home with a hefty-sized coin purse. They are also a smart race, though they use their brains in other ways of life, business, and making coins compared to changing for the future. This is the way the goblins want to be. They focus on themselves more than others, and at the end of their life, they want to take all to the afterlife. Why worry about the future generation when they could have a nice afterlife?


The Goblins of Eden are a fascinating race whose looks are similar to that of the orcs but have a dramatic difference in size. This small green folk stand at an average of around 4'1" or 124cm. One thing that would stand out about the goblins was their heads, which were quite large for the size of their bodies. They had tiny tusks that grew from their bottom gums. A distinct feature the Goblins had was their massive pointed ears; these ears pointed sideways along their heads and were much larger than any others. They have sharp teeth and small, pointed nails. Although small, they are extremely swift for their size.

Unlike the orcs, their skin color was only green, some having different shades, but none has been seen with any other color than green. But their time inside the halls under the mountain has brought them never looking green due to the dirt and the smoke inside. They are usually seen as black with spots of green.

The goblins' clothing is quite shabby light clothing due to the warmth inside their capital nation of Zadh Nadrozz. The Goblins have a lust for shiny objects, like jewels and gold. So they would often be seen with jewelry, most commonly piercing and rings.


Since they have not done much exploring and meeting other races except for orcs, the goblins of Eden only speak in common with some, even knowing orcish.

Culture and Society

Structure of Goblin society

With the goblins, the culture and society are built on the greed of their race; their love for one's great desires fills their day-to-day lives. Once they learned about the race's love for money, the Goblins saw this as a great opportunity and took it as their new goal. To gain as much money as they can. In the main nation of Zadh Nadrozz, the Goblins are usually shopkeepers because of their love for money, shiny trinkets, and jewels. Goblins are most famous for their love for gambling, the thought of making endless coins, or gaining something they want with nearly no work being done. If there is a side hustle, you can be sure that a Goblin is present with his hands in his coin purse and a massive grin on his face.

Their part in society usually brings in wealth, and the travelers to their nation empty their coin purses. They are quite clever, so they can use trickery to gain the coins they have learned. Because of their small size, they have found other ways to outsmart and gain an advantage over their opponent. They are usually seen with the orcs, so they have adapted to the new ways of using their knowledge to do the tasks and take positions in places that need more knowledge because the orcs aren't as smart as they are—usually seen running the shops and other businesses.

The Goblins were very quiet people because, in their past, not much even knew they existed out of the myths and stories. With the protection of the Orcs, they can feel safe enough to venture out of the caves and mountains to meet people. They know more of the common tongue, so they did most of the talking among the foul skins, and it has made them now very friendly people in most cases. The goblins are usually upfront with people, telling them how it is, making them better at bartering and making coins with their upfront personality. Also, what makes them do good in their businesses is not letting people walk all over them and get straight to the point with what they want and are willing to give.


Goblins love a good party and would use any excuse to do so. Their celebrations usually involve a lot of alcohol and gambling. Some of the Celebrations are as follows:

Day of Freedom:

This is the day when the goblins left the nation of the orcs and began their new era. This is usually a massive gathering between all the goblins, so they can rejoice at how far they have come.


This is a day to remember all who died in Urgith (the old goblin city). This is when all goblins raise their glass and remember all who died that day.

The great alliance:

This is a day when the Goblins celebrate their alliance with the orcs. Even with their past, they are now brought together to make the greatest nation in all of Eden. This is held inside Zadh Nadrozz because this is where they met and where they both live now.

Romance and marriage

The Goblins are completely different from their predecessors, where they view romance as just another way to get what they want. In most cases, their greed makes them care for their own needs, and getting into a relationship with someone isn't a special bond because of affairs and dishonesty between both in the relationship. Marriage is rarely seen because, as said, it is rare for some goblins to be in a long serious relationship. Another reason is that they do not want to spend many coins on something they might not see the great importance of. This said, not all goblins are like this. On rare times a wedding is held, and it is a celebration for all. A lot comes because it is an excuse for alcohol and a good party.

Life & Reproduction

The Goblins' reproduction is different from all others. The female goblins are fertile every 15 days, so they usually have a lot of children and grow fast in numbers. This goes well because goblins Usually live up to around 50 years old before they pass of old age. Since they usually give birth a lot, the goblins don't think much of it, and it is just a small thing within the families of the newborn.


The Goblins do not have a set religion; their faith is for themselves and their own goals in life. They do not worship any greater power; they want to live their lives in the best way possible. This is different for each Goblin, but most have their eyes set on wealth and trinkets because they only believe that when they die, they will be brought to Nionmer, a place for goblins only and a place of joy and the everlasting party. Gold, as far as the eye can see, women, and lots of alcohol. This is what the Goblins want after their life in Eden. In this place, they can bring all their possessions with them. They seek as much and as good as possible to bring it into the next life. All things that represent wealth are a reflection of their social standing.

Death and Funerals

A Funeral for the Goblins is seen as less of a sorrowful day as it is seen as a celebration in most cases. It led up to the wealth of the Goblin; if they were rich, it was good because they would be sent to the great Nionmer and live to the end of time with all their wealth. But, the less fortunate, who do not have much wealth, believe they will die and go nowhere at the end of time. This is terrible for the Goblins because their life was for nothing. Funerals in Goblin society are when the deceased's body is buried in the ground, with all their wealth being trinkets, gold, or other rich items. They would also be buried with something that reminds them of family and friends to ensure in the next life, they would remember them, for when they reach the everlasting party, they would be able to meet each other again.


The Goblins are one of the biggest mysteries in Eden. Their creation is unknown, and where they came from, rumors are passed about this, but it is the only word of mouth; not one person knows where this tiny orc-like creature originated. The biggest rumor is that they are descendants of orcs due to their similar skin and tusks.

The records of the Goblins' past are scattered around Eden, but with the foundation knowledge, we know their past 200 years before the Plague. In these records, the goblins lived in the Orc's capital, Udgurd, which was under the control of Mugdul's father, Urruk. Urruk was a cruel orc which was the reason for Mugdul's terrible rule of the nation. The life of a Goblin in those days was close to how the runt of the litter is treated. Getting the scraps of food and always looked down on. Many Goblins had to live here because they were not accepted elsewhere, and to get to any other place would have been a long journey, and the harsh lands and the evil stories Mugdul the Orc told them. This made them think that moving was impossible.

Going around the city, you would see many goblins living on the streets, being kicked around and harassed by the orcs. This is what made the goblins realize that things need to change; they need to do something to either get out of the land of Urruk's rule or stand up for themselves. Some of the more vengeful goblins then took it to themselves to gather the goblins who were willing to see change—gathering great numbers where they would meet in the sewers underneath the city so they were out of sight and no orc was small enough to go down to them. A great meeting was held to discuss the next action the goblins should take. Two main goblins took charge of the meeting; one, known to all as Skidrat, was the more vengeful of the two. His eyes were set on the assignation of Urruk, the slayer. The other was Kryll, he was saner than Skidrat, and his main goal was the survival of the Goblins. The meeting took place, and this was no short meeting. All goblins had words, and arguments and fights took place, for this was no easy decision. But in the aftermath, a conclusion was made. Skidrat would take all who were willing and take up arms to the orcs in an attempt to overrule the lands. At the same time, Kryll took the small number of goblins and wanted to escape the lands and live for themselves. Kyril and his followers got a bad name for this decision, known as cowards with no honor.

The two events

Straight after the meeting, Kryll started preparing and gathering food and resources to trek the lands in search of a new home. They headed out in the darkness of the night so they were not spotted, using as much of the sewers as they could. Then leaving the city, they went west, coming up to a large mountain similar to the spine of Eden. This was a hard journey due to the Goblins being so small and even in numbers, carrying heavy loads up this large mountain. They were met with red sand and large reddish canyons. The goblins would rest their legs for a few nights; they saw the beauty of these lands and saw this place was barren with no other life. Their greed got the better of them, for they realized that no man had delved into the rock and the land. So they thought about the forgotten gold and gems within the land. Their short rest had turned into the new home for the Goblins; setting up camp on top of one of the canyons, they made little tents and tiny wooden structures, the best the goblins could do.

Two years after the meeting, the Skidrats rebellion had done all preparations for the day of justice. Early morning on Fireday, the Goblins made their first move, going through the sewers and the tunnels they had dug. They were under the ruler's hold. They were overtaking each Orc out of the number of goblins. The spread through the hold is like a disease in a dying body. In attempts to reach Urruk to end his terrible reign. But he was nowhere to be found; acting on impulse, the goblins charged through the hold's gate into the city, rushing down every lane and alley to slaughter each Orc in their path. This started well, but they did not get far before the orc numbers were large and were prepared to fight. Every Goblin was hunted and slain. The capturing of Skidrat then led to mad torture. Through the torture, he was promised that he would be set free if he gave any information of any value. So Skidrat, the greedy Goblin, told Urruk about Kryll's group and where they were headed. Urruk then took the head of Skidrat's body and called one of the chieftains to hunt them down.

The Attack

Krylls's group then called themselves the dread tongues. They made a settlement, and they called it Urgith. They were finally happy and felt safe here, being able to be their people and not have any other treat them like dirt. But this happiness and safety would not last long; the settlement only had a few tents and wooden huts, and then it would turn for the worst. The orc pack set out to hunt the goblins close on their tail. Following the tracks the goblins had made, they came for blood. Seeing smoke arise over a mountain, the Orcs had found them, leading their attack at night. This was a sorrowful day for the Goblins; many were slain, the sand was colored red from the blood of the Goblins, and screams were heard throughout the land of each Goblin being captured and killed. On the attack, the Goblins all scattered in every direction. A small group headed north back over the mountain, thinking it would be the safest option. The closer you are to danger, the further you are from harm. This was a common saying among the Goblins since this event. This is because this worked for the small group; they then headed north, found this old dwarven ruin that was abandoned, and decided to stay there.

Meeting the Orcs

Two hundred years after these events, the Goblins had been living well and started to grow in numbers because they never left their mountain to find trouble, but trouble found them. One day, unlike any other, they heard voices outside their home, wishing these voices would disappear into the land so they would not meet the Goblins. But sadly, this was not the case. The voices grew louder, and then they saw the main gate opening wider, and big green folk was seen, the last people the Goblins wanted to see. Gathering anything they could find to use as weapons, they stood ready to fight. But they were shocked when the Orcs lowered their weapons and asked for aid. A short discussion was then held with both sides giving their sides of what had happened. Both sides were skeptical of each other but needed help, with them being common on low numbers and resources. An alliance was made because the goblins understood why the orcs did what they did because of the bad Orc rulers. These orcs were not in the same generation as the ones they were at war with; they had no idea about the events of the goblins or even that they existed. Urruk and his son Mugdul seemed to have wiped these memories from the orcs.

The effects of the Plague:

They were now to live with each other residing in this mountain. But the orcs had brought something that they didn't mean to. The deathly Plague was caught between the orcs and the goblins and would leave both with similar symptoms. Goblins' muscles would turn to bone, leaving them extremely immobile; even skin would decay, rotting from their bodies. This was a terrible event for both sides, but they would help each other through these times, doing what they could to aid each other, like making medicines from the herbs around the land to help with the pain. This brought both Goblins and orcs closer together as two races became one; they would have loyalty and honor with each other.

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