Attian Humans

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Attian Humans
Pronunciation Ett-ian
Classification Human
Nicknames Westermen, Imperials, Attians
Languages Common, Low-Attian
Average Height 1.72m - 1.83m (5'8" - 6'0")
Average Weight 75kg - 90kg (165lbs - 198lbs)
Maximum Age ~80 Years Old
Stat Bonuses

+1 Strength

+1 Defense

+1 Agility

+1 Intelligence


Humans are by far the most numerous race on Eseron and within that wide spectrum of subraces, the Attian Humans are by far the smallest group. The Attians are a displaced people who have fallen from glory after the fall of their now long-forgotten empire of Attia in the now-cursed swamps of Magna Attia, a vast northern vale to the west of the continent of Eden. The Attians have fallen far but being an ambitious and crafty people, they quickly rebuilt their society as strong as the days of legend. Or so the Imperial scholars claim. The greatest share of the Attian people reside in the Hadrian Empire, a patchwork of states and regions they share with a subjugated class of Southern Hinterlanders who they now rule over as its many Lords, Dukes, Emperors and Ladies.

Attians, as being an ambitious people with a history of glory and empire building, have the belief that they are destined to rule and govern through their faith in their prophet god, Alder, and his connection to the “Great Pre-Determination” who is said to have proclaimed the Attian people as the divine shield of Order against the Ruling of Chaos and its many incomprehensible horrors that it wishes to unleash on the mortal world. As a result, many Attian humans are devout believers in the teachings of Alder and the temple that it brought forth.

To many outsiders, the average Attian human comes off as elitist and overbearing more than anything. They tend to meddle in other people’s affairs and are incredibly arrogant in their doing, for how could a people chosen by God as their divine sentinels ever make any grave earth-shattering mistakes? Many modern Attians seemingly have forgotten their troubled origins of bringing forth eldritch horrors even the Gods have trouble comprehending. This somewhat naive approach towards the world is the primary reason many Attians tend to fall for the ruling of Chaos. As for all the warning signs, they more often than not are led by arrogance and their divine beliefs rather than common sense.

Yet where the Attians do unquestionably excel is in the art of statecraft and governance, being a people who had to rebuild from scratch they have shown their excellent efficiency when it comes to building large urban centers and terraforming a vast wilderness into a tamed calm landscape ripe for exploitation, often making Attian-majority population regions extraordinary wealthy and cosmopolitan as many fortune seekers flock to Attian regions in the hopes of sharing in their wealth. They are a people who move quickly and do not shy away from a challenge. Their attitude, though often problematic, is also a blessing in disguise for they are excellent diplomats and statesmen who generally speaking are considered fine rulers who keep the population happy enough to keep them from revolting and united under whatever Imperial Banner the Attians follow at the time.

“Ah, the Attians aye? I suppose they are decent people, But they are always sticking their noses into business where it does not belong! They make my blood boil at times, but I must admit their deep pockets are good for business… They have more riches than they know what to do with more often than not.”

- A Denur Merchant headed home after visiting Adelsburg

Character Creation


Physical Traits

An example of an Attian Woman.

The average Attian human has evolved a lot from its heritage from the days of the Attian Empire of old. Numerous years of mingling with bordering human races have changed the Attian into a more visually diverse people. They stand relatively tall in comparison to other races except a few, with males ranging from about 172 (5’8) centimeters to 183 (6’0) centimeters and females, being usually a little shorter on average ranging from 159 (5’2) centimeters to 174 (5’8) centimeters.

Though more diverse than before, Attians still range mostly on the pale side of the skin color spectrum with the occasional offshoot in one direction, mostly as a result of a family having a history of mingling with Khadan Humans ever since the Attian race as a whole moved further south after the fall of ancient Attia. Their eye colors have a wide range, though the overwhelming majority have the common palette of blue, green, or brown eyes. Exceptions are exceptionally rare and are usually the result of magical interference. Attian men have exceptional hair growth on both their faces and heads which is commonly believed to be a remnant of a history north in the cold. Men more often than not keep their hair and barely go bald when they age and grow large majestic beards and mustaches while the women are said to have hair like silk, growing long and flowing in such a way that makes Elves blush at the sight.


Attians as a race hold no definitive style in the choice of apparel, usually simply adapting to the regional culture.

A guide to typical Attian Skin Colors.


Among the Attians, the common tongue is the driving language but throughout the years they have developed some dialects based on the ancient Attian tongue that never truly left common speech. The dialects are usually not thick enough to be incomprehensible in comparison to the general common tongue, though they would take some time to get used to. For instance, Attians usually say words differently by making a ‘z’-sound instead of a ‘th’-sound. Along with throwing in some lower Attian words here and there by saying ‘Ich’ instead of ‘I’ or ‘Du’ for ‘You’. Not all Attians speak in this dialect yet the overwhelming majority still does.

High-Attian also exists within the Empire, yet is truly only spoken and read by those of the clergy. It serves as the driving language of the Alderist temple and has more of a ceremonial role in Attian everyday life.

The Attian Language: Quick Guide
Greetings Races Titles
Low-Attian Dialect Common Low-Attian Dialect Common Low-Attian Dialect Common
Grütte Greetings Elfe Elf Kaiser Emperor
Föhrwell Farewell Hoch Elfe High Elf Kaiserin Empress
Freund Friend(s) Wald Elfe Wood Elf Prinz(ess) Prince(ss)
Dunkel Elfe Dark Elf Herzog(in) Duke/Duchess
Deinur Denur Krönfürst Crown Prince
Mensch(en) Human(s) Graf(in) Count(ess)
Faulhaut Faulskins(s) Herr Lord
Teiflinge Tiefling Dame Lady
Adelige Noble
Edelherr Nobleman
Edelfrau Noblewoman
Hochmeister Grand Master
Ritter Knight
Hexenmeister Mage/Spellcaster
Geistliche Clergyman
Vater Father / Pope
Süster Sister/Nun
Brüder Brother/Monk
Medizinmann Doctor

Naming Schemes

Attian families put great importance on preserving the family name, and thus pass it down from generation to generation as time passes. The names are usually chosen by a head of the family upon first taking on a surname as a family. The most common surnames are derived from the occupation of the family. Examples of these are Fischer (fisher), Bauer, (Farmer), Fleischer (Butcher), Schmidt (Smith), or Gerber (Leatherworker). Another example of a common Attian surname trait is taking on the name of the town, city, village, or region the person is from. Examples of such are Von Adelsburg (Of Adelsburg) Von Hertzland (Of Hertzland), Von Bergwald (Of Bergwald), and so forth.

People hailing from smaller communities such as villages or out-of-the-way hamlets usually don’t take a family name unless absolutely necessary. When they do choose a name they usually don’t fall inside the common naming schemes and thus stand out enormously among the Attian common folk. In some cases do families hailing from small communities take on names that are nothing more than their favorite animals. Examples are Pferd (Horse), Schwein (Pig), or Schmetterling (Butterfly).


Nations and cultures in which the Attian Human race is present.

HadrianCulture.jpg The Hadrian Empire The Hadrian Empire, often referred to as simply ‘the Empire’, is the far-stretching country west of Eden’s Spine. A land inhabited mainly by the dutiful folk that are the Attian humans, one can see the many fields that cover the landscape being toiled by its hard-working citizens. Its cities are often bustling with life, places where trade, commerce, and politics take the main stage. The Hadrian way of life is deeply rooted in tradition and is often relatively simple, mainly because of this the Hadrians are known for their versatility and perseverance through hardship. The civil wars that have plagued the country in the past have left their scars, yet it seems Hadrians always find their way back, dedicating such feats to their deity; Alder. Within the Empire, the political and the martial often go hand in hand, with a large focus on retaining order and stability through military force. Within the Empire, it is not uncommon to see commoners rise through the ranks, oftentimes talented men and women are recognised and get the chance to prove themselves useful to their nation in places such as the army or civil offices. A land full of chance, and one of recognition, with its Kaiser at the helm.

World View

General Attian Human opinions on the other races of Eden.
HinterlandersAI.jpg On Hinterlanders… Slightly Negative

“These treacherous bastards have done nothing to our people but reward our hospitality with daggers in our back every chance they get. Aye, sure they make fine warriors and allies if there is something in it for them, but I trust them as far as I can throw them otherwise!”

  • Klaudius Jungling, Merchant from Adelsburg.
KhadanAI.jpg On the Khadan… Neutral

“They have been our southern neighbors for as long as I can remember. They are weird folk, playing God too much with their magic tricks and limb carving for my liking. But besides their quirks, they seem mostly harmless if not provoked.”

  • Herman Voss, Imperial Innkeeper in Brandenhafen.
HelfAI.jpg On High Elves… Slightly Negative

“Yes we deal with them in times of need, and no they don’t change you into a statue if you look them in the eyes. They are a civilized people for certain, respectable folks. But I cannot help but grit my teeth if they go on an hour-long monologue about their grand destiny or something like that when I ask them what brings them here in the Reich. They are just… odd.”

  • Helena Bahl, Imperial border guard.
WelfAI.jpg On Wood Elves… Negative

“I don’t like these pompous forest sprites. Good thing we don’t have Elves in our forests. I heard the East is crawling with them. For all I care they stay far away in their own place and not put a step closer west if they don’t want a repeat of Avalheim.”

  • Friederich von Löwenmark, Imperial diplomat.
DelfAI.jpg On Dark Elves… Negative

“I must admit that they are scary folk, enslaving an entire civilization like that. I have heard they use mind control or something like that to keep their subjects in line… I try to avoid them at all costs unless I really have to.”

  • Karl Ochsenbauer, Veronian Fisherman.
DenurAI.jpg On Denur… Neutral

“Oh yes I have seen them… Or well, I have seen their homes from afar. Sometimes I wonder if there is someone still living in those holds. We think it is Denur… but more often than not it turns out the thing is filled to the brim with Demons or Faulskins! But when I do encounter one they are respectable enough. Stubborn as Dolus’ hells of course but it is to be expected by now.”

  • Sylvia König, Imperial Huntress.
HalflingAI.jpg On Halflings… Positive

“I don’t see them around as much. Most of them live in the east of the Hinterlands I’ve heard… Usually, they are fine but my wife insists things go missing every time they come by to trade. I cannot imagine such small kind-hearted creatures actually doing such.”

  • Helmut Ganz, Farmer from Brandenhafen.
OrcAI.jpg On Orcs… Very Negative

“Orcs?! Don’t even mention those beasts anywhere near this household young man. Haven’t you heard that calling them out attracts them? They will burn down my village again if you keep going like this. These bastards already cost me two sons…”

  • Holga Schwertz, Hintisch Cheese maker.
GoblinAI.jpg On Goblins… Very Negative

“They are a lot easier to kill I will give them that. Pure vermin these spiteful mean bastards are. Not as dangerous as their hulking kin, but most certainly far more cunning. They will stab you in the back without thinking twice if they get the chance…”

  • Ingelbert Mehr, Imperial Soldier from Holstein.
TieflingAI.jpg On Tieflings… Neutral

“Usually not harmful, but most certainly a product of the purest of heresies. They bring nothing but magical arts into the Empire and I want nothing of it. I heard they can read your mind if they look you in the eyes. Mysterious folk, worthy of keeping my distance but not too dangerous from what I’ve seen.”

  • Gottfried Schwartzenkraus, Imperial Witch Hunter.

Character Traits

Upon creation of an Attian Human character, you can pick two of the following traits for your character to reflect their background.

Racial Traits - Attian Humans
Strong Players with this trait get two extra points in the strength stat.
Painfully average Players with this trait get two extra skill points which they can freely distribute.
Attian herritage Players with this trait get an additional 2 HP.
Witch hunter Players with this trait do 2 additional damage with melee attacks against spellcasters with any weapon.
Voidal Resillience Players with this trait can only take a maximum of 4 damage per attack from voidal mages and creatures.
Horsemaster Players with this trait deal 1D2 additional damage when mounted on a horse. Additionally, the horse has 3 additional movement range.
Adaptive Thrice per battle, players with this trait may choose a stat modifier of their choice when rolling for any action, reaction, movement roll, or block.
Warden Players with this trait may choose to attempt to take damage aimed at their allies within 3 meters of them during CRP.

When doing so, roll a D20. On an 8+, the player with the warden trait takes the damage instead of the target player.

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