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Pronunciation Sil-va-nie
Classification Spirit
Nicknames Therri'cerr, Forest Guardians,

Predecessors, Spiritwalkers

Languages Common, Azari Linguae
Average Height 1.70m - 1.93m (5’7" - 6’3")
Average Weight 52kg to 88kg (115lbs - 194lbs)
Maximum Age Immortal
Stat Bonuses

+0 Strength

+0 Defense

+2 Agility

+4 Intelligence

Born from the Soul seeds of the Amber tree and the manifestation of Kharash, the Sylvani are the overseers of the Azari’cerr. They are the emissaries of Kharash and the guardian spirits of Myln Arbor. The Sylvani, or “guardians” transcend the common definition of mortal being. They’ve died once already but their spirit didn’t leave the woodlands of the eastern glade which they are so determined to defend.

How to Play

In order to become a Sylvani, an Azari’cerr goes through a spiritual journey when it passes away. An extremely magical and mysterious entity gives them the choice to pass on normally or attempt to become a Sylvani.

Any eligible Azari’cerr who devotes themself to the forest can be contacted by the so-called Sapherum Lady once he dies, to be considered worthy of the blessing to become a “guardian”. Those who were once a Khari’cerr/Therri’cerr for 48 OOC days or more in the past are able to subside all requirements and go straight to the Trial to become a Sylvani. Upon their succeeding Sylvani Trial, their passed away spirit would be gifted their soul seed and decide the place where the Ents will plant it. The Azari’cerr will then reincarnate as a young tree, growing for a year before being reborn again as a Sylvani.

The Requirements

  • Instances proven to have protected the forest
  • Must be a Wood Elf in Myln Arbor
  • Must have lived to see 100
  • Must have died in the forest naturally or a deceased body is brought back to the forest. (The Sapherum Lady will certify the circumstances of the death that will influence the Sylvani Trial result)

The Sylvani are at their strongest when they reside within barriers of the forest. If a Sylvan leaves Myln Arbor they are much weaker, losing all their magical abilities while outside the forest. Each Sylvani is granted with their own little Ent guardians from the forest to help guide them. These small treemen are called Koi and they are not very helpful or strong, nor do they speak but they provide great company and guidance.


After the rebirth of themselves from their Amber tree, a Sylvani will have the wisdom and memories of their past life, but the appearance of a child/small stature. The progression of a Sylvani is similar to that of a plant. They start small and grow quickly into their juvenile form: over the course of one IC year, the Sylvani will grow into a fully grown adult. All lost limbs in their previous life will be replaced with a tree-like cover of bark in their Sylvani form.

The Sylvani have a humanoid form of any size, usually from 1.7 to 2m, but they never stop to grow such that centenarian Sylvani can grow up to 2.2m. They have an aquamarine-green skin with flaming green eyes with no pupils. Their face usually resembles the ones they had in their earlier life with the addition of special new features that are due to the influence of Myln Arbor. Features include but are not limited to: Deer horns, bark/wood skin, fur, broad noses, deer/elk ears, mossy hair, ingrown shrubbery flowers, and mushrooms. What once was their Soul seed it’s now their heart and brain, protected by thick layers of amber at the core of their chest. This is their lifeline and source of magical power.


Alongside common and the Azari linguae, Sylvani are able to better perceive the spirits and magical places. They are aware when a spirit or an Ent gets in the range of 18m, they can easily locate them in Myln Arbor and they can recognize a necromancy spell or an undead creature when they see one.

When Slyvanis interact they may occasionally refer to themselves as Therris or Ar’baor Therris, Forest Guardians in Elven. Their common and elven dialect is the same as the Azari’cerr’s.

Culture and Society

The Sylvani do not differ from their original personalities. Only their outlook and mayhaps behavior would be changed now that they are guardians. Reborn again with an unrecognizable appearance, Sylvani are also granted new spiritual names to be called by. The spiritual journey they’ve experienced has radically changed them to such a degree that they are no longer the person who they once were, although they can partially resemble them in their personality, since they share the same memories.

The Sylvani do not normally like urban life too much and prefer wildlife and direct contact with nature. Their point of view is generally barely understandable for an Azari’Cerr and absolutely insane for anyone who comes from abroad. They value any natural life, from a small country rat to a large birch tree, as a valuable individual to be defended and will even consider them more important than humanoid races if it’s a part of Myln Arbor.

Although they are usually friends with the Azari’Cerr and they speak the Elvish language, Sylvani reincarnation’s spiritual journey has completely changed their minds. Since they now see with the eyes of the forest, even the Wood Elves are just allowed citizens inside Myln Arbor, and not the rightful owners of the life inside it, because the forest has no such thing as an owner.

For this reason the relationship between Mitrona and the Sylvani has sometimes been controversial since the Sylvani are the best representative of the will of the forest, yet their radical perspective and opinion have seldom been a problem for the Azari’Cerr that try to open their culture to their neighbors, or make alliances. Therefore, it’s happened in the past that two reincarnated Kharri’Cerrs have been banished from Mitrona throughout its history and sent to the wild, for killing them would have angered the Ents greatly…


The Sylvani usually choose a new name, which often is a modification of their earlier one. Similar to an old Azari’cerr custom, they like the naming based on the time of the year they were born in; A common Sylvani naming example is using the name of the months: a newborn whose soul seed was planted in Newdawn could be named Dawn or Newthir.

Romance & Marriage

Sylvani can either continue their former relationships they had in life or form new romantic bonds, although usually they want to cut all the familiar bonds of their previous life and dedicate their new course to Myln Arbor growth and protection.

Sylvani are strictly unable to reproduce and they have no records of happened weddings since forming families is not part of their culture. Their lives are much longer than other races’ including the Azari’cerr, and cannot die of old age.

Sometimes it happens that if the Azari’cerr was married before they became a Sylvani they will continue with that partner for as long as they live even if their partner passes away. This is because in Azari’cerr’s culture divorce is seen as an absolute vice for insulting their promise under the Amber Tree. Since marriage is taken this seriously, these relationships will usually go on but in a less romantic and far more platonic way.

Life & Reproduction

No longer in a purely mortal state, the Sylvani are unable to reproduce or produce life in any shape or form. They’re completely infertile nor do they have genitalia parts. On the other hand, the Sylvani are able to produce berries! Once every hour. Sylvani do grow hungry but their bodies provide food for them similar to plants. These berries are bitter and not the best food but they’re nutritious.

Death & Funerals

Sylvani can potentially be reborn every time they are killed. The forest will keep check of their deeds and will not be allowed to reincarnate anymore, if ever their conduct has been detrimental to Myln Arbor.

A Sylvani also has to wait one more full year for their soul to be ready to reincarnate. Their soul is also vulnerable to necromancy like any other. If their soul gets used or captured by necromancy, their reincarnation will not be possible and their death will be permanent.

Sylvani can age through millennia, although usually they leave the civil life and join the wild, the Ents or the caves below Myln Arbor, when they’ve spent enough years among the living, experienced too many losses, or their will is finally one with the forest.


A Sylvani can ask the spirits for a major blessing by praying once a year at the Great Amber Tree. The Sapherum Lady will appear to grant them a blessing in exchange of a favor to the forest. The Sylvani can ask any of the following favors:

  • Regrowing a Limb
  • Curing Blindness or Petrification
  • Interceding in finding a rare creature
  • Asking the Ents to attack intruders
  • Asking to cleanse Voidal Energy

Or anything less can be granted by the Sapherum Lady and the spirits serving Myln Arbor.

Sylvani also possess the following magical abilities:

A Sylvani becomes truly one with the forest, allowing them to regrow broken pieces of themselves over and over again. The natural regeneration extends far beyond regular wounds.
Range 25 Meters
Effect The Sylvani can heal D3 + Int for anyone in range, including the Sylvani.
Red Lines This can only heal one target at a time.

This ability has a cooldown of 3 rounds.

Burning Cleanse
Being a creature at Kor's service, the Sylvan becomes naturally prone to fighting voidal creatures.
Range Self
Effect The Sylvani is resistant against voidal entities. Whenever hit with a voidal attack, a strong aura retaliates dealing 50% of the damage (Rounded down) to the attacker.

A Sylvani can also cleanse small amounts of corruption through touch.

Red Lines The Sylvani cannot sense voidal entities through this ability.

This ability remains active for 3 rounds after being cast. Using any ability will refresh the duration. The retaliation can never be stronger than 3 HP.

Amber Shield
The Sylvan can cast a powerful shield of amber to protect the ones they love.
Range 15 Meters
Effect The Sylvani creates an Amber Shield around an ally or themselves.

If cast on themselves, the shield has 3 HP. If cast on an ally, the shield has 6 HP.

Red Lines This ability goes on cooldown for 3 rounds if used on allies, and for 1 round if used on self.

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