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Pronunciation Ork
Classification Faulskin
Nicknames Foulskins, Orukk
Languages Common, Orkish.
Average Height 1.72m - 2.18m (5'8" - 7'2")
Average Weight 89kg - 104kg (196lbs - 230lbs)
Maximum Age ~150 Years Old
Stat Bonuses

+3 Strength

+1 Defense

+0 Agility

+0 Intelligence


Emerging from the shadowy depths of Eden's most foreboding landscapes, the Orcs burst forth, their presence heralded by thunderous roars and a display of raw, unbridled aggression. The very ground trembles at the advance of the Green Tide, a formidable force of Foulskins that sends ripples of fear across all nations of Eden. Known amongst themselves as Orkz, these ancient beings are shrouded in mystery, their barbaric customs obscuring much of their history. Possessing a fierce and primitive nature, these muscular, beast-like humanoids from tribal communities, uniting under the banner of conquest at Zadh-Nadrozz, their stronghold in the Derlowaki Savannah. They rally together in warbands, intent on unleashing their wrath upon Eden. However, their relentless aggression has fragmented their society, as the combined forces of Eden's nations have historically repelled their invasions. Only recently have the Foulskins begun to regroup in their ancestral lands, signaling a new era for their kind.

The mighty green folk of Eden, known as the Orcs, stand as the pinnacle of strength and ferocity in a land where appearances can be deceiving. This formidable race, often underestimated for their intellect, leaves devastation in their wake, overpowering any foe before a sword can even be drawn. Despite the civilized races' efforts to eradicate this scourge, the Orcs' savage nature, combined with their loyalty to tribe and kin, renders them as persistent as the most tenacious of pests. United in their ferocity, the Orcs are recognized across Eden for their unparalleled prowess in battle, a testament to their barbaric zeal and lethal efficiency.

Yet, a shift has occurred within their ranks; no longer content to be seen as mere monsters, the Orcs strive to showcase their multifaceted capabilities. From construction to blacksmithing and hunting, they aim to demonstrate their worth beyond the battlefield, seeking respect and understanding from the other races of Eden. However, this quest for recognition does not dull their edge; honor and loyalty remain paramount, for nothing stands higher in an Orc's values than the bonds that tie their society together.

“The orcs, you say? Impossible to get a hang of I’ll say. They’re rude brutes who care little for any existing norm. But the bonds they have for each other is admirable at least.”

- A Khadan caravan man on the road back from Zadh Nadrozz

Character Creation


Physical Traits

An example of a female Orc

Orcs, with their imposing stature and distinct physicality, are rumored to be descendants of the ancient ogres or trolls, a lineage that speaks to their formidable presence. Their skin tones vary significantly, a reflection of their diverse habitats and lifestyles within the Delorwaki. Standing between 1.72m and 2.18m (5'8" - 7'2") tall, both male and female Orcs share this range in height, showcasing a remarkable uniformity in stature across genders, further emphasizing their race's robust and intimidating nature. Orcish hair is typically characterized by its dark shades, predominantly black, and is known for its strength and resilience. It is common for orcs to grow their hair long and style it in braids, a practice that not only serves a practical purpose in battle by keeping their hair out of their faces but also holds cultural significance, with the intricacy of the braids often denoting status or achievements within their society or family.

The most recognizable are those with vibrant green skin, a color believed to have evolved from their dwelling in dense, magical forests where the ambient energy influenced their pigmentation. Orcs from the savannah regions boast a brownish hue, a natural adaptation to the arid, sun-scorched environments where blending with the earthy tones offers a tactical advantage. Meanwhile, those who have made the caverns of the Delorwaki Savannah their home exhibit a grayish skin tone, a result of living in the dimly lit, subterranean realms. This variety in skin color among the Orcs is not just a testament to their adaptability but also to the rich diversity within their race.

A distinctive feature setting orcs apart from all other races is their prominent tusks protruding from their lower jaws. While most orcs possess relatively short tusks that are visible even when their mouths are closed, it is widely believed that larger tusks signify a more formidable warrior. Orcs hold their tusks in high esteem, as they are unique to their race. It's common to see these tusks adorned with decorative rings or other forms of jewelry.

A guide to typical Orc Skin Colors.


Orcs have had a long history of speech which was nearly impossible to understand to anyone but other orcs since it was mainly random screaming. This was referred to as Ancient Orcish, still practiced by few and only found in ancient recordings. Nowadays, the orcs have mixed their ancient language with the common tongue of the humans who often tried to communicate with the orcs. An orcish variant of common was born which is now referred to simply as “orcish”.

This variant is a lot more guttural and lispy than the average common. Many words in a sentence are not pronounced fully or can become a single word by dragging out the words while already starting to pronounce the next one. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly how orcish operates since each speaker seems to have their own dialect. But there are some common occurrences in the language; the h is nearly never pronounced. The s is usually replaced with a z and any word ending on ing would end shorter with just an in’. Any th is replaced with the d. The possessive in orcish is portrayed with an ‘v.

“Da intereztin’ zword’v ‘im!” would translate into “The interesting sword of him”.

The Orc Language: Quick Guide
Greetings Races Titles
Orcish Common Orcish Common Orcish Common
Ay! Greetings Panzie(z) / Long Earz Elf(ves) Ladz Friends
‘Owz yerr? How are you? Whoite panzie High Elf Gitz Allies
Be zeein’ ya. See you later. Tree panzie Wood Elf Filth/Filf Enemies, slaves
Zand panzie Dark Elf Big ‘Unz Tribal Leaders
Dwarf Denur Da Bozz Ruler
‘Umie(z) Human(s) Zhaman Shaman
Gobbo Goblin Arch Zhaman Arch-Shaman
‘Orn’d one(z) Tiefling Common Words
Orcish Common
Uruk’tal(i) Ancestor(s)
Urneldash The Green Flame
Grauhm Voidal entities/mages
Zorzerah’v’[element] Elemental mage

Naming Schemes

An orc’s name usually consists of two parts, namely their first name which is often decided by their parents and their last name which is often an aptronym chosen by the orcs themselves. Usually, something that reflects who they are or what they’ve accomplished.

An orcish first name is rarely longer than two syllables long, usually intercepted by an apostrophe in the middle of those two syllables. Orcs might decide on a name themselves for a child which they find fitting or wait for the first sound the child makes and derive a name from that sound.

The addition to the first name is more interesting, as this is no set-in-stone title. The last name of an orc represents who they are in either character, profession, deeds they have done, or feats they have achieved. If an orc considers themself to be quite strong they might call themselves “Da Ztronk” or if their profession is a healer they might call themselves “Da Medik”. Therefore, familial last names are uncommon but not unseen, as some orcs prefer their family ties and decide to create a family name.


Nations and cultures in which the Orc race is present.

ZadhCulture.png The Faul Tide of Zadh-Nadrozz Zadh Nadrozz, a once-majestic Denur hold nestled in the mountains, now serves as the formidable stronghold of the Foulskins, Orcs and Goblins who have made it their own. This mountain fortress is the heart of Foulskin power on Eden, a place where they rally, grow in strength, and honor their ancestors. It's here that the Foulskins practice The Green Flame religion, a belief system that venerates the pathway to the land of the ancestors, emphasizing their values of rigidity, strength, and honor. Zadh Nadrozz symbolizes the Foulskins' resilience and their deep connection to their past, making it a pivotal location in their dominion over Eden.

World View

AttianMale1.jpg On Attians... Very Negative

“Ztewpid ‘umiez ‘n dey emprahz! Dey be zkemin’ ‘n nevah ztop foightin’ fer shoite reazonz. Iv it werr up tew me, all’o’dem wud be drake food!”

  • Bral’ba Horzemastah, stable keep.
HinterlandersAI.jpg On Hinterlanders… Negative

“Short ‘umiez, tall ‘umiez, z’moztly da zame. Dey’re loud ‘n annoyin’ nae worf keepin’ ‘round ferr long ‘nlezz dey gotz lotza zhoiniez.”

  • Batul-Arak, Zadh-Nadrozz resident
KhadanAI.jpg On the Khadan… Slightly Positive

“Da zand ‘umiez ‘r not da worzt, dey keep tew demzelfz ‘n nevah kauze troub’l on da roadz. Dey be nowin’ da ztrugglez ‘v da Delorwaki.”

  • Kar’gath da fazt, Savannah patrolman.
HelfAI.jpg On High Elves… Slightly Negative

“Long ear’d panziez ‘r olweyz finkin’ dey’r zew much bettah den uz orrukz. Dey’re not da worzt’v da bunch bu’ mez don’ loik dey’r attitudz.”

  • Eslo Balvard, Shaman’s apprentice in Zadh Nadrozz
WelfAI.jpg On Wood Elves… Very Negative

“Tree panziez ‘r kowardz! Hidin’ up in derr treez ol da toim ‘n nevah foightin’  wiff ‘onah! We zhud be burnin’ dem treez down mez zayz!”

  • Grombald Trollzbane, member of a warband.
DelfAI.jpg On Dark Elves… Neutral

“Yeah, wez ‘ad our dealingz with them. They’r ‘old up with the zand ‘umiez ‘an zeem too treat us alroight. Ztill, panziez’ll be panziez.”

  • Shla’bul da legz, a merchant who frequents the Anjyarri desert.
DenurAI.jpg On Denur… Negative

“Ztinky dwarvz! Olweyz lewkin’ ferr troub’l wiff uz faulzkinz, talkin’ shoite about derr mount’n. If dey werr twoice’z long dey moight’ve been warriaz ‘nuf tew protect derr mount’n befo’ we kame ‘long.”

  • Roob’i Jet’ten, savannah scavenger
HalflingAI.jpg On Halflings… Neutral

“Wez don’ be zeein’ much smol onez ‘round da zavannah, but wez’r olweyz welkome norf’v’da’zpoine. ‘Ave ta be kareful not ta be zteppin’ on da lil onez ‘n konfuze dem wif smol beaztz.”

  • Knaraugh Goltoof, Fleetmaster
GoblinAI.jpg On Goblins… Very Friendly

“Aye, da lil’ gobboz ‘r propah ladz. Dey be nowin’ woz gud wenn ‘t komez tew shoiniez ‘n zneaky planz. Dey’re a bit zmall doe.”

  • Gru da drinkah, local tavern ejoyer.
TieflingAI.jpg On Tieflings… Slightly negative

“Da zhamanz sey dey’re Grauhm born bu’ mez ‘aven’ found much problemz wiff ‘em. Dey go’ zum ztrange war paint on ‘em which doezn’ wash of eazy ‘n taztez loik shoite. ‘Zlong az dey be behavin’ dey’ll mozt loikely be foine.”

  • Bobun da Manglah, employee of the fighting pits in Zadh Nadrozz.

Character Traits

Upon creation of an orc character, you can pick two of the following traits for your character to reflect their background.

Racial Traits - Orcs
Strong Players with this trait get two extra points in the strength stat.
Too Angry to Die When a player with this trait reaches 0HP, they roll a D20. On a 15+ they regenerate 4 HP. (Totem of undying effect outside CRP.)
Savage Blows Players with this trait do 2 additional damage when striking a critical hit. (18+)
Frenzy Players with this trait get 1 additional attack per 2 combat rounds with one-handed melee weapons during their turn in combat.

Ex: Turn 1 = 2 attacks with a sword, turn 3 = 3 attacks, turn 5 = 4 attacks, etc.

Spidah ridah Players with this trait start with a spider mount. (Voras Pet)
Prophet of the Green Flame Players with this trait know the "fireball" spell without needing to be a spellcaster. Additionally, this flame is green and POISONS and BURNS any player it hits for D3 turns.
Boss Skewer Players with this trait do D2 additional damage to Nation/City-State/Claim leaders & stewards with melee weapons
Great Hunter Players with this trait do D3 additional damage to creatures with the BEAST or ANIMAL tag.
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