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The Orcs
Nicknames Foulskins, Orukk
Languages Orkish, Common
Average Height 1.72m - 2.18m (5'8" - 7'2")
Average Weight 89kg - 104kg (196lbs - 230lbs)
Homeland The Delorwaki Savanna
Capital The Domain of Zadh Nadrozz
Stat Bonuses

+3 Strength

+1 Defense

+0 Agility

+0 Intelligence


The Orcs, the strongest race of Eden, is the Mighty green Folk. They do not look the smartest but do not be fouled. This race leaves you crushed along the road before you can draw your sword. The civilized races of Eden should have been able to purge the lands of their blight years ago, but their ferocity, brute strength, and tribal loyalty have made them as inevitable as leeches in a stagnant pool. If there's one thing all races of Eden could agree on, the orcs are mighty fighters because they go barbaric in the siege of battle, leaving none alive. Yet, they have recently wanted to prove themselves to all others in Eden. They are not the bloodthirsty monsters they were long ago, but they are loyal warriors capable of many things, such as building, blacksmithing, and working with stone. Yes, their goal is to prove themselves to all, but this does not mean they will be walked over by any other because nothing is more important to an orc than loyalty and honor.


Their size, brute strength, more pig-like face, and great tusks easily identified them from other humanoids of Eden. The orc’s skin also sets out from the rest, most commonly being a green-colored shade, with some natives in the desert known to be a more brownish color because of the intense sun over a great time there. The orcs are bigger than men but not as tall as high elves. They commonly differ from 5’8”-7’2” (1.72m - 2.18m). But their weight is bigger, from 196 to 230 lbs (89-104 kg). The magnitude of the orcs is exclusive, being more broad and powerful than most other races.

The green skin’s hair is ordinarily a deeper shade, being black most of the time, but their hair shifts to grey with age. Through the ages of the plague, the effects it had on the orcs meant that their hair would become remarkably thin because their bodies did not have sufficient nutrients to preserve it. This carried through the generations, but now they have become stronger, and so has their hair. The orcs usually have longer hair now, seen in braids, and have it tied long at the back.

One noticeable trait that the orcs have that differs from all other races is their great tusks that come from their bottom jaw. Most orcs have shorter ones recognized even when their mouths are shut, but the bigger tusks you have, the greater fighter you will become. Orcs think highly of their tusks because they are the only race to have them. They would be seen decorated with rings around them or other jewelry with them.

The apparel orcs would usually be seen in not very heavy clothing because of their thick skin. They have no need for big coats to keep them warm. They still despise the restrictions on clothing on the upper body. This is often while they work or train in fighting. The typical clothing is thin shirts and shorts. Especially in their capital nation of Zadh Nadrozz.


The orc’s language is quite simple compared to the other races of Eden coming from their past. They used a mixture of language and hand language, known now as Orcish. This was their way of communicating with the other orcs. They knew common but very little could only answer yes or no and give greetings. Coming from their past, they have been trying to get better at communication through common but still, to this day, some orcs still struggle with the more complicated words and terms, but they are still learning.

Some of the most common orcish

*Fist over Heart* = “For Honor” (a respectful salute)

*lowers head and raises* = “greetings friend” or “farewell”

*shake head left to right* = “No”

*Head up and down*       = “yes”

*Fists smash together*    = “a warning for a fight (a threat)


Structure of Orc Society

The orcs are usually very defensive because they have been through so much as a race. They want the race of Orcs to be rebuilt and to change everyone’s views on the orcs, turning from their dark past, they want to show that they are not evil monsters and are a loyal, wise, and strong race. Since they were more secluded and distant from the other people of Eden, they wanted to fit in with everything, learning about how others lived and going about their daily lives. The orcs seek to honor and glory among all.

The orcs usually live alongside the goblins, so they help protect them and do the more heavy-lifting jobs because they are much larger and stronger. You will usually see inside the walls of the capital nation an even split of the jobs set between Orcs and Goblins. This split means that the orcs think fondly of the Goblins and are becoming closer to them, even some orcs viewing the orcs and Goblins as one race.

The history of the orcs has brought the small number of orcs left closer to one another, getting to the point of the orcs calling each other brother and sister when they have no blood relations. This is just a way to show that the Orcs are very loyal and close to their kind and view themselves as a large family. Respect, loyalty, and honor are the most important thing to Orcs. Orcs love grand feasts and dances. The music that the orcs were born with and have known all their lives was the heavy drums made from wood and goat hide; the loud bashing and banging of the drums give birth to the dance of the orcs. The dances have stomping of the feet and clapping hands with war chants roaring throughout their nation. This brings the orcs closer to others; being invited to these events and dancing with them will be a great honor to them.

Celebrations The orcs love a good feast and music, and this is their main way to do any celebrations or festivals. Since the orcs are very close to one another, they have a feast where they all are brought closer. Some of their celebrations are:

The Silent Day

This is a day when all orcs remember those who were lost in the great war for them to become free from Mudgul's control. This day is when all the orcs are silent, shutting down all shops, and no one works except those of importance, like the warband and rulers. A ceremony occurs where they all stand together and remember those whose lives were lost.

The Great Brawl

The orcs love to embrace their strength and hand-to-hand combat, so an event that happens quite a lot is the great brawl, where a tournament is held to see who the greatest warrior is. Lots of food and entertainment are involved.

The Alliance

They share this with the goblins to celebrate the alliance made between them and the goblins, putting pasts behind them and moving forward as one to create the greatest nation they can. Big feasts with food and alcohol and a big dance are held with great drums booming around the nation of Zadh Nadrozz.

Romance & Marriage

The orcs take romance and commitment seriously. They view marriage as the bonding of two souls made to make one. Since orcs are very close to one another, they usually get together by knowing them for a long time and being very affectionate to each other. After that period, when the public eye sees them, this is the period spent planning out the day of soul bonding, where they are officially seen as one and are “married”. Orcs have a name for this, and it is “the love pact” all orcs celebrate this ceremony, and it is a massive gathering with loads of food, dance, and laughter. Divorce within the orcs is something that has never happened and is not something that is mentioned because of the process of marriage. They are usually sure of their choice and do not want to break the 2 souls apart. If it were to happen, there would be a shock in the community because of how rare this is.

Life & Reproduction

For Orcs, reproduction is a glorious thing, usually only with people who have made a love pact with one another, but it could still happen with some who are just friendly with each other. Female orcs are only fertile once a year, so having a child is not something that happens all the time. The female holds the child for 9 months before it is given birth. When a new orc has been created, the orcs hold a massive festival for the child and the family because they love celebrating new life and see it as a gift. The Child is usually given gifts from others and is the key person at the event. The reproduction of an orc brings the whole orc community closer because of their history. The newborn is brought into the new era for orcs, where they are good people and are not under control by the mean ruler they once had.

Religion The orcs believe in ancestorship because they pray and worship the past orcs, and they are all wise and know all. They are the best of the best orcs. Because to become an Azdhug (one of the noble orc spirits). This would mean that the orc lived its life full of honor and loyalty to itself and its family. It would gain Honor in all different ways. You could die in battle nobly, sacrificing yourself, living your life, helping others, and doing great things for people. It would have to be the best because only the greats would be ancestors. If an orc does not live their life with honor or is not impressive enough to become an Azdhug. something would reincarnate them as an orc and live through life again to have another chance to have their place among the great Orcs. Being reincarnated is looked down on because they were not good enough to become an Azdhug. The Azdhug are the ones who decide if you are good enough to become part of them.

Orcs would often pray to the Azdhug for wisdom or aid. Because they want guidance from the greats. They would normally worship and be in the Azdhug's presence on holy ground. This means wherever orcs settle; they will always get one of the elders to set up a place where the orcs can worship the Azdhug. Being a small place with a few totems and gifts that other orcs have given to show their love for them.

Death & Funerals

An Orc's death is sad because they all were very close to one another. What would usually happen when a death has occurred the body would be placed on top of a small wooded structure, being only 3mx3m and would be 1m in height. The body would lay there for a day so people could pray over it, hoping it would become part of the Azdhug. Then a ceremony would occur where all would gather and set a light on the wood. They believed that the body and spirit would rise with the smoke to the Azdhug, and then they would join them. And if they were not honorable enough, then the spirit would be blessed by the Azdhug for a good life once reincarnated.



The account of the orcs is nothing for the weak; the deep suffering of this race has brought forth strength and determination for honor and glory. They seek peace and a place to call their own, living their ordinary lives without fearing war and murder. Finding peace with what would be the most unexpected group.

Under Mugdul’s Control

The Orcs of Eden Used to be a dominant issue with mighty warriors and the Heroic nation of Udgurd. The ruler of Udgurg was Mugdul, the slayer. He had the rule of all orcs without dispute. Any who disobeyed him were destroyed, and so were their kin. All orcs worshipped him because they thought he was greatness and the most honorable person in this world, putting him before everyone else. Mugdul would lead his troops to plunder and consume all others who set foot inside his territory. He sought power and control of all. His way of controlling all his land was putting his most trusted warriors in authority and allowing their clans that would later be scattered across the region so they could deliver information back to Mugdul. These clans would subsist from 3 to 5 families, and each chieftain could pick them and go out into the land to serve the ruler Mugdul.

The nation of Udgurg was extensive, a building created from rock, vast walls surrounding it, and a great keep in the heart where the ruler Mugdul the slayer was placed. Smoke occupied the air from the forges regularly lit, making armor and weapons for the warriors. The sound of huge drums was seen beating and rumbling, and great anthems were heard from the mighty orcs. The keep was remarkably well protected. This was under the command of Mugdul because he saw himself above all else. His people were merely puppets in his mind, beings that would aid him in the quest for power and control of all. If anything were to go wrong, he would endure.

Most orcs would follow under Mugdul’s control, believing all that was said to him. They would make war and not make alliances with any other; they were told that all other races were evil and would do dreadful things to them; this was said to all orcs by Mugdul so he would keep them as his and would wipe out the risk of any leaving his nation. Since the orcs believed his lies, they would kill any new races in sight and would do dreadful things to the ones who found themselves lost inside the orcs' land.

One Chieftain, Mobrukk the Mighty, was incredibly close to Mugdul and was one of the first to gain the title of chieftain. And could pick from the strongest families to follow him and watch over the lands for Mugdul. Their relationship was strong because they grew up close to one another, and Mobrukk was a naturally skilled warrior, and when Mugdul was put in charge, he was the first choice of a personal bodyguard. They have been through a lot together, but there was always a difference between them. Mugdul had a lust for greed and power, and the other was an honest orc, only doing what they needed and always looking out.

for others.

The New Dawn

Mobrakk’s clan was called the Dawnbreakers; they were the most powerful of all the other tribes. Dawnbreakers had the strongest warriors and the greatest equipment for war. They were positioned to the west of the lands. After some time, a meeting was made with all Chieftains with Mugdul. In the meeting, the ruler wanted to discuss broadening his land and expanding outward for more control. Mobrakks tribe was told to move out west to scout the land for anything, like a settlement or what the land is like. They packed their things and moved out, scouting out the lands. Through the expeditions, Mobrakk came across a road with a carriage that had seemed to be broken down with 2 dark-skinned folk and one skinny human, his tribe's first instinct was to get into position to attack, but Mobrakk stood them down. He wanted to get any information about them and where they came from. He was to warn them to leave these lands before Mugdul the slayer was to come and have no mercy; this choice to get information was because his curiosity was getting the better of him. Approaching these people, Mobrakk spoke to the folk, wanting to learn more about them. During this time, he was shocked to learn that these people were civil and did not want to slaughter them. He also learned that Mugdul has lied and was truly evil, hearing stories of orc attacks and ransacking innocence.

Taking this information, Mobrakk chose the next path for himself and his tribe. He did what he thought was right. He went to the other tribes and showed them the truth, showing and recruiting them into the new dawn. They planned to take up arms with Mugdul and take over his rule to free the orcs from his lie and corruption. Word got around of Mobrakk's army, and one tribe who was loyal to Mugdul and didn’t believe what was said went to give him the word of what was happening Mugdul was furious; he got his best warriors to go after the new dawn and bring them to him dead or alive. Conflict arose, and after 3 years of constant fighting, the last war was then declared. The new dawn marched to the walls of Udgurg, and a massive war occurred. The new dawn fought for honor and glory, Though Mugdul fought for control.

A lot of blood was shed that day. The battlefield lay quiet, for it was now a graveyard of the unburied. Their corpses lay among the buttercups and forget-me-nots. The sun still shone, and the wind blew, but somewhere mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters waited in vain. Souls were departing from this earth to the next. This was a day that would not be forgotten. In the end, the one left standing was the new dawn, though this did not mean that the victory did not leave them broken, broken in numbers, broken in hope. Because of the loss of Orcs and the bloodshed caused by Mugdul. The War ended 100 years before the plague.

The Plague

After this war, the orcs become nomadic, moving around the savanna, and using their skills to survive. Using the river to fish for fresh food and to drink. Heading north, they were met by a group of humans who then brought news of a plague and what it was doing to people. They kept their path heading north, noticing a few of their own becoming sick and unwell. Traveling became extremely hard. So they wanted to set down camp in a safe place. Entering a mountain range, they saw a great doorway leading into a mountain. It seemed to be a dwarf settlement. Entering the halls, there was complete darkness and the crisp, chilly breeze running out of it. It was empty. Not a single trace of life was seen, or so they thought. They inhabited this place and called it their own, turning it from dwarf to orc. They could treat the sick. The effects of this plague seemed to make the orcs more skinny and weak. Muscles would turn to bone. This was a hard time for the orcs, but they have fought through these times and will push forward in hope of regaining friendship and proving themselves to the other races as a changed race that wants only honor, free from all false pride. They want to build themselves up and regain a massive nation like they used to have. But was then destroyed in the war and decayed through a time of bareness.

The Meeting of the Goblins

While living in the spine of Eden, the orcs ventured inside the mountain, looking for anything that would come into use. They saw a great door with markings and small scratch marks on the lower quarter. Opening the door, a golden room and the race of goblins greeted them inside. The orcs stood in shock; Goblins was an old myth, so the orcs did not know what to do. They instinctively raised their weapons and the goblins with their small knives in hand. Norlakk, son of Mobbrakk, slowly lowered his axe and presented himself to the goblins. And explained what had happened and why they were there. Both sides found advantages of an alliance being formed and both living inside the mountain together. The Goblins were small folk, not the best in battle, but they had the smarts to survive for so long, and their knowledge of the mountains would be vital. Being bigger and stronger, the orcs would mean they could protect the goblins and do the heavier work inside their nation. Separate, both races struggled, but together they would have been able to form a great nation, leaving the depths of the mountain and proving themselves to the other races. It was there a great alliance was formed. They had found peace and would live together and rejoice.

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