Realm of the Denur

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Location Dzrathas Mountains
Races Denur
Primary Religions Atheist
Political System Absolute Monarchy
Current Leaders Grilthram Runefist
The Royal Council: -
Succeeded by:


Centuries passed while the mountains lay quiet, but now forges are relit and the drums of old sound in the deep. The Denur, an ancient folk of Dwarves, have finally resurfaced and are ready to march under the banner of their King under Stone, Frór Pridebringer.

Entering the mountains of the denur, leaving the biting frost from the snowy outdoors, you will be struck with intense heat from the blasting forges, molten magma flowing through the cavern. The smashing of alloys and the crackling of the glowing hot tools being drowned in the buckets of water, the thundering cheering and tankards crashing against each other fill the atmosphere in this mountain. From deep in the mountains the songs of old rise to the surface. Taking a breath in, the smell of molten metal and beer would load your nose. Going through you are met by the black rock sides all around this fortress city, a glorious purple crystal in the center hanging down looking over the immense anvil of the denur, enveloped by black rock forges, with tools laying all around, ingots of gold and iron lay scattered over the forges. Great streams of Gold run like rivers through the stone.

Important People

The troubled history of the Denur has seen many prominent leaders, but those who have had an enormous impact on society are written here.

Denor Stoneheart, first King of the nation and implementer of the Monarchy government and capitalist society.

Dririn, the most famous female dwarf, is credited for saving the remnant dwarves from the city, Azhad-dur. After a sacking of the city, she led the ones who could go on out of a secret tunnel and cared for them till they made it to Dar-ach Denur.

Dulir, the king who founded the multiple colonies before they had to return to Dar-ach Denur.

Drur, the lord who had a large part in getting the kingdom out of the dark age and into the expansionist age.

Culture and Society

Commerce and Work

A large part of the kingdom of the Denur is mining and smithing. Nations across the land of Eden want to be as great smiths as the Denur, but can’t reach the same potential. With that, it makes sense for other nations wanting to get their hands on their tools, armor, and weapons. Trading has been done with multiple nations for their smithing skills in return for food. Notably, one nation, Hadriana, part of the King’s Court, a man by the name of Vivan De Augaussi, has had a long and prosperous trade with the Denur. This trade would comprise the Denur receiving food in trade for Vivan’s people receiving hand-crafted tools made by the master smiths of the Denur.

Political Beliefs

The Denur believe in freedom of speech for the citizens, all may speak their mind as long as they were born and raised as a Denur. It is legal for all to say what they want even if it is about their King but none would ever do that as they know their King was chosen from the beginning since the first King, Denor, and will lead them to victory just as the ones before has. To enter the city of Dar-ach Denur as an outsider, one must be escorted by either an Ironguard or another dwarf of a higher rank. This is because the Denur doesn’t like outsiders wandering around. If an outsider were to convert any of the Denur to their religion, that would because for either execution or to be thrown inside the dungeon, for the Denur never had a god’s help and didn’t need it.

Religious Beliefs

The Denur believe in all gods that exist in the world, but do not idolize any of them. From the start of the world, other nations talked about having gods help while the Denur had no help. This is when their pride begins. Those who rely on gods are no stronger than them, so what does that make them? Religion among the Realm of the Denur may be weird to some, they may believe in whatever they want and may worship whom they want, but that must be done away from everyone else and may not bring it up to anyone else. The King that brought this law into effect did it so that the true strong Denur would not lose their pride, strength, and ambition. All this makes the Denur motivated to earn everything themselves and show the world that they do not need a god’s help.

Military and Law:

The Denurs military is considerably smaller compared to other nations and groups, but the training of their military compensates for their numbers. The Denur split their army into four principal components: The Denur Militia, The Iron Guard, the Storm Breakers, and the Mountaineers.

The Denur Militia:

The Militia make up the bulk of the army, and range from new recruits to veterans that did not wish to join one of the three other branches. The Militia handle most law and peace keeping within the Kingdom, and cover most of the jobs within war, from artillery to infantry and archers. The Militia is also the main area for recruiting for the other branches within the military.

The Militia are light to medium armoured, also depending on what their current job or task is. They are equipped by the Kingdom, although cases of the Militia arming themselves have been seen.

The Iron Guard Corps:

The Iron Guard is the most elite troops the Denur offers. The Iron guard specializes in one-on-one combat and are used specifically for guarding the Capital, the royal court and the King himself. Once a recruit is chosen to be an applicant for an Ironguard, they must then duel the Captain of the Iron Guard to be allowed into the corps.

The Iron Guard is heavily armoured, notably wielding battle axes. Their armour is forged in the capital, at the King’s smithy. The Iron Guard is notably of higher social status than the other branches within the army, and thus many Ironguard become Lords, politicians, or other influential members in Denur society after they serve.

The Mountaineer Regiment:

The Mountaineer Regiment are the skirmishers of the army. Medium armoured, wielding bows and short swords, the Mountaineers are trained and equipped to fight extremely well in the mountains of their homeland. The Mountaineers are the main ranged unit within the Denur army, and therefore are even more useful and unique.

The StormBreaker Legion:

The Stormbreakers are the shield breakers of the Denur. Those who have proven to be true of Denur heart and wrath join this legion, and are equipped with heavy armour and a large battleaxe. These Denur smash through enemy defenses and shields, and make way for the main army. This legion has the highest mortality rate of the entire Denur army, and therefore most Denur do not stay StormBreakers for long.


At the start of the mayhem that people now today call the “Rotting Plague”, the Denur had little experience of it due to immediately entering isolation at the start of the spread. Whether this was because of an already enacted plan before the Plague or a response to it is unknown to most people, but some select Denur who does not speak of it. The Denur thus did not have any cases, except for two, which died during travels outside of the Kingdom at the beginning of the plague. The Denurs stores of food and their self-sustaining economy and agriculture were enough to keep the Kingdom alive during this isolation period, albeit a bit more difficult than before. Due to not trading with the outside world, and being held up in their mountains, the Denur mined and increased their wealth, and when the plague subsided, the Denur emerged to the newly culled and scarred world more wealthy and powerful than they left it.

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