The Reforged Realm of the Denur

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Location Dar-Ach Denur
Races Denur
Primary Religions None
Political System Monarchy
Current Leaders Kjung Phyrra Obryn
Preceded by The High Kingdom of Arduan

Like waves the Denur people seemed to rise and fall, nations coming and going with the passing of the years… First the Denur Imperium came and went, followed by the Realm of the Denur, the Iron Orhim, the Denur Triumvirate, and more recently the High Kingdom of Arduan. Each tried to rebuild the once mighty legacy of the Denur people, though for their own reasons could not rise to the task.

Holds remained lost, their forges cold, halls dark, banners torn and tattered. They stood filled with monstrous intruders that gnawed upon the bones of the long-dead Denur ancestors, sitting upon their lost wealth and knowledge. Yet this was to change. A new effort to retake their ancestral homes had begun, the Denur people were once more on the march – Will you join them?

Culture and Society

The Grand Guilds

"With ties stronger than blood, the Grand Guilds stand as a testament of Denur unity."

There is a point in every Denur’s life where they have a choice to make – at the age of 20 there are six paths they may choose from. To join one of the five guilds, or to remain guildless and forge a path unique to themself. To join one of the guilds is no simple matter, the young Denur must prove their willingness to remain true to the guild’s path, and show talent in at least one of the primary skills that the guild practices. Should they pass this first step, they may just be granted an apprenticeship under one of the senior guild members.

Apprenticeships generally last 5-10 years, during which the Denur will be taught more advanced techniques of their particular guild, perhaps even branching out into other specialties (smithing and masonry as an example). At the end of their apprenticeship there will be a test of skill, something determined by their mentor, to see if they are suitable to join the senior members of the guild. If successful, the apprentice will be permitted to adopt the name of the guild into their own – Hefor Stoneleg-Azur (as an example). Some may choose to give up their previous surname and instead simply go by the name of their guild, though this is often viewed as extreme dedication to the path and faltering from it will earn the ire of the rest of the guild, sometimes resulting in banishment or worse.

The Balos Guild

The Balos Guild was founded alongside the Vziun Guild during the height of Denur power many centuries ago. Originally founded in what is now Zadh Nadrozz by the greatest mind of the ancient Denur world, this guild boasts itself as having produced many of the Denur people’s greatest inventions, and even carving out many of the holds themselves.

Members of this guild pride themselves on being the best at what they do, with each individual Denur tending to specialize in a particular craft. Some focus on smithing, while others may be experts in masonry – any Denur desiring to be a craftsman of some sort would likely join this guild.

The Vziun Guild

The Vziun Guild was founded alongside the Balos Guild during the height of Denur power many centuries ago. Originally founded in the fallen hold of Dar Vziun by the greatest of the Denur warriors, this guild was responsible for maintaining and training the Denur military, bodyguards, and new royal guards to protect the reigning monarch.

Any Denur wishing to be a soldier, guard, or similar professions may opt to join this guild.

The Azur Guild

The Azur Guild was founded some centuries after the Vziun and Balos guilds shortly after the construction of Dar Azur. This fallen hold quickly became the center of Denur ingenuity when it came to the arts, though it also acted as its primary producer of food.

Denur wanting to pursue a career in farming, brewing, as an entertainer, performer, or similar, are likely to join this guild.

The Zenour Guild

The Zenour Guild is one of the more recently founded guilds, though it still dates back at least a few centuries. Originally founded in Dar Zenour in the southern savannahs by the Lord of the lost hold, it became a guild focused on amassing and protecting the wealth of the Denur people. These Denur tend to have a mind specially suited for acquiring more coin, often being particularly adept businessmen.

A Denur wanting to pursue a profitable career in mining, mercantilism, banking, or other similar business ventures may choose to join this guild.

The Obryn Guild

The Obryn Guild is the newest of the Grand Guilds to have arrived in Eden, only having first appeared roughly 200 years ago. Their people hail from the far north, well beyond Eden’s borders, claiming to have come from a lost Hold known as Dar Obryn located somewhere within the Ancient Giant Lands. These Denur tend to have an especially potent hatred for anything Void related, and are usually driven by a strong sense of justice.

A Denur wanting to cleanse the land of Voidal threats, act as a bounty hunter, or simply handle mundane monsters that might plague the land will usually choose to join this guild.

Political Structure


The Kjung, or King in the common tongue, can refer to any Denur that sits upon the throne of the Denur people. While traditionally the title of King is reserved for men, that is not the case with the Denur. They are responsible for making major decisions within the Realm, such as going to war, political treaties, presiding over court trials as the judge, and regular meetings with the Council of Three to address the concerns of citizens.

Council of Three

The Council of Three serves directly beneath the Kjung and is usually made up of notable members of the Denur community. These individuals act as representatives of the people and are expected to bring forth concerns while handling day to day tasks that do not require the Kjung’s attention. An example of what the Council of Three could look like has been included below…

  • Guard Captain: The guard captain will be responsible for hiring new guards, oversee their training, hosting regular patrols around the city, and overall just doing regular guard activities.
  • Community Manager: Responsible for accepting new citizens, getting them integrated into the city, housing, tours, etc.
  • Tavern Master: A position that requires the oversight of the inn and fighting pit. They should take the initiative to hire workers to keep the inn active and host weekly pit fights.

Denur Thanes

The Denur Thanes are a recognized nobility that have been granted land by the Kjung. It is mostly an honorary title granted for great acts of service, for the position does not provide any political authority within the hold of Dar-ach Denur. That isn’t to say that the Thanes are not respected, as they are usually highly respected individuals, though their position is not one that needs worry about day-to-day matters in the capital. They are permitted to build upon their land, ranging from manors, to forts, or even villages if they so desire. While these do fall under the scope of The Reforged Realm, the Thanes are trusted to run them as they see fit. Thanes are however responsible for keeping their lands safe from outside threats, and handling the costs of their upkeep.


Clans within the Reforged Realm have been granted a lower status than what they had in previous Denur nations. Having seen the clan system as one of the primary symptoms of their people’s repeated fall, Phyrra Obryn opted to have them act as no more than what they really were, families. Clans still exist, and many still hold great pride in their clan, but belonging to a specific clan no longer grants official political power.


Religion has been absent amongst the Denur for several decades now, having been rather prominent during the reign of the Denur Imperium and slowly dying out after their fall. Recently however, members of the Obryn Guild have been making a push for others to adopt their belief system, and while successful with some, many still choose to remain as atheists or to follow other small faiths. Regardless of what faith a Denur chooses to follow, most others will turn a blind eye, so long as it does not pose a risk to their way of life.

Festivals & Celebrations

Festivals in the Reforged Realm were adopted from its predecessor, the High Kingdom of Arduan. Some guilds may also have their own celebrations that they host.

Founder’s Day | A day of celebration for the founder of Dar-ach Denur, Arduan. It is usually celebrated with a large feast in one of the holds, and all Denur travel there to celebrate the day.

The Great Melee | A day of brawling and drinking for the Denur, all are invited to test their mettle and fight to see who is the strongest in the hold. Bets are usually placed and spectators come from afar to watch.

Keg’s End | Celebrated on the night of the new year, this holiday marks a special moment for the Denur. All kegs within the hold must be emptied when the sun rises, and thrown onto a big pyre which is then set aflame during a ritual, promising good health and prosperity.

Military, Guards & Law


The Denur military is structured quite simply. During times of war guards are expected to double as soldiers, while other citizens may choose to aid in the war efforts should they wish to seek glory or defend their homes. The Kjung acts as the sole general of the Denur military during wartime, though they generally appoint other commanders to act beneath them during campaigns.

The Throne Guard

The Throne Guard, as their name suggests, are the royal guards that serve directly under the Kjung. There are usually only one or two of these guards at a time, and only the best of the best from the Iron Guard are usually given the chance to rise to this position. Throne Guards tend to be equipped with superior and often magical equipment so they may better protect the Kjung.

The Iron Guard

The main guard force of the nation. The Iron Guard are Denur who keep their Hold safe from day-to-day criminals, though may be called upon to act as soldiers during times of war. Due to this, they are regularly put through an intense training regimen to ensure that they are always at their best.


Below are a list of example laws to provide an idea of what sorts of actions might fall under certain categories. They are by no means the full list of laws in the Denur nation, and punishment may often be decided on a case by case basis.

High Crime

These crimes are often the most heinous and are naturally punished as such. Processing is handled by the Guard Captain and the accused will always be placed on trial to be judged by the Kjung.

I. Active use of Void Magic - Execution.

II. Treason - Banishment and a betrayer brand applied to the accused’s cheek, execution, or imprisonment.

III. Murder - Imprisonment or Execution.

Low Crime

These crimes are generally still quite severe, though will never result in execution. Processing is handled by the Guard Captain, in rare cases a trial may be needed.

I. Stealing - Price of goods stolen + 250 Andros Fine, thief brand applied to the accused’s cheek.

II. Assault - 300 Andros Fine.

III. Destruction of Property - 250 Andros Fine + cost to repair or replace the damaged property.

IV. Association with Voidal Entities - 500 Andros Fine, betrayer brand applied to the accused’s cheek. Repeated offenses may result in High Crime punishment.

V. Failure to Pay Fines - Jail time. 25 Andros = 1 IC Month of Jail time.

Petty Crime These crimes will usually just result in a fine. Repeated offenses may result in the crime being upgraded to a Low Crime. Processing is handled by the guards on duty, no trial is needed.

I. Trespassing - 25 Andros Fine.

II. Concealing One’s Identity - A warning. If they refuse to identify themself after this warning then they are presumed to be a criminal and taken into custody. Further punishment will be decided from there.

III. Possessing Lockpicks - Confiscation of the lockpicks and a 25 Andros Fine per Lockpick.


The Reforged Realm’s history is still very much in the making…

To see the full history of the Denur people please see previous nation pages. Preceded by: The Denur Imperium, Realm of the Denur, and The High Kingdom of Arduan.

Founded in 1536 by Phyrra Obryn, the Reforged Realm sought to do away with what she saw to be outdated and often self harming traditions that continued to bring the Denur people to their knees. In doing so it was hoped that moving forwards the Realm would have a better chance at survival, even if its acting monarch were to pass or step aside. The entire political structure of the Realm was altered, doing away with the Clan system of old and instead shifting towards a council-based leadership system with the acting Kjung at the helm. With this change made the previous Great Clans were stripped of the political presence they had and deemed to be no more than Denur families – names still held weight and respect, but they were no longer part of the political structure of the Denur.

Nearing the end of the year 1539 the Denur finally achieved their decades long goal of retaking Dar-ach Denur. Through the united power of the coalition formed between the Denur remnants, Mitrona, Luminion, the Order of Thyst, and many other brave unaffiliated warriors they managed to bring down the trolls, frost giants, and even the demonically empowered ice mage that had stolen and defiled the once great Hold. On that day the Void was dealt a loss, the first of many to come.

A new era was on the horizon for the Denur, but there was still much to be done. A year of rest was ordered by the Kjung, a time to recuperate, rebuild, and prepare for the many fights against the Void and its servants to come.

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