Dar Zenour

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Dar Zenour
Dar Zenour.png
Location The Southern Spine of Eden
Races Denur (before the collapse)


The shine of gold still fills the ancient corridors of Dar Zenour, even now piles of this precious metal can be found throughout the hold. The walls of its many mines are covered in gold ore. But the richest of the old Denur homes lie empty and strangely unplundered. As soon as one approaches the main gate the reason appears, great scratches on the walls and the broken down gate signal a great struggle. Further inside the tomb of the old lord is surrounded by bodies. Something old has decimated this entire hold. Who knows if it still roams these halls.


Tile 23

Dar Zenour is the most remote of the greater Denur cities, located in the southern mountain range. The surrounding savanna and jungle are devoid of any civilizations.

What it is in Present time:

Very few have had the nerve to travel into Dar Zenour, even fewer have made it out alive. Therefore it is unclear how much of the ancient halls are still intact, and if the legendary mines are still functioning. But the legendary wealth of Dar Zenour has probably not vanished, and even if the old tales are only 50% correct, then there is more gold in that ancient city than in the entire Denur Imperium.


Dar Zenour forges

In ancient times Dar Zenour was known as the golden city, its immense wealth stemmed from its many mines that ran deep into the earth. Not only did the city grow wealthy from its gold mines, it also mined up to 70% of all metals used by the old Denur holds. This of course meant that trade flourished and made the already rich populace even more affluent. Over the centuries however, the ores became more scarce, and the miners had to delve deeper and deeper.  

Unlike most other Denur holds, Dar Zenour did not fall during the Mor-Hormung. Instead, as the trade suddenly stopped, one messenger reached Dar-ach Denur. Terrified, the messenger recounted incomprehensible tales, describing a monster from the depths that had taken over the entire city and slain the lord of the city, Balin. If this is true or not is unknown as very few have dared to find out and those that did have never returned.