Imperio Valegro

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Imperio Valegro
Location Savannah, south of Edens Spine
Races Majority groups:

Minority groups:

Primary religions Makerism
Political system Monarchy
Current leader Isabella Nora Motieur
Preceded by:


Imperio Valegro was born out of friendship and trust, and this is still their first priority. During the wartime that took place between the Kingdom of Veronia and The United Provinces of the Hinterlands, they decided to go their separate ways. Not to flee, but to make a place of peace and trust for their citizens. Because of their friendship with Anjyarr, they decided to search for new greatness in the south.

The inhabitants of Imperio Valegro consist of hardworking people, loving women and children. Education is strongly encouraged and a lot of attention is paid to the well-being of the inhabitants. To reward the citizens, many holidays are celebrated


Imperio Valegro is home to a warm and kindhearted society. The inhabitants of the realm are hardworking and typically share their riches with friends, family and neighbours. Unemployment and homelessness is practically unheard of.


Their population mainly consists of Attians, Hinterlanders and Halflings. This doesn't mean however that the realm isn't open for other species and races, to the contrary. The nation is home to all kinds of people, from Orc to Denur.

Hierarchical structure

The highest rank in the empire is the Empress, under whom everyone lives peacefully. In fact, every resident sees her as a great example. The kingdom is very busy with the army, this is very important for them to keep peace, order and security. They strive for a country where everyone can feel safe and protected. Despite the fact that the land is divided among landlords, it is all ruled by the empress.



Holidays and celibrations

  • Anniversary of the Empress, 19th of Newdawn. Each year a great feast is held in the capital of Imperio Valegro. Many people attend this feast, not only to celebrate the birth of their empress, but also to share their goods and trade.
  • Tirar Tomates: 2th of Greenfall. Once a year a tomato fight is organized: Tirar Tomates. This is considered one of the funniest traditions in Imperio Valegro. Lots of tourists from all over Eden visit the nation for this event, and participate.
  • Los Toros: 25th of Sunfall. For a week there is a non-stop party in the capital. The highlights are the encierres, running among bulls through the streets of Imperio Valegro. In the afternoon there are bullfights.
  • The Fallas of Valegro: 7th of Edensrest In honor of Imperio Valegro, the festivities of fire and fireworks are celebrated in Edensrest. The whole festival is a very big show with many gigantic statues and costumes. At the end of the party, all sculptures are burned. The "la nit del Foc" (the night of the fire) is the highlight,  where all citizens have the chance to forget their past. They do this by writing down their sins and attaching them to a small raft, which is pushed into the sea, burning.
  • Fiestas Mayores: 30th of Redfall An important tradition is the Fiesta Mayor. This is celebrated in almost all cities and villages in the nation. Most Fiesta's Mayor take place during The Amber Dawn, outside on the street and in squares. Each Fiesta Mayor has its own characteristics and traditions, but fireworks and fire are almost always there. The parties continue into the wee hours and there is a lot of drinking and exuberant partying.

Romance and marriage

Marriages are celebrated in Imperio Valegro, typically a small party thrown to celebrate the newly wed couple. Arranged marriages are quite normal in the city, mostly noble people participate in these arranged marriages. It’s seen as an easy way to grow in power and the social hierarchy. As the act of marriage creates a link between two families, marriage is a powerful tool.

Wars and blood feuds which have lasted for centuries have been ended by the strategic union of houses through marriage. Moreover, it is customary for the suitor to ask permission for her hand in marriage from the father or warden. Lastly, in order to officiate the wedding, the couple must consummate their marriage on the night of their wedding. Also, the empire only allows for monogamous marriages to be carried out, and incest is strictly forbidden.

Many citizens care to improve their lives. In order to officially be wedded or divorced it must be approved by the main church of Imperio Valegro. Marrying through romance is welcomed as well and is not seen as foolish. Those who are widows or children of honorable deceased are treated with great respect in public.

It is a tradition for the couple to receive gifts from their family, but not demanded. The wedding ceremony is usually finished by a dance.

Deaths and funerals

Death in this society is a bittersweet occasion. While the pain of losing a loved one is greatly felt, it is believed that if they were righteous in life and steadfast in their faith they shall return to the Maker in the afterlife, free from the woes and hardships of mortal life.

Commonfolk are typically buried in a local cemetery. However, the nobles and high ranked citizens get buried in their family grave. Traditionally, a funeral will be held. Family members or local citizens decorate the graves with white flowers and candles to honor their death.

Dying in combat is seen as the greatest honor a knight could receive, as he has died protecting and serving those in need, his kingdom and The Maker. This is especially for those who are in the military; hence why joining the military is one of the most popular career choices. It is believed that the body should return to the Earth from whence it came.

High honored knights or warriors are buried in burrows. This will later on be decorated in white flowers and intricate headstones by the family. Despite the fact that it is a sad event, there is often a party to honor death. They want to let go of their past, and look at what the present has to offer. The more important the person is who died, the bigger and more expensive the party is.


The inhabitants of Valegro are hard workers. Until now, the nation held its own through the donations of generous residents. After they moved to the South, the Empress started asking for taxes. This money is put into the nation, especially in the military. The remaining money is used for various other things, such as paying palace employees and maintaining the cities.

Many people from other nations seek work in the capital of Imperio Valegro, and many residents of the city travel the world to sell their goods in other cities.

Import and export

Although Imperio Valegro is known for their large market where citizens sell their own goods as well as buy from foreign merchants. These purchased goods are unloaded from the ships in the capitals large port. From here the goods are brought to the cities and villages. A large part of the embarked goods are intended for the army.

Imperio Valegro has a wide range of goods. These are brought to the middle of Eden by ship. The drinks and beejuice are very popular, and are widely sold. In addition, they sell almost everything, for example, different types of food, berries, animals, flowers and other materials.

Military and law






Imperio Valegro still uses the old Hadrian Law. Since it is deeply ingrained in their society and culture. Many citizens consider these laws to be fundamentally good, hence why they are still popular and will continue to be for the ages to come.

  • Law article I. Thou shall not inflict acts of barbarism, violence, or other of the kind to those fellow citizens.
  • Law article II. Thou shall not steal from others in the name of self lust or greed.
  • Law article III. Thou shall not inflict destruction on other properties not owned by thou self.
  • Law article IV. Thou shalt always stay faithful to the Maker, never to follow false idols or gods.
  • Law article V. Citizens shall not tolerate individual conversion or public praisings to false idols or gods.
  • Law article VI. Thou shall not kill nor harm an individual.
  • Law article VII. Citizens shall not tolerate any individual who denies the path of Makerism or His will.
  • Law article VIII. Thou shall never deceive those of goodwill or cheat in marriage.
  • Law article IX. Thou shall not take the word of the Maker and his Sentinels in vain.
  • Law article X. Thou shall not use magic for wrongdoing or without jurisdiction of the clergy.

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