Isabella Nora van Leuveren

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Isabella Nora van Leuveren
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Born 1502 AFS.
Realm(s) The United Provinces of the Hinterlands
Race Attian Human (Hinterlander)
Culture Hinterlander

Physical description

Isabella Nora van Leuveren is quickly recognizable by her long, vanilla blonde hair. It's a bit wavy, and she likes to style it with braids, buns, ponytails and whatsoever. She has beautiful, big and sparkly hazel brown eyes that seem to change a bit in the sun. Since fashion is importatntfor her, you will see her wearing fashion foward, self made clothes. Isabella is about 5,5 ft (165 cm) tall, but she wears heels to appear taller.


Isabella is often found in or around Wakkerdam. She used to travel the world, but prefers staying close to her brother and friends nowadays.

Even though she likes jewelry, exepsnive dresses and such things, she tries to blend into society. Isabella has a hard time fitting in with other nobles. She prefers her quite simple life in Wakkerdam, surrounded by her friends in the citizenry. Isabella is a very caring and well calculated person. She's very smart and loves spending time on her own, or with a friend or two. Isabella is very popular with the citizens of the Attian realms.