Nous remnants

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The Remnants of Nous
Location The Deepest Wound of Eden
Races Tieflings (before the destruction)


Down in the south-East of Eden lies a ravine that is overgrown with large mushrooms and colourful flowers. A stroll through this place would be a lovely time with the beautiful scenery, if you were ignorant of its dark history. The brutal murders that took place left behind only blood and tears. This ravine had once cradled a thriving nation built by the Tieflings, until an attack during the Rotting Plague destroyed them all. Their corpses became the food source of the large fungi, and it is said that the roses are so red because they are dyed with the blood of the innocent.


The Nous ruins are located east of the great forest of the wood elves, tucked into a large ravine. This ravine is inconspicuous, until one looks down into it, and sees its walls splashed with banners and murals that have since faded away from neglect and been replaced by determined flora.

The ruins of Nous are a colourful crack inside the ground with large mushrooms and flowers covering the lands. Taking a deeper look into it, you will find the homes and the hints of its past. For this place was looted and left to rot, there are small cloth like material seen scattered from the tents that were posted. Some bones still seen in the darker corners. Firepits from travellers are seen, for this is a good place to stop for the night while on your journey with footprints all around. The wild life is plentiful here with the amount of plants. This is a calming place to write a book or go with a loved one. But be weary. The deeper you go, the darker this place becomes.


Before the Fall of Nous

The Tieflings were a people who strived inside a ravine, making homes inside the caves and tents. There was a large nation known as Nous. This is where all the Tieflings lived their lives. No other race lived here because of how close they were to each other and would not really include the other races in their traditions. Nous was a colorful place with banners all around, the farm animals painted with paste to make them fit with the rest of the lands, tents made from colourful silk and wool. They were a joyful race and would always be seen with a smile on their faces and love for one another. The love for trade and meeting new people was what they lived for, though they did not like them to stay too long. Mystique van hugh, was the man in charge of this nation and he was a noble person with a love for his people and their wellbeing.

The Plague

The Tieflings were quite peaceful folk and lived their lives, not bothering any others. They got their own food, drink and resources, sustaining themselves. Never being a part of any big meetings or wars against other nations because in their eyes no one was on their side, so why should they be on any others. All was well, and they were happy until one day a sickness arose and some children began getting terribly sick to the point of dying a few days later the first cases rose. This was no petty sickness that would pass in a few days or weeks no, this sickness even was caught by the livestock inside Nous and would then kill off their major food supply and even the wool would become scarce. This brought worry to Mystique van hugh. This was a test for him to prove he could take control and do what’s best for his people. He decided after 2 years of struggle to take a small group of soldiers and citizens north to look for unknown lands, to find food or any other thing to help them.

The Fall of Nous

Upon moving north, they were greeted by a massive forest with wildlife flowing inside. Many colors of mushrooms and berries would show the closer they got. So a decision was made to farm off as much food as they could carry. Morale was raised as they could make medicines from some herbs to help ease the pain of the rotting plague. After many trips, they sent more and more people to help gather. They did a little scouting ahead because of how much in need they were. This was an ill move on their part. They began cutting trees for the wood to use on the fire’s and wooden huts to move from their primitive homes. After a few weeks of constant farming and scavenging, arrows came shooting through the forest and killing many Tieflings. Screaming was heard from all over the lands. Blood ran through the forest with guts hung on the tree branches. This was a horrific day for the Tieflings and once word got back to Mystique van hugh it was too late moments after large copper-skinned folk with pointy ears surrounded nous and began their attack killing as much as they could. Many Tieflings escaped the attack, wandering the lands. But those that were left, left behind a horrific scene one from the bottoms of the Void, the lands were colored in red, fire’s burning the tents and these people were looting the home for all that the Tieflings had left.