Philipp Wilhelm II

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Philipp Wilhelm II
Title(s) Kaiser of Hadriana, Imperator et Attia

and Protector of the Realm

Nickname(s) Philipp the Cripple,

The Crowned Stag

Born 1489 AFS
Died 1532 AFS
Spouse Anzhelika Rozhdestvenskij
Issue Karl Philipp, Helena Theodosia,

Hugo Alekzander, Katherina Johanna

Predecessor Matthias Joseph Withmond
Successor Sine Verrador
Rule 1525 AFS – 1532 AFS
Realm(s) The Hadrian Empire
Race Attian Humans
Culture Hadrian


Philipp Wilhelm II von Lichtenfelts was the Kaiser of Hadriana, Imperator et Attia, Protector of the Realm, and head of House von Lichtenfelts. Philipp was crowned Kaiser after the passing of Kaiser Matthias Joseph Withmond. Following his coronation, Philipp married Anzhelika Rozhdestvenskij after meeting her at court. With her, Philipp had two pairs of twins: Karl and Helena, and Hugo and Katherina.

Physical Description:

Philipp looked precisely like most Lichtenfelts men: Black hair, paired with gray eyes. He was somewhat tall, standing at about six and a single inch in height. When Philipp was still in his twenties, he was a clean-shaven and handsome man, his edges rough and his eyes kind. He had quite an athletic build, spending most of his time outdoors or training with the army. As he got older, so had his body, from then on Philipp proudly wore a thick beard and had lost half of his right leg during an incident. His restricted movement, accompanied by the many bottles of whiskey he drank had caused him to look less athletic than he did before, his belly a bit plumper and his face a little rounder. He wore the Attian crown, passed down by the Kings of old, used by the Kaiser of Hadriana. It was a golden decorated crown, with spikes going around the entirety of it aside from the front, there sits a large ruby said to had been gifted to the first Attian King many years ago.


Well-loved by soldiers and Ritters alike, Philipp was brave, but stubborn and arrogant to an extent. A proud man, he would not usually let a bad word be said about his nation or his family. Since assuming the title of Kaiser, Philipp had become even more strong-headed, sometimes having trouble accepting ideas from his council members. Philipp could quite easily clash with people that did not share his view of the world and liked to go into heavy debate. He did have some good qualities: his family would describe him as a loving figure, with his family always being put first, well above anything else. Philipp could also be described as a social animal, trying to bond with everyone, even the common folk of Hadriana. He could be found in the tavern of Adelsburg on occasion, drinking and laughing with the citizenry.

Thanks to Philipp’s history as a military man, he had a love for the dance of swords and did not try to hide it in the slightest. Before the tragic loss of part of his leg, he could always be seen training with his longsword or warhammer. A skilled fighter he was all through his youth, teaching the new generations of soldiers his moves and gaining much adoration in the process.


Philipp was born at an unknown location, somewhere in the Hadrian lands, together with his brother. They both were saved by a Knight by the name of John from the slaughter, and were raised on an estate east of where Adelsburg now lies. He was the first son of his father, Wilhelm, and thus was heir to the house of Lichtenfelts. Philipp had it quite easy growing up, aside from the occasional squabble with his brother: Diederick-Göbel von Lichtenfelts. His father trained him in the art of swords, and he would spar with his brother every single day.

As he got older, Philipp wanted more than the peaceful life he had been living. So, after his sixteenth name-day, Philipp went to go and ask Ser John for permission to go and lead his own life in the city. The tragic past of Philipp’s family would then be revealed by the Knight, the slaughter of his house at the hands of the Withmond family, and the reasoning for why the life he had lived was so sheltered became quite clear to him. Now with a mission, Philipp left for the capital, against the wishes of his brother and John. It was there Philipp would begin his slow and steady climb to the top, starting with enlisting in the armed forces. He would serve in the Imperial Legion for many years before he finally got his chance at leading his own battalion, making him a Lieutenant in his Majesty’s army. He would train his men day in, day out, and proved to have an astute mind for war which eventually got him the recognition he needed to become Lord Marshal of Hadriana.

Emperor Philip and his wife, Empress Anzhelika Rozhdestvenskij

From there, Philipp began to become closer with the ruling class and especially the then Kaiser, Matthias Joseph Withmond. Thanks to his outstanding service as Lord Marshal, he was granted the town of Bergwood, where he went on to had a castle built inspired by the ancient Schloss Lichtenfelts. His rank would from that day onward be Herzog, and he continued to solidify himself by the Kaiser’s side. When the young Kaiser eventually succumbed to his tragic illness, Philipp was nothing but happy to step into his rightful place at thirty-six years of age. His family had been restored to where they should be, even if both his mother and father would not be there to see it.

Philipp’s reign came to a bloody end during a war against Raevendrecht, where he was betrayed by his then-Chancellor and murdered during an awards ceremony he was hosting with the crown prince, Karl. A group of mercenaries had been hired to infiltrate the proceedings, killing Philipp, Karl and a loyalist Ritter by the name of Ser Wyatt Jones in the process. His lifeless body sat upon the Hadrian throne until his brother came to reclaim it, being denied a burial by the traitors. Upon Diederick-Göbel’s arrival, the proper rites were to be done and Philipp was buried in the family crypt, his crown and sword now decorating his beloved brother.


Philipp loved a good tourney, and every time he hosts one of them he secretly wishes to join in. He knows he cannot, the risk was too great.

Philipp was an avid enjoyer of Golden Stallion Whiskey, it was said he had a huge storage of the beverage somewhere in Palace Adelsburg.

If you look at Philipp’s son, Karl, you will be looking at a young version of Philipp.