Thalanil Larethael

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Thalanil Larethael
Thalinil Portrait
Title(s) Ex-Visera, Ex-Therri'cill
Born 1391 AFS
Realm(s) The Enlightened Kingdom of Luminion
Race High Elf
Culture Elven

Physical description:

Thalanil stands at roughly 204 centimeters (6’8) in height. His eyes shine a darker but equally imposing emerald green. His eyebrows are a soft brown and his half-long white hair put in a ponytail shines from the many baths. Thalanil is slim but muscular, thanks to his work in the fletchery and forge. He prefers to wear formal clothing though and does so whenever he gets the chance. The one thing he can always be seen with though, no matter the outfit, is his precious handkerchief.


Thalanil has always been regarded as a strange person, in one way or another he found a way to be different than his friends and family. From a young age Thalanil was obsessed with his father, and truly looked up to him. He started copying his behavior, thus becoming very stern and serious all of the time. He eventually grew out of it and into the Azari’cill he is today, but retained some of the qualities. Usually Thalanil is a joker, he makes fun of the world and people around him. In his mind he can turn a switch on and off though, one moment he can be joking with you at the tavern and suddenly his face darkens. No jokes come out of his mouth, only the most formal of answers. Thalanil has a hard time opening up to people and almost never talks about himself, his past or his family. It would take a large amount of trust to hear him speak about such things to you. In his free time he can mostly be found in his workshop, he goes there to clear his mind and appreciate the home his family has built for him.


Thalanil was born into the noble house of Larethael as the new heir. The Larethael family is and was never the richest of the Azari’cill nobility, but what they lacked in gold they made up for in their duties and services to the state. The family has had the honor of serving on the royal council for a very long amount of time, and to this day they still continue to do so. The responsibility of the family business, royal council and the family as a whole would one day be thrust upon the shoulders of Thalanil.

During Thalanil’s childhood he would be put to the test in many ways, especially by his father. As is expected of every noble, Thalanil had to pick up the art of warfare. He quickly started to master fighting with the spear, and aside from the mandatory training with the other noble children his father would also take him outside for one on one sparring sessions.

These sessions would usually end in Thalanil not being able to stand anymore, and his father offering him his handkerchief to wipe the blood off. Though instead of hating his father for it, he started looking up to him. His father was a cold man, he knew only his duty, and saw his children as part of that duty. The only one he was not cold to was Thalanil’s mother. Thalanil truly wanted to be like his father and became a very cold child. He had no care for the feelings of others and was only focused on bettering his skills whenever he could.

During his teen years it became more and more evident that his parents were growing apart. His father became hostile towards his mother, and because of that the respect he had for his father melted like snow does when spring arrives. He became very rebellious and instead of trying to please his father he started using the skills he had gained against him. During family meetings he started acting like a replacement for his father, and tried to best him whenever he could.

During one of the annual hunting events the family held, his mother was badly injured thanks to a stray arrow and shortly after the incident she succumbed to her wounds. Thalanil, 110 years of age at the time, was heartbroken along with the entire family. None were as hurt as his father, as he felt that he wasted the last years he had had with his wife. About a week after the fatal incident his father decided to ceremoniously stab himself through the heart with his sword out of grief when Thalanil was in the tavern, drinking and laughing.

Thalanil found his father, even colder than he used to be before. He forced himself to remember the good times he had had with him instead of the horrible person he had become. After a private ceremony for both his mother and father he started sorting out all of their belongings and stumbled upon the handkerchief he had used to wipe his blood away so many times during his childhood, and since then it has never left his side.

Many expected Thalanil to become very shut off from the world, and in some ways he did become that. Mostly though, he started seeing the world around him as a game, and stopped taking anything outside of his duties and the state seriously. This was until he met his now partner Faelyn, where he can just be himself without worrying about all of the responsibilities and expectations.

Thalanil now has to lead a shattered house, manage the family business and perform his duties on the royal council.  He has a strong sense of duty towards the Luminous Enclave, and will try to serve the people in the best way he can. While also trying to become a better person for his loving partner.


  • Thalanil has a deep hatred for birds, because he was attacked by a mob of them during his childhood. Whenever he sees one he becomes very distracted and hostile to all around him.
  • Thalanil saved his now partner from drowning in the river. Choosing her over his beloved handkerchief. In many ways this meant the first step towards becoming a better and more loving version of himself.