The Domain of Zadh Nadrozz

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The Domain of Zadh Nadrozz
Shield orc temp.png
Location Inside Mount TollSoll
Races Orcs and Goblins
Primary Religions Azdugian and The everlasting party
Political System Absolute monarchy
Current Leader Warchief Batul’arak


Zadh Nadrozz the large halls inside the spine of Eden, one’s worst nightmare to be on the wrong side of. From the outside, a high gate is seen with wooden architecture and a wall encasing it in. Going through you are greeted by a bridge with water wheels on either side, green folk patrolling the structure up around you with strong axes held in their grips. Suddenly you are met by the unprecedented immense hall with vast black rock pillars, wooden structures enveloping the pillars at the top with very dodgy bridges attaching them together. A notice right ahead… the casino where people come from all around Eden to get rich. A larger crater in the heart, with a huge body of water, would be a certain death for anyone who was not sure-footed. The vibrations of war chants, clashing of tankards, and the shaking of coin purses is all to be heard. You feel the ground beneath you shake from the magma drake, feeding the heavy forges down below. The smell of alcohol and orc otter is what would load your noise. There is none other than the nation of Zadh Nadrozz, the party city, the nation of the drake.

Culture and Society

Inside the mountain is the nation of Zadh Nadrozz. The homeland of the orcs and goblins of Eden, nevertheless they were both terrible races in their past. That is not the case anymore, for now they are the life of the party. Moving into the capital, you will notice many green folk either drinking in the tavern or experiencing life inside the casino. One of the biggest attractions for the outside nations is the great goblin casino. A place where you can arrive the poor and leave a remarkably rich person, or the other way around. The culture of music being thundering drums and bass instruments, with dominant dances, drives Zadh Nadrozz a mighty place. They love encountering unfamiliar people, for the orcs it’s a chance to pick up the ways and stories from outside their homeland. But for the Goblins, it is an opportunity to make some coin, either from advertising their valuables or by their gambling greed.


Inside this great nation the clothing of which you will see most people in are between working lightweight clothing and party clothes for when they want to relax having a drink inside the tavern or spending the night at the grand casino. There is no requirement of clothes you must wear but since the mountain is quite warm due to the forges always lit you will find lightweight clothing being the most common.

Celebrations and holidays

The celebrations inside the halls of Zadh Nadrozz are one for all to experience, The beating of drums, the roaring of war chants, the laughter of both goblins and orcs brings forth a great atmosphere for all who enter these celebrations. The Orruk would invite all to these gatherings, a chance to meet new people and to enjoy life together with the clashing of tankards in the tavern would bring forth strong relationships. Goblins love a chance to drink and to party with anyone who is up for a good night's fun, and on the off chance these people bring coins, you can guarantee a goblin is by his side with a pair of dice rolling around in his hands.

Great brawl

The great brawl is a tradition the orcs have carried out for years. This is a time for all to come and show their strength and prove themselves to decipher the best of the best warriors. Hand to hand combat with brute strength and technique is the only way to win. It is a day inside the fighting pit with different events so everyone can have their chance for glory. The one on one fights, massive free-for-all and more. The orcs have made this tradition for their taste for blood and the sport of fights. They believe this helps them by getting their “love for the fight” out in a safe place with no bad blood between each other, only respect.

The recollection

The orcs have had their dark past and have come so far ever since, turning from a race who only knew war to to the cultural and mighty race they now are. The Goblins have also had their share of war and dark history. Though they will never forget their past and all who have died and sacrificed everything to get them to where they are now. This day is a quiet day and inside the halls is silence, no one works unless they truly have to. A ceremony is held where the warchief will say a few words to bring everyone into a state of respect and a moment of silence will be taken.

The day of the drake

Living inside this mountain they will notice that they are not living there alone, for a massive  drake lives there as well and they take a day to celebrate its life, a way to show others that they have a drake means that they don't want to be meddled with. This day is a gathering round the drake enough feasts, drinks and dances. They put decorations around the halls of the drake to help bring the nation to life.

Commerce and Work


Work in the Grand Duchy of Zadh Nadrozz is skilled in a number of trades, being largely occupied with orcs who are bigger and stronger. Doing the labour trade is where they strive, seen a lot in other nations, building all sorts from farm sheds to the massive castles and keeps. They will do what needs to be done for the proper amount of coin. Entering the city of Zadh Nadrozz you will be approached by the grand buildings that were all formed up from the hands of the orcs. Most nations will employ the individuals of Zadh Nadrozz to complete their construction work for them.

Coming from their past of traveling around the domain, They learnt how to sustain themselves, making their own necessities by farming for food whether that being from fishing in the streams or crops from their farmland, having the access to the raw fresh foods around them makes them perfect to transport their large amounts of food.

The people of Zadh Nadrozz are secluded amongst the other nations they occupy in the savannah This means they had to understand many crafts like woodworking and even stonemasons. They can cover it all with the woods around their home. Wood workers have great business making bow shafts and weapon shafts and transporting them to whoever is in demand. The stonemasons have all the land to work with and would get the sandstone and rock to work with the builders making further business for Zadh Nadrozz because they could provide the material and craft the builds for their customer.

Some of the less staple goods for exporting include weapons, armor and tools. With all these crafts and work tools were required so Blacksmiths were on the rise making all the tools for the laborers. While doing so, they studied different skills and ways to create equipment like, Armor and weapons. Growing stronger and through time they have grown from creating this equipment for themselves to exporting it to others for more coin.


The nation of Zadh Nadrozz do not like buying from others because they survived so long on their own but coming into a new age they see the need to bring imports into their city. The blacksmiths are lit and the demand for weapons and armor to defend themselves are high. Because the plague has killed off some of the best warriors. They import metals and ores to help make the necessary weapons, armor and tools for themselves.

Zadh Nadrozz also imports foods like meats and expensive crops for their festivals. They like unique food to have feasts with to make the meals more meaningful and to pick them out of their mundane lives. The wood elves often sell good foods to the individuals of Zadh Nadrozz.

Political Beliefs

The political views inside Zadh Nadrozz are that the war-chief is in charge of all who live inside the nation. Since the nation is built largely out of orcs and goblins, it is they who are made in charge and in the war-chief position. But whichever one is put in charge, they will put one alternative from the other race as a clan member to represent them and to make sure they are heard.

The clan is the higher ups inside the nation. Being the ones who are in the important meetings and are close to the war chief to help. But whatever the war-chief says, is what it is. The war-chief respects his people and will constantly listen to their viewpoints in serious meetings with anyone who chooses to join. Because the people in Zadh Nadrozz are all part of the same family group and will be cared for like that.

Religious Beliefs

Zadh Nadrozz is the homeland of both orcs and goblins, they both follow their own religion. Even though they are quite similar their views on life could not be more different.


The Goblins do not have a set religion; their faith is for themselves and their own goals in life. They do not worship any greater power, they want to live their lives in the best way they can. This is different for each goblin but most have their eyes set on wealth and trinkets because the only thing they believe is that when they die they will be brought to Nionmer, a place for goblins only and is a place of joy and for the everlasting party. Gold as far as the eye can see, women and lots of alcohol. This is what the Goblins want after their life on Eden. In this place they are able to bring all possessions with them. They seek as much and as good as they can get so they can bring it into the next life. All things that represent wealth are a reflection of their social standing.


The orcs believe in ancestorship being that they pray and worship the past orcs and they are all wise and know all. They are the best of the best orcs. Because to become an Azdhug (one of the noble orc spirits) this would mean that the orc lived its life full of honor being loyal to themselves and to their family. The Honor would be gained through all different ways. Could be, dying in battle in a noble way sacrificing yourself, Living your life helping others and doing great things for people. All ways would have to be the best in any way because only the greats would be ancestors. If an orc does not live their lives with honor or not great enough to become an Azdhug they would be reincarnated as an orc and live through life again to have another chance to have their place among the great Orcs. Being reincarnated is looked down on because they were not good enough to become an Azdhug. The Azdhug are the ones who decide if you are good enough to become part of them.

Orcs would often pray to the Azdhug for wisdom or aid. Because they want guidance from the greats. They would normally worship and be in the presence of the Azdhug in holy grounds. This means wherever orcs go and settle they will always get one of the elders to set up a place where the orcs can worship the Azdhug. Being a small place with a few totems and gifts that other orcs have given to show their love for them.

Military and Law


The military is known as “The Warband.” They are fearless fighters with only one goal and that is to kill any man or woman that would care to threaten them or their people. Once looking at the ranks of the warband, you notice it is mostly the orcs standing. This is just merely because Zadh Nadrozz is mostly filled with orcs and goblins. Goblins’ size is their downfall, being they would not make the greatest warrior in most cases. This does not mean that they cannot join the warband, for all in the nation are welcome and will take up arms. Because sometimes size and strength is not what will win all fights but the smarts and the stealth. The warband is not one to be meddled with, because when they are amid a fight, they would soon resemble the beasts they were in their past. For the determination they have is limitless and would not suffer from defeat or run for battle. They are an honorable set of fighters who know no fear.

The rank that is in charge of the warband is known as the commander. They have a say in everything that is decided with the warband being in clan meetings and big events to represent the warband. If they say something needs done, it will be done with no questions asked. The only person above them is the Warchief. The Warchief chooses this position carefully and will have to trust them with his life because they have a lot of say in big decisions.

The position under the Commander is sergeant. This is a significant role that is offered from the commander to fighters who they trust to be applied some significant responsibilities to help manage the warband keeping everyone in check while the commander is not present and every so often running the training. This rank is for the most honorable warriors and can be accomplished through heroic deeds in battle or demonstrated leadership attributes. And some through a dose of boot licking.

The rank at the bottom but that does not mean it is not essential for it is where most warriors are the Grunts. These are what adds numbers to the fight usually would be encountered in pacts with one sergeant in charge of them. Warriors would be set to do whatever they are told, whether that be patrolling the nation to make sure everyone is in check or to join the battle.

Law, Crime and Punishment

Inside this glorious nation, crime is something that is watched over conscientiously and it is taken seriously. This is for some of the further serious laws. Since the people inside Zadh Nadrozz are remarkably devoted to one another, committing a felony will repay you with nothing. Disrespecting someone will put the entire nation against you, which would be an ill move on your part. This is what it would be like for crimes such as vandalism, fighting and simple disrespect to other people. Though there are more serious crimes that, if executed, will put a further serious punishment right in front of you. These crimes would be murder, Thievery and betrayal of the people or war-chief. The laws are quite a symbol of respect for all others, exclusively the war-chief, and do not put the nation at risk. All other laws are on your own to judge if you know it is wrong, thus don’t do it. You never know who is watching and who will be the one to choose the punishment they see fit. Scams are something that people see to be a crime, but in this nation, if you fall for a scam, it is your own fault and whoever could trick you deserves the coin. Having a nation with a grand casino would mean that there is always someone observing `in there and would be ill advised to do any sort of crime near that, unless you want to feel a magma drakes wrath.

The punishments of the crimes are decided by the war-chief usually unless he appoints a specific person to do it. They are brought into the fighting pit, with all others able to watch as the discussion is brought to all. This helps show the criminal that they are below everyone else and would often intimidate them. Punishments can be anything the war-chief wants, whether that be cleaning out the barracks, a few nights as a brawler for entertainment or just a straight mocking. More serious crimes would occasionally be sent to death and the execution process would restrain the criminal and bring them to the drake, setting them up facing the drake, thus they would attempt to make it spew the molten magma over them and frequently where it would not happen they again pushed them into the magma pool. There are also great cages that hang just outside the famous door and would generally put some of the more serious criminals in, to let them starve and scream out in pain of the cold nights, this would help warn people that this is no place to meddle with crime activity.


The nation of Zadh Nadrozz has a long history that is not known to all even the people living inside for it was merely a ruin not long ago, but was then inhabited by the Goblins then after the Orcs. They do not know what happened before their arrival but there were still many stories and events that took place inside these great halls to forge what has become of the ruins turning them into a full nation in the present day.

The arrival of the Goblins

220 years before the events of the plague, the small wandering green folk scurried from their land and left the harsh living they had under the rule of an evil orc king.  Finding their refuge inside this mountain. When they first entered the halls it was just a single room that was in ruin with a great wooden gate that was sealed with huge boulders and rocks surrounding it making it impossible to venture through. But this did not bother the Goblins till sometime later. They started by just living in burlap sacks, making makeshift tents to keep the chilling cold breeze that rushed through the entrance. Living here was hard because there was not much room and the goblins were growing in numbers. This was until some of the children's goblins' curiosity brought hope to them, the body of water underneath this small flooring was where the children then started to play. One day a few of them noticed these copper tunnels, climbing through they were met by a massive hole in the cave, they noticed great pillars that were made from black rock, holding this mountain together. After this newly found information the goblins were determined to get through the gate and into the next part of their very own nation. Due to the small size of the goblins this was no easy task and took them a few months, making makeshift cranes to attempt to move some of the stone. A helpful matter that took place was once they started moving the rocks and doing all the work great tremors, almost like miniature earthquakes shook the grounds and they heard noises coming from inside. But these goblins did not worry about it for they had their eyes set on getting inside and these happenings were only helping shake some rocks out of the way.

Their hard work had finally paid off; they were able to reveal their new land right to them, as the great door creaked open the goblins' hope was on the rise. A great hall is what met them and what the children said were true great pillars all around, with a massive hole in the middle that was filled with fresh water. This was the beginning of a new age for the goblins. They started by making more tents around the hall and turning from just surviving to thriving. There were other doors attached to this great hall so they did not waste time, they were to start operations to gain access to them.

The arrival of the Orcs

The Orcs of Eden were the next to the story of what had brung Zadh Nadrozz to life, turning mere ruins to great halls full of laughter and cheers, Though not one said it was easy. Orcs were in a time of struggle coming off a massive war that took a toll on their numbers leaving them few of men and hopeless in this struggle. Through it all they ended up at the gates of Zadh Nadrozz anyway and this was the start of a beautiful alliance that was as strong as the pillars that hold their nation together. When the orcs first met the goblins a lot of aggression was given off, this was because the orcs met the most unexpected race in Eden and for the goblins they met what drove them to the mountain. Though after long discussions and both in dire need an alliance was made. Because of orcs' size and brute strength they immediately started their work in construction turning the makeshift tents into houses born of an architect's plan,  lived and breathed upon the rock, foundations perfectly sound, all set to stand for generations to come. Both sides got along so well and then there  was a decision made of who to lead both sides. The orc leader, Nobbrak son of Mobrakk, was led to take the lead of all sides. In this same discussion an argument was formed, it was about the name they were to call their home. The Goblins wanted “Nadhrozik”, and the orcs were set on “Zadhruuk.” After many slurs being tosed and drinks thrown over one another a decision was made to combine to the two to create the name know to all in Eden “Zadh Nadrozz.”

The dark affliction

Sadly brute strength and honor was not the only thing the orcs brought to these lands, for they were afflicted by the plague, a great sickness that ate away at their bodies causing some to just rot away. For the orcs their muscle would turn to bone making them very immoblile and in state close to paralysis. The goblins were small enough as it is so it did not take long to take their life. Nobrakk then made a decision for the good of his people to send the sick out of the city, but he made a few shelters on the entrance of the mountain so they could take care of the sick for they were also his people. This evil plague was known to most orcs and goblins as “the dark affliction.'' 10 years this affliction went on for and it was a setback for a lot of the work inside the halls of Zadh Nadrozz but hope was not lost, both races had been through so much in their past that this was nothing compared to that. This was a blessing in disguise for both because it brought them closer together due to them struggling as one. They both decided to not to call them different races for they are now one, “The Orruk.” was born and was to be the strongest race of all Eden and with their mountain be the best nation also.

Age Of The Drake

Shortly after the affliction was no more and did not occur as much, when the orruk was finally at peace while the work of discovering the rest of their nation, these tremors started to become more frequent and this started to worry Nobrakk, though they did not stop working. They uncovered an extraordinary dormant forge with a strong anvil sitting in the middle. The noises became louder and grew even more frequent. A small passive was noticed as they went down to venture with their axes at the ready. And there it was a great big beast that tancened fear in those is set their eyes upon it, great fiery red eyes, crimson scales with magma running through its seem veins, two fierce horns made from black rock pierced towards its front, razor sharp teeth that were sharper than any blade known to man. This was no beast, it was a sentient of evil. Though it could kill everyone in a moment it seemed to be stuck with chains all around its head. The orcs being as dumb as they were started to mock the drake. The drake them turned red the magma flowing through its veins started to move faster, and them a furious roar that shook the ground beneath them before spitting magma all over the only way it could face, which was into a copper tunnel, magma started to course through these tunnels and then the the forges started to smoke relighting to once dormont blacksmith was reborn. No one knows much about the magma drake that resides inside the mountain or from where and how it got there but they are to use it to run their forges. Occasionally finding some goblins with their spears prodding and poking the drake to aggravate it to the point to which it will spew its magma. Most of the orruk do not think much about the magma drake because it helps them for their use of the forge. But they should be afraid for none know its full strength and the actual size of its body only the head they have seen. Some want to find out more about the sentient of evil inside their home. Exploring more inside to find some clues on the history of this place and the drake.

This is what has happened to this year 1521. A lot of the history of this mountain is enclosed by rock and what seems to be the everlasting shadow. Going deeper and further would instead answer questions but bring forth many more.

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