Azari'soll Ruins

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The Ruins of Ameon
Location The southern tip of

Arda,"Glade of Dragons"

Races Azari'soll (Before the genocide.)


At the very edge of the Glade of Dragons sits a testament to nature’s ability to heal and recover. Burnt rubble covered by moss and vines, towering trees sprouting from the skeletons of thousand-year-old buildings, and secrets buried underneath the ash.


Tile:  34-1

The most southern section of Arda, aka the Glade of Dragons, aka the strip of land where the Wood Elves and High Elves reside. It is located on an island where the river forks out into the sea.

What it is in Present time:

The Azari’Sol ruins are over a millenia old, taken over by massive trees, and great big vines. A statue dedicated to the Elven Daughter, Aestaena still stands in the center of what scholars suspect was once a massive temple. It has become beautiful, but there are many legends that whisper of seeing a great inferno there from a distance, or the ghostly screams of its past victims. For what it’s worth, the extinct Azari’Sol have not been the island’s only inhabitants.


The ruins were once the Azari’Sol capital, Ameon, before it fell to the massacre said to be brought on by the Azari’Lunn during the Age of Fallen Spires. The capital is estimated to have been built centuries prior to the Age of Fallen Spires, during the Age of Enlightenment. From what has been recovered from the ruins, the Azari’Sol had inventive minds, and were always finding new ways to utilize the natural world to their advantage. Many relics unearthed from the historical site are kept within the Azari’Cill/High Elven Archives for safekeeping. Still, little is known/preserved of the lost Elven Race.