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Class Undead
Rarity Rare
Size Medium

7 HP

2 Strength

8 Defense

12 Agility

8 Intelligence


Long have the people of Eden feared the Ghosts, those eerie beings that haunt the living from beyond the veil of death. Their origins are shrouded in mystery, their existence a product of ancient belief in the separation of body and soul. Many believe that these beings are the remnants of souls who refuse to move on from this world, their unfinished business binding them to the earthly plane.


The Ghosts are said to appear in many forms, normally humanoid. They often manifest as a shadowy figure surrounded by a ghostly aura, a hint of their former selves that seems to linger on even after death.

Ghosts can remain invisible to the living, but they may appear as a blur or faint light. Their eyes, housed in the empty sockets of their humanoid head, glow brightly in the dark.

Their movements are swift and unnerving, as if they are not quite of this world. They are capable of flight, soaring through the air like blackened spirits, and moving with blinding speed on the ground, their clawed hands grasping at the living.

They are said to emit a black ooze-like substance, the “ectoplasm”: a viscous fluid that reminds many of the lifeblood that once coursed through their veins.


The habitats of Ghosts vary, from the darkest dungeons and caves that are deep in the mountains of the world to the smallest basements. It all depends on the connection or preferred choice of the Ghost.

The creatures prefer dark environments, avoiding sunlight at any cost. It is rare but not impossible to find them hiding in dark forests or ruins, around graveyards, or even in dark castles.


Ghosts are the spirits of those who have passed on from the world of the living and have remained in this realm to fulfill unfinished business.

They are neither good nor evil, as their behavior is shaped by their previous life, and they exist in a state of confusion and disorientation upon their spawning.

Ghosts are said to inhabit the darkest corners of the world, where the living dare not venture. They prefer the cover of darkness, avoiding sunlight at all costs, and are known to hide in ruins, graveyards, and abandoned castles. When agitated, they will take over the habitats of their victims, turning them into their own twisted abodes.

Their appearance is ever-changing, taking on a variety of ghostly forms. They start out as a shadowy figure surrounded by a white, blurry aura, but as their mood is altered or they’re annoyed, they become more aggressive and take on a darker and more skeletal appearance.

Though they are feared by many, there are those who seek out the Ghosts, hoping to talk with them.

It is said that Ghosts possess great knowledge of the past and the future, and those who are brave enough to make contact with them may be rewarded with their secrets.


Ghost Invisibility: A Ghost is always invisible. When A Ghost attacks, his aethereal figure can be seen until his next turn. When a Ghost is invisible, it can’t be targeted but can anyway be damaged by AOE attacks.

Phantasmal Flight: A Ghost can normally move in three dimensions. Its movement can’t be reduced or impeded by any effect. Once every 2 turns a Ghost can get through a 1 or 2 meters thick wall as part of their movement or dash action.

Aethereal: A Ghost receives half damage by non-magical sources, rounded down. It is immune to sleep, hunger and poison. Silver weapons count as magical for this purpose.

Ghost Howl: Once per combat, as a free action, a Ghost can let out a heartbreaking scream that makes everyone present pale. Any person in a 10m range who fails an int check of at least 14 is paralyzed for 1 turn and cannot act.

Phantsamal Attack: Ghosts slash their victims with their claws, piercing their bodies with paranormal force. The Ghost melee attack will always hit on a rolled 2 on a d2 roll. No other roll is required. A Ghost’s attack deals 2 damage.

Poltergeist: The Ghost can open Doors, windows, little items, extinguish small fires and lift one harmless creature (sleeping or fainted) of medium or smaller size in a 6m range.