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Classification Elemental Magic
Energy Source Aros - The Endless Ocean
Casting Method Catalyst - Aquamarine Gem
Additional Paths Frigumancy · Marinamancy

Aquamancy is an ancient elemental magic, its origins dating back to the rise of the very first cities. It requires the user to channel their energy into the water around them and their aquamarine catalyst, after which the mage can manipulate the water to their whims. Aquamancy quickly became a favorite among the population, commonly used by sailors, fishermen, farmers, and gardeners to complete a variety of tasks, such as swimming without the fear of drowning, flawlessly defending oneself from danger by using the water present all around them, calming storms on the sea and, as some rumors state about the strongest of practitioners, waving away a tsunami. Practitioners seeking to learn Aquamancy typically travel to the coasts of the land, where this magic is commonly taught.


Aquamancy originates from the very first settlements, mainly those closer to the oceans or bigger bodies of water. Being a favorite among the population, commonly used by sailors, fishermen, farmers, and gardeners, Aquamancy quickly spread throughout the land. However, even in Eden, Aquamancy wasn't just something that appeared out of nowhere. Lhoran, the Tidebringer, was the first practitioner to use Aquamancy, who dipped into the Endless Ocean through years of meditation. A connection between the realms formed, allowing Lhoran to use the first spells. Through his teachings, Aquamancy began to rapidly spread all over the continent, traveling through ports and river civilizations as it found great use with the fishermen, sailors, and merchants.

Learning and Teaching

While most people assume Aquamancy is a simple form of magic learning, Aquamancy requires a lot of difficult training and learning. Aquamancers usually learn how water flows and acts on different surfaces. Most Students usually study oceanic flows. However, once they understand how water flows, their teachers often bring them to frozen landscapes where the student needs to learn how ice forms and behaves. Lastly, the student is brought to hot springs, where they need to study the behavior of steam. As such, Aquamancers are learning everything about the three different states of water. After completing such work, the student is taught about using their catalysts and how to dip into the realm of Aros and its endless ocean, pulling forth the first drops of water.

To reach level one, a teacher needs to have at least four sessions with their student, each being at least sixty minutes long. To obtain level two, the student must have another four lessons of sixty minutes. To finally reach level three and the ability to teach magic themselves, the students need to have another set of four sessions, each with a length of sixty minutes. Each day one session can be held by the teacher and student pair. After finally reaching level three, the student doesn’t require additional sessions and will reach level four automatically after some time of self-studying the magic. Each level requires a bonding trial to empower the spellcaster. Bonding trials can only occur in the season in which the magic has an intrinsic relationship. For Aquamancy, this is The Amber Dawn also known as Autumn. These trials are usually done at or around the Hallowed Grounds of the magic type that is considered sacred by all those who practice that elemental art.

Level Increase Required Sessions Req .Session Length (OOC)
Lvl 0 to Lvl 1 4 Sessions 60 Minutes
Lvl 1 to Lvl 2 4 Sessions 60 Minutes
Lvl 2 to Lvl 3 4 Sessions 60 Minutes
Lvl 3 to Lvl 4 Self-study level up when The Amber Dawn arrives.
Lvl 4 to Lvl 5 Self-study level up when The Amber Dawn arrives.

After choosing a path, the spellcaster will automatically increase in level if they can show proof of self-study. The caster can level up once every IC year during their primal season, The Amber Dawn or Autumn, for Aquamancy.

Bonding trials are still required to level up between each level, but spellcasters can request those themselves after they move on to self-studying.

Progression - Aquamancy

Base Spell Progression

Level Grimoire Slots Abilities/Bonuses
Lvl 1 - Novice 2 lvl 1 spells. No spellcasting bonuses.
Lvl 2 - Spellweaver 3 lvl 1 spells. +1 spellcasting bonus.
Lvl 3 - Sorcerer 4 lvl 1 spells, 2 lvl 2 spells. +1 spellcasting bonus. The spellcaster unlocks the Purifying Prowess ability.
Lvl 4 - Magus 4 lvl 1 spells, 3 lvl 2 spells +1 spellcasting bonus.
Lvl 5 - Aros Seer 4 lvl 1 spells, 3 lvl 2 spells, 2 lvl 3 spells. +2 The caster can now choose a path. They can now become either a Frigumancer or a Marinamancer.

Progression - Frigumancy

Level Grimoire Slots Abilities/Bonuses
Lvl 1 - Frigu Student 4 lvl 1 spells, 3 lvl 2 spells, 3 lvl 3 spells. +2 spellcasting bonus.
Lvl 2 - Spellweaver 4 lvl 1 spells, 3 lvl 2 spells, 3 lvl 3 spells, 1 lvl 4 spell +2 spellcasting bonus.
Lvl 3 - Frigumancer 4 lvl 1 spells, 3 lvl 2 spells, 3 lvl 3 spells, 2 lvl 4 spells +3 spellcasting bonus. The spellcaster unlocks the Icy Mold ability.
Lvl 4 - Magus 4 lvl 1 spells, 3 lvl 2 spells, 3 lvl 3 spells, 3 lvl 4 spells, 1 lvl 5 spell +3 spellcasting bonus.
Lvl 5 - Frigularis 5 lvl 1 spells, 3 lvl 2 spells, 3 lvl 3 spells, 3 lvl 4 spells, 2 lvl 5 spells +4 spellcasting bonus.

Progression - Marinamancy

Level Grimoire Slots Abilities/Bonuses
Lvl 1 - Marina Student 4 lvl 1 spells, 3 lvl 2 spells, 3 lvl 3 spells. +2 spellcasting bonus.
Lvl 2 - Spellweaver 4 lvl 1 spells, 3 lvl 2 spells, 3 lvl 3 spells, 1 lvl 4 spell +2 spellcasting bonus.
Lvl 3 - Marinamancer 4 lvl 1 spells, 3 lvl 2 spells, 3 lvl 3 spells, 2 lvl 4 spells +3 spellcasting bonus. The spellcaster unlocks the Aquatic Blessing ability.
Lvl 4 - Magus 4 lvl 1 spells, 3 lvl 2 spells, 3 lvl 3 spells, 3 lvl 4 spells, 1 lvl 5 spell +3 spellcasting bonus.
Lvl 5 - Marinaris 5 lvl 1 spells, 3 lvl 2 spells, 3 lvl 3 spells, 3 lvl 4 spells, 2 lvl 5 spells +4 spellcasting bonus.


While Aquamancy can be used to manipulate water, it can't be actively used to drown someone. As soon as water, called forth from Aros, enters a biological body, it vanishes into thin air, making it impossible for an Aquamancer to drown someone with their magic.


Base Spells

Water Blast
The caster focuses purely on the water around them, slowly collecting it all into a concentrated ball connected to their hand, as they then fire it in an arrow-like fashion. The blast slowly loses water due to its extreme speed but slowly stabilizes over time.
Level 1
Casting Value 8
Range 25 meters
Damage This ball of concentrated water has a damage falloff of 1 per 5 meters. The base damage of the ball is a D5, but after 5 meters traveled, it becomes a D4; after 10 meters, it becomes a D3, etc.
Critical Failure The ball of water retaliates, splashing into the caster’s face and dealing 1 damage while also looking goofy.
Critical Success The blast's damage fall-off is less than expected, getting a D1 decrease every 10 blocks instead of 5. So base damage is a D5, after 10 blocks, a D4, etc.
Red Lines
Liquid Lasso
Upon casting, the mage uses nearby water or water from his tear to form a magical lasso. It can be used to catch animals or as a rope to tie something up.
Level 1
Casting Value 10
Range 8 meters
Damage Upon successfully casting the spell, a lasso is formed for the caster to use. The lasso cannot be used as a weapon but as a way of tying someone up. When thrown, the caster rolls D20 to see if the lasso hits. The target also rolls D20 to roll against the caster’s throwing roll. When the target is tied up, it can roll against the caster’s casting roll two times per round.
Critical Failure The spell wraps around the caster’s arm, giving him -1 on attacks for one round.
Critical Success The lasso can reach up to 12 blocks far.
Red Lines The lasso can’t be used to attack someone (No whipping or strangling).
Spring of Life
The caster makes a body of water heal minor injuries when drunk from or bathed in.
Level 1
Casting Value 16
Range Touch
Damage The caster can make a body of water spring of life, healing most minor and major injuries when drank from, bathed in, or interacting with the spring. The spring heals 1 HP to every creature that stands within once per round. One caster may only have one spring of life active at any time. The spring lasts for D3 turns.
Critical Failure Nothing happens.
Critical Success The first creature that interacts with this spring heals D3 HP.
Red Lines The minimum amount of water blocks this spring must consist of is 15, and the maximum is 30.
Condensed Water
The caster creates a ball of water from the air, which aids in casting the next spell.
Level 1
Casting Value 12
Range Selfcast
Damage The caster gets a +1 to their spell attack modifier for the next spell they cast. This effect lasts for 2 turns or until another spell is cast.

The caster can also use this created water for any other purposes related to things other than combat.

Critical Failure The next spell the caster casts gets a -1 instead due to the lack of control over the water.
Critical Success The caster can additionally grant another creature within 20 meters of this same feature.
Red Lines Only one of these effects may be used on a single spell. Only one condensed water ball may be active at the same time.
Steed of Tides
The caster conjures a watery elemental steed to transport themselves or a comrade swiftly across the battlefield.
Level 2
Casting Value 12
Range 5 meters
Damage The movement speed of the person riding the watery steed is equivalent to that of the mounted speed for 3 rounds.
Critical Failure The steed dissolves moments after it is summoned, making its rider fall to the ground. The rider cannot move for 1 turn.
Critical Success The steed remains for 4 rounds.
Red Lines This spell cannot be used on mounted players.
Impact Bubbles
The caster sends forth a small barrage of bubbles with compressed water inside. These bubbles explode upon impact, dealing damage to those it touches.
Level 2
Casting Value 14
Range 10 blocks
Damage The caster sends out many bubbles in a 180-degree radius. The creature closest to the caster within the bubble area takes D3 damage, and all remaining targets, up to a maximum of 2, take D2 damage.
Critical Failure The bubbles explode while the caster makes them, dealing D2 damage to the caster.
Critical Success The maximum target amount increases from 3 total to 5 total.
Red Lines The targets may roll agility to attempt to dodge the bubbles. The agility roll will have to be greater than the effectiveness roll of the caster.
The caster sends forth a great vortex of water, capturing enemies within and knocking them back in the direction of the vortex.
Level 2
Casting Value 13
Range 15 blocks
Damage The caster sends forth a 3x3 block-wide vortex, where people will be sucked into and sent flying backward. Any creature that gets into the vortex will be sent to the end of the vortex.
Critical Failure The vortex stays in position, and the caster is trapped within for 2 turns, unable to move or defend themselves.
Critical Success All creatures trapped within the vortex get dealt D2 damage.
Red Lines The starting position of the vortex can only be at the caster's position.
Boiling Point
The caster creates a hot, steaming water ball and can throw it toward a creature. The creature will be in agony as hot water scars its skin and burns its body.
Level 3
Casting Value 14
Range 15 blocks
Damage The caster creates a ball of hot water, which they can shoot out at a creature. If the ball hits, the boiling water will stick to the target for D3 turns and deal D2 damage each turn the water stays on the creature.

A minor effect of this spell is that the caster can create hot water or make water already there hotter for RP purposes.

Critical Failure The caster becomes drenched in hot water, taking D2 damage from it.
Critical Success The steaming hot water stays on the target for the maximum time.
Red Lines This spell can change the appearance of the creature hit by burn marks if they allow it to happen.
Misty Form
The caster becomes one with the mist, unable to get hit while becoming incredibly fast.
Level 3
Casting Value 16
Range Selfcast
Damage The caster becomes one with the mist, enveloped within. They are unable to attack or cast spells but are also unable to take damage while within this form. This spell lasts for D4 rounds or whenever the caster ends the spell.
Critical Failure A puff of smoke blocks the caster's vision, making them defenseless for 1 turn.
Critical Success The caster, while in this form, also gains additional movement based on their agility roll.
Red Lines No slipping through walls or places you are not supposed to be in. The caster is near invisible in this form.
Like Two Drops of Water
The caster manipulates water to become an additional copy of themselves.
Level 4
Casting Value 18
Range Selfcast
Damage The caster manipulates water to become an additional copy of themselves. This copy acts autonomously from the original and can attack an enemy and defend itself. The copy has the same gear and stats as the original but moves awkwardly, getting a -2 on all rolls. This spell will last for 3 turns.
Critical Failure The spell fails to manifest properly and starts to envelop the caster, dissolving in an acidic fashion that inflicts a burning effect on the caster and deals D2 damage.
Critical Success The copy is a little more balanced and only experiences a -1 on all rolls.
Red Lines This copy cannot communicate and cannot be damaged by physical attacks. The copy can take up to 5HP of damage from magical attacks.
Aros Manifestation
The caster summons a piece of Aros around where they are standing, which holds itself up as if it were a small floating ocean planet. The ocean is filled with Coral, fish, and other creatures. The ocean drowns those within while aiding the caster with casting any spells.
Level 5
Casting Value 20
Range 10 meters
Damage The caster creates a giant piece of the ocean at least 10 meters high and 10 meters in radius, which seems to have its own gravity keeping it in control. The first turn, while the caster is within the ocean, the caster can cast 2 spells instead of 1 spell, and they get a +3 to any lvl 1 or 2 spells they cast. Any non-aquamancer caught in the spell will start drowning and take 1 damage per turn they are caught within the ocean. The caster also doubled their movement within the ocean, while any non-aquamancer will have their movement halved and rounded up. The water will stay until it is canceled or unbound. The tear has to be open for the water to stay.
Critical Failure The caster instead gets flooded by a massive amount of water and the occasional marine creature. They take D6 damage and can lose a limb due to the strong currents of the water.
Critical Success The effects last for 3 additional turns.
Red Lines This spell can only be cast once every OOC week. A loremaster has to be present for the cast.

Frigumancy Spells

Reflective Pane
The caster creates a thin sheet of ice floating in the air. Anyone who attacks the caster can use the pane to reflect the impact.
Level 1
Casting Value 13
Range Selfcast
Damage The caster creates a pane of ice that floats around the caster. The pane stays up for D3 turns. Whenever an opponent attacks the caster, the caster can choose to expend the pane, taking only half the damage, and inflicting one of 2 effects upon the creature, which is decided by rolling a D2.

1 = The pane shatters, sending sharp shards of ice toward the attacker. They take the other half of the damage.

2 = The pane shatters, which creates a cloud of icy particles. These latch onto the attacking creature, freezing them for 1 turn, making them unable to do anything.

This page also works like a mirror in addition to its other effects.

Critical Failure The pane shatters immediately as it is created, falling apart, and causing the shards to do D2 damage to the caster.
Critical Success The pane when expended, uses both effects on the attacking creature.
Red Lines A maximum of 1 pane may exist with the caster at once.
Ice Maiden's Kiss
The spellcaster breathes forth the purest cold- those who succumb to it are slowed to a frozen, statuesque standstill.
Level 2
Casting Value 8
Range 10 meters
Damage Targets of this spell cannot move for D3 turns. On top of that, they get 1 damage per turn that they are frozen.
Critical Failure The spell backfires, stunning the caster for 1 turn and doing 1 damage to the caster.
Critical Success The target gets frozen and damaged for D4 turns instead.
Red Lines Frozen targets can still attack if a target is in range.
Icy Tundra
The target controls the water in the air around them, immediately letting the water vapor turn to ice. Due to this unusual way of creating ice the surface is especially smooth, causing people to fall off balance while on the floor and making people without shoes on have their feet feel really cold.
Level 2
Casting Value 14
Range 15 meters
Damage The surrounding area turns to an icy terrain for 3 rounds, giving the caster an extra edge due to them being well-trained here. The caster can better evade attacks on this ground, gaining a +2 to any rolls to evade opponents' spells and other attacks.
Critical Failure The caster freezes their feet, making them unable to move anywhere for 2 rounds of combat.
Critical Success Any opponent within range when the spell gets cast rolls a D20. If this is lower than the caster’s original roll, they slip and receive 1 damage.
Red Lines
Solid Frost
Solid frost is the art of freezing water into sturdy ice, allowing the caster to create shapes, tools, and weapons. This can be done in two ways: making contact with an already present body of water and casting to spread the ice until the desired form is achieved. The more difficult way of creating ice is through a channeled cast, pulling water vapor from Aros. The second option is much slower and has greater limits on the size and strength of the formed ice. This magic is mostly seen in combat, where weapons of ice are formed mid-air while being flung at a great momentum magically.
Level 3
Casting Value 12
Range 15 meters
Damage When utilizing this spell, a successful roll, roll a d5 to see how many spears of ice are created. The caster can choose a separate target for every spear, not being able to send two at one target, while every target rolls a D20 to see if the spear hits them. The caster must roll a D3 to determine the damage each spear deals.

The caster also has the option to wield one of these as a weapon, having a base damage of 1. This effect takes one weapon away from the amount that was created.

The caster could also use this spell to create a small object of different use, like a hammer, saw, or axe. This cannot be too complicated and is up to a loremaster’s digression.

Critical Failure The spears turn into the snow while in the air, making the spears do absolutely nothing.
Critical Success The caster rolls a D4 instead to determine the damage of each spear.
Red Lines Needs direct contact with existing OR summoned water to be used. Lockpicks cannot be created using this spell due to their intricate and complex nature.
Wall of Ice
The caster creates a wall of ice.
Level 3
Casting Value 16
Range 10 meters
Damage The caster creates a wall of ice, which is 5 blocks wide, and 5 blocks tall. Nothing can pass through this wall until it is destroyed. It lasts for D5 rounds.
Critical Failure Hands freeze. Not able to cast a spell next turn.
Critical Success The wall when spawned, has ice spikes on one side for 1 meter. These spikes deal D3 damage.
Red Lines The wall may be attacked and can take up to 8HP damage.
Cloud Weaving
Cloud Weaving is a subform that allows users to expel a thick fog from their mouth or hands, creating a cloud-like field. The produced fog will linger in the air for a set amount of time while the caster can manipulate the temperature of the fog. If cooling the fog down, any objects or people within the fog will have the vaporized water cling to their skin, quickly freezing. At first exposure, this will cause them to become quite cold, but in time, the ice will build up and slowly begin forming a solid layer around the specific body part or object. If heating the fog up, the hot steam will start to boil the enemies' skin. If keeping the temperature the same, the fog can be used to escape.
Level 4
Casting Value 12
Range 20 meters
Damage The caster rolls a D20 to determine the range of the cloud (1 = 1 Block, 20 = 20 Blocks). Now they can decide whether to heat or cool the fog down. Rolling a D3 to decide how fast the temperature will change (1 = 1 Emote needed till temp. Is reached, 3 = 3 Emotes till temp. Is reached). For either form, they can do a D5 roll to determine the damage, which will be dealt with once the temperature is reached.
Critical Failure The caster damages themself instead of an enemy. They need to do a D10 roll to determine their damage.
Critical Success The opponents cannot see the caster while the fog is up, making their attack rolls have a -1.
Red Lines The fog will vanish instantly once the caster leaves the area.
Frost Sanctuary
A temporary crystal dome is generated around the spellcaster and their allies, warding them against magical attacks but rooting them to the spot in the process
Level 4
Casting Value 18
Range 5 meters
Damage The spellcaster creates a barrier around themselves and everyone in range, making them unable to move, but while they are within the dome, they cannot be attacked, giving them time for something mid-combat. The sanctuary remains active for D2+2 rounds.

Opponents can try to break into the sanctuary by rolling a D20 strength. If they roll above the caster's casting roll, the dome shatters.

Critical Failure The dome shatters before it can fully generate, causing the caster to be wounded instead. Due to the comparatively weak drawback of the spell, the caster will not be wounded permanently and instead lose 4 HP.
Critical Success The sanctuary remains active for D2+3 rounds.
Red Lines The dome cannot be melted by conventional or magical fire.
The caster sends forth a freezing wave of energy, freezing anyone and anything within the radius.
Level 5
Casting Value 20
Range 20 meters
Damage The caster sends forth a freezing wave of ice, freezing a huge area of 20 meters around the caster, turning it all to ice. This ice will not melt by natural means. Any creature within 20 blocks also becomes frozen in ice, unable to do anything for 1+D3 turns. Everyone frozen this way takes 1 damage every turn.
Critical Failure The spell backfires, freezing the caster and making them unable to do anything for D3 turns. They may also lose a limb due to it freezing off.
Critical Success The range where creatures are frozen increases to the full capacity of the spell, and also, everyone frozen will be frozen for an additional turn.
Red Lines Any Frigumancer is unable to be frozen this way.

A loremaster has to be present for the casting of this spell. This spell can only be cast once every OOC week.

Marinamancy Spells

Wave Rider
The caster creates a wave of water that moves as fast as they do. It sucks up anything in its path for a trip.
Level 1
Casting Value 14
Range Selfcast
Damage The caster creates a wave of water, 3 blocks tall and 5 blocks wide. While the wave is active, the caster must use all of their movement every turn, or the spell ends early. This wave of water captures any creature trapped within it while the caster is moving, dealing 1 damage to any creature that is hit. These effects end after D3 rounds.
Critical Failure The caster is instead hit with a splash of water over their head, dealing D2 damage and granting unending humiliation.
Critical Success The caster gets half their movement distance added onto their original movement roll.
Red Lines The caster cannot cast while riding the wave.
Flash Flood
The caster summons a quick-moving wall of water that runs across an area in front of them, pushing creatures aside as they are lost in the currents.
Level 2
Casting Value 15
Range 8 meters
Damage The caster creates a 2x1x5 block wall of water that starts at the caster's position. This wall will move 5 blocks into a target direction, pushing people to the end of the range and dealing D3 damage to them.
Critical Failure The spell fails to manifest.
Critical Success The number of blocks this spell moves becomes 8 instead of 5.
Red Lines
Sea Serpents Snap
The caster creates an image of a sea serpent within their hands using water. Once they snap, the serpent's jaws close, damaging everyone within.
Level 2
Casting Value 15
Range 3 meters
Damage The caster snaps the serpent's jaws, dealing D3 damage to a single target or D2 damage to all targets within a 3x3 area in front of the caster.
Critical Failure The caster inflicts D2 damage upon themselves.
Critical Success The Serpent is exceptionally large and reaches up to 5 meters away from the caster.
Red Lines
Tangled Tentacles
The caster summons up to three octopuses out of a nearby body of water/his tear and wraps them around the target’s body, binding them in place.
Level 3
Casting Value 14
Range 6 meters
Damage The caster rolls a D3 to see how many rounds the target is bound for. The captured target then has one chance to break out of the trapping each round through rolling D18 against the caster’s effectiveness roll.
Critical Failure Only one octopus is summed, squirting ink into the caster’s face, blinding them for one round. (Blinding: -5 on attack rolls, -3 on defensive rolls)
Critical Success The octopus will latch onto their target for D4 rounds instead.
Red Lines The creatures summoned are incapable of being used in any other way and will dissolve once the mage stops casting. Additionally, the creatures can only capture one person at a time.
Tortoise Scales
The user can conjure a turtle’s scales and use them defensively in the form of a shield. The shield is circular in shape and resembles a normal round shield. The shield then attaches itself to the caster's arm of choice and can be removed easily. The shield is used like a regular shield but is +1 stronger.
Level 3
Casting Value 10
Range Self
Damage Upon successfully casting the spell, the mage’s tear widens to let through a group of turtle scales which fly out one by one to form a shield on the caster’s arm of choice. The shield is used like a regular shield, but +1 is stronger. It can endure blocking D3 damage.
Critical Failure The scales don’t form a shield and fall to the ground, useless.
Critical Success The scales are bound together more tightly, making the shield endure D4 damage instead.
Red Lines The scales or shield cannot be used for anything but defending against an attack.
Animalistic Assault
The caster summons pufferfish from a nearby body of water and throws them at a target of his choice. The pufferfish spray out and land in different positions.
Level 4
Casting Value 16
Range 15 meters
Damage Pufferfish are flung in the general direction of the caster's victim. To see where they hit, the caster rolls D3:

1: The pufferfish land two meters to the left of the target.

2: The pufferfish hit the target, which can still defend or dodge.

3: The pufferfish land two meters to the right of the target.

When the pufferfish hit the target or other players, they receive 2D2 damage.

Critical Failure The pufferfish are flung out in the completely wrong direction, hitting in the exact opposite direction the target is standing.
Critical Success More pufferfish are summoned, making the target receive 3D2 instead of 2D2 damage.
Red Lines The pufferfish cannot be eaten or used in any other way but the direct attack. They will disappear as soon as the mage stops casting.
Voco Aquatis
Performing the spell, the caster calls upon the help of nearby aquatic creatures. Various animals answer the call to aid the mage in many different ways.
Level 4
Casting Value 16
Range Selfcast
Damage The mage summons a group of dolphins (D3 to determine the number of dolphins) to aid him in moving through the water. The dolphins stay for D3+1 rounds. The caster can ride one dolphin at a time, but he can attach a rope to other dolphins to enable them to help. Depending on how many dolphins the mage has to help, his movement speed increases by +3 per dolphin. (1 Dolphin: +3, 5 Dolphins, +15)
Critical Failure The caster is misunderstood by nearby creatures and instead stung by a jellyfish, causing D2 damage.
Critical Success The mage rolls a D5 rather than a D3 to see how many dolphins they may command.
Red Lines The movement bonuses only apply while the caster moves within water deeper than 3 blocks, and the dolphins cannot move farther than 35 blocks from the coast.
Tide Call
Amassing their energy, Aquamancers can open an elemental rift, pulling water in massive amounts out of it. Said rift doesn’t seem to affect any pre-existing matter, either opening in mid-air or within the hands of the Mage. As mentioned, water will continue to stream out of the rift, creating a tsunami-like wave and flooding any vicinity around the mage. Several aquatic animals can be found within the stream of water, ranging from small crabs to jellyfish and sometimes even larger animals, such as sharks.
Level 5
Casting Value 20
Range 30 meters long, 10 meters wide
Damage The caster rolls a D3+3 to determine the base damage of this spell. Now they will need to roll a D5 to determine the animals brought into Eden through this spell.

1 = Crabs, the caster rolls a D2 and adds the number to the base damage.

2 = Squids, enemies hit by the spell are blinded for D3 emotes. (Blinding: -5 on the offensive, -3 on defensive rolls)

3 = Jellyfish, enemies are stung by jellyfish. The caster rolls a D3 roll and adds the number to the base damage.

4 = Pufferfish, the caster rolls a 2 and adds the number to the base damage. Now they can do a D10 roll. If the roll is above 5, they can add D2 damage of poison damage to their base damage. The opponents get this poison damage for 3 rounds in a row.

5 = Sharks, the caster rolls a D4 and adds the number to their base damage.

Critical Failure The caster’s spell backfires and deals D8 damage to themselves. The user also becomes covered by sea stars, making them unable to block any attacks against them, and also makes the user unable to attack for 1 round. The caster has seen limbs bent abnormally due to the strong currents moving over. Occasionally a shark could even bite off a limb.
Critical Success The caster can add an additional +2 base damage to their attack.
Red Lines Any water and animals will vanish as soon as the caster leaves the area. This spell will leave the entire area with coral scraps and can destroy one building of moderate size.

Pufferfish poison cannot take a player out when at 1 HP; the poison will not damage the player.

Attempting to cast this spell can only be done once per OOC week and requires Loremaster's supervision.

Additional Abilities

Purifying Prowess
The caster gets the purifying ways of water under their full control, able to heal themselves and allies.
Range Touch
Effect The healing that takes place restores D2 health, be it for the caster themself or a target of choice. As with any other action, only one can be used per round of combat. Outside of combat, this spell can easily heal cuts and bruises and sometimes even bigger cuts. An aquamancer can also reattach limbs, should they have been severed recently and able to be reattached.
Red Lines Life-threatening wounds, such as a heart puncture, fracture of the skull, or a giant cut in one's gut, cannot be healed by this spell. Reattaching limbs will cause the caster to immediately lose consciousness.

Aquatic Blessing (Marinamancy only)
The caster gains the ability to breathe underwater for long amounts of time, giving them an extra edge in water-bound combat. If underwater, their speed is also twice as fast as their regular walking speed, being able to outswim people running and occasionally even horses.
Range Self
Effect The number of blocks they can move in a single turn is doubled while in a body of water. Also, when the caster reaches level 5 of Marinamancy and is drenched in water, be it by a pond, rain, river, or anything, they gain extreme control over the water surrounding them. They gain a +1 in spellcasting for 3 rounds per combat situation.
Red Lines This means that after the 3 rounds, this effect will fade and cannot be used again. The ends of their hair look a little blue and see-through.

Icy Mold (Frigumancy only)
The caster reflexively creates a thin, transparent layer of ice all around their body when attacked. This effect may be cast even if the caster isn't aware of oncoming damage.
Range Self
Effect The mold protects the caster from D2 damage, even when the caster isn't aware of being attacked. This means the caster also can't prevent the mold from protecting them.
Red Lines After absorbing all damage it can take, the mold breaks. The icecaster has to wait for D3 rounds until the ability can activate again. Upon reaching level 5 of Frigumancy, a mage's mold will be able to absorb D3 damage, coming at a cost of taking D4 instead of D3 rounds to recharge.

Elemental Magic Pyromancy · Aquamancy · Aeromancy · Geomancy
Voidal Magic Hemomancy · Necromancy
Other Magic Currently None