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Elemental Magic utilizes the other realms to draw energy from. To do so the mage will open a tear, allowing the energy to pass through the Void in between and reaching the realm of Eden instead. By doing so the mage in question can manipulate said energy and cast their spells by doing so.


The mages of fire are mages of desire, as these have always used their sheer force of will to mold the flames of Ignos. Fire has always been seen to be close to complete chaos, but it can be more so described as ordered chaos. It takes a lot of concentration to wield the force of flame, but there have been innovations to help resolve these issues making fire magic more widespread.


Aquamancy is an ancient elemental magic, its origins dating back to the rise of the very first cities. It requires the user to channel their energy into the water around them and their aquamarine catalyst, after which the mage can manipulate the water to their whims. Aquamancy quickly became a favourite among the population, commonly used by sailors, fishermen, farmers, and gardeners to complete a variety of tasks, such as swimming without the fear of drowning, flawlessly defending oneself from danger by using the water present all around them, calming storms on the sea and, as some rumours state about the strongest of practitioners, waving away a tsunami. Practitioners seeking to learn Aquamancy typically travel to the coasts of the land, where this magic is commonly being taught at.


First seen in the high elven cities and later on spreading and adapting to other cultures, Aeromancy, commonly referred to as Air Magic, is a unique form of magic. By utilizing the freed air from the Aether Aeromancers are able to create strong winds and electric currents and even storms through simple means. However, while such may be the case, it is also a fairly dangerous form of magic, as the spell can easily be turned against the user or even backfire on them.


Geomancy, often also referred to as Tera Magic, is an elemental magic that focuses on the manipulation of earth and its various subtypes. Originating in the northern, colder regions of Eden, Geomancy is used by the population for a variety of purposes, ranging from artisanal crafts to construction and, more commonly, excavation to even combatting bandits and monsters. Those that seek to learn Geomancy commonly travel to the northern regions, seeking a proper education closer to the original areas where the magic was founded by the dwarves.

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