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Classification Voidal Magic
Energy Source The Void - Lillith
Casting Method Ingredient - Vial of Blood

Vampirism, the term commonly associated with blood magic, is the way of using blood to perform spells, rituals and other taboo. Once going down the path of this voidal magic, there will be no return in sight, as the mage will take his secrets down into their grave, most commonly with a wooden stake lodged into their chest.


Blood Magic has been around for as long as the not so fictional tales of vampires have been around in Eden. Most of these stories were found in ancient Attian literature, though vampires have existed before the founding of the now fallen Attian Empire. Not much is known of the Hemomancers, because of these ancient texts being destroyed, or becoming unreadable overtime, though it is known that these shadow creatures were not born this way, but created in ritualistic ways. Most common folk tales left behind are that of vampires, striking on dark nights, being sly and steady killers, before vampire hunters came to slay these beasts. It has been a long time since the last vampires were seen, but will they ever return? Or maybe did they ever really go away?

Learning and Teaching

The learning and teaching of the ways of the Hemomancer, is becoming one in its fullest glory. Their training consists of obtaining the full extent of one’s vampirical nature, and living well with the downsides that come with. There are not many things known about these rituals and lessons, but what can be said for certain is that it is the most painful magic to learn.

To reach level one a teacher needs to have at least four sessions with their student, each session being at least sixty minutes long. To obtain level two the student needs to have another four lessons of sixty minutes. To finally reach level three and the ability to teach magic themselves the students need to have another set of two sessions, each with a length of thirty minutes. Each day one session can be held by the teacher/been received by the student. After finally reaching level three the student doesn’t require any additional sessions and will reach level four automatically after two weeks of self-studying the magic. Once level four was reached the cooldown is renewed and the mage will reach level five after an additional four weeks.

Level Increase Required Sessions Req .Session Length
Lvl 0 to Lvl 1 4 Sessions 60 Minutes
Lvl 1 to Lvl 2 4 Sessions 60 Minutes
Lvl 2 to Lvl 3 2 Sessions 30 Minutes
Lvl 3 to Lvl 4 N/A N/A
Lvl 4 to Lvl 5 N/A N/A


Level Unlocked Spells Abilities/Bonuses
Lvl 1 - Fledgling Life Leech The mage unlocks the Crimson Eyes-Ability.
Lvl 2 - Neonate Life Leech, Crackling Skin The mage unlocks the Crimson Eyes-, Claws- and Blood Sucker-Abilities.
Lvl 3 - Halfblood Life Leech, Crackling Skin, Wielded Blood The mage has a +1 spellcasting bonus. The mage unlocks the Crimson Eyes-, Claws-, Blood Sucker- and Storing Blood-Abilities.
Lvl 4 - Nobleblood Life Leech, Crackling Skin, Wielded Blood, Crimson Lining The mage has a +2 spellcasting bonus. The mage unlocks the Crimson Eyes-, Claws-, Blood Sucker-, Storing Blood- and Vampiric Skin-Abilities.
Lvl 5 - Pureblood Life Leech, Crackling Skin, Wielded Blood, Crimson Lining, Crimson Volley The mage has a +3 spellcasting bonus. The mage unlocks the Crimson Eyes-, Claws-, Blood Sucker-, Storing Blood-, Vampiric Skin- and Vampiric Hover-Abilities.


The mage can only carry up to 9 vials of blood in their inventory when roleplaying, this is to prevent the mage from casting too many spells, and actually using the spells to fill these bottles back up. Abilities do not use any blood vials to be activated. The mage can't use their own blood for any of their spells or abilities.


Life Leech
The mage opens the wounds existing on one's body, and sucks up the blood within their bodies. As the enemy takes damage, the mage instead absorbs the blood through consumption, which grants them additional life force.
Casting Value 12
Range 5m / 5 Blocks
Damage / Effect The person attacked with this spell gets 1 damage on a successful roll. For this one hit point,either the mage regains D3 hit points, or they can fill up one vial of blood.
Critical Failure The spell fails, but the mage can use a vial of blood to gain the same standard healing effects of the spell instead.
Critical Success The wounds, instead of just opening, also worsen. The enemy takes 2 damage, while healing is the same.
Red Lines This spell only works on already wounded targets, be it that the wounds secrete blood. The mage cannot overheal their max hit points. The mage can either heal or damage an enemy, they can't do both at the same time.

Crackling Skin
The mage pours one vial of blood over their hand, as they point their finger at someone. The blood under the targets skin will harden, creating patches of hardness onto it. As they will try to react by moving, the patches start to tear, spurting out blood the more they move.
Casting Value 16
Range 20m / 20 Blocks
Damage / Effect The target's skin hardness, as for every action they move more than 3 blocks they will take D3 damage. This effect will stay for 1 minute.
Critical Failure The spell does nothing, but as a reaction to this failure the caster can fill up their now empty bottle of blood, taking D3 self inflicted damage.
Critical Success The skin of the opponent hardens to its fullest extent, making the damage, instead of a D3, a D4 per 3 blocks.
Red Lines The movement is calculated from the exact point the target was cursed. Only 2 targets can be cursed with this spell at once. This spell only works if the target has skin.

Wielded Blood
The mage empties a vial of blood onto their hand, as they mold it into a blade. This blade has an innate connection to their blood, granting them life force from the people they hit with their blade.
Casting Value 14
Range Selfcast
Damage / Effect The mage creates a weapon, the size of a sword, and can use it in combat. This weapon grants D3 healing for every attack they hit an opponent with, while doing usual damage to the opponent. The blade also grants a +1 on attack rolls when wielded the first 2 rounds. This weapon lasts for 4 rounds.
Critical Failure The caster, instead of creating a blade, creates a dagger. This dagger grants D2 healing on hit.
Critical Success The weapon the mage has created with their own blood, is sharper than any sword someone has ever seen. The blade cuts through air, giving the caster a +2, instead of a +1, for attack rolls.
Red Lines The blade cannot exceed the size of a regular sword, no matter how many vials of blood may be added. The mage cannot overheal their max hit points.

Crimson Lining
The mage pours one vial of blood over their hand, as strings, thinner than a hair, are created in between them and their target. The strings bind them to their target, making them unable to move away from one another.
Casting Value 14
Range 20m / 20 Blocks
Damage / Effect The target of this spell cannot move away from the caster for more than 2 blocks for 5 turns. The caster, however, has the ability to loosen the strings and can walk away from their target. The mage can cause the strings to allow the enemy to move away. At any point the mage can stop this spell. The mage can also pull the enemy towards them by 5 blocks every turn.
Critical Failure The strings are set up in their place, but they aren't tight. The target has half of their movement speed when walking away from the caster.
Critical Success The target of this spell gets completely wrapped up in string. They are now incapacitated for one round, where after the effects stay the same.
Red Lines The spell can't be used to damage an opponent.

Crimson Volley
The mage empties a vial of blood onto their hand, where after the now spilled blood starts to disperse into several balls of blood. On the mage's command, they can fire these balls at a single, or multiple enemies at once. As these shots soak the bodies of the mage's targets, it also damages them intensely.
Casting Value 15
Range 15m / 15 Blocks
Damage / Effect The mage fires off 3 shots of blood, be it balls, arrows or other small simple projectiles. Every ball does D2 damage on hit. The mage only rolls once and they all do that amount of damage, no matter what target the ball hits. Each ball can be shot at a different target. The target needs to roll for each shot targeting them to dodge or avoid them.
Critical Failure The spell does nothing, but as a reaction to this failure the mage can fill up their now empty bottle of blood, taking D3 self inflicted damage.
Critical Success The caster's spillage is near to nothing, making enough leftovers for another single shot. This shot does D3 damage to a single target. The target the mage hits with this last ball becomes blinded, gaining a -1 to attack chance.
Red Lines The spell can't impale an enemy.

True Form
When the moon shines in all its glory at night, the mage will be able to take flight! While pouring a vial of blood over their body the mage can grow an excellent pair of wings on their back.
Casting Value 20
Range Selfcast
Damage / Effect The mage can use these newly attained wings for D10 rounds. After these rounds the wings would shrivel up and disappear. These wings cannot lift the caster higher than 5 meters into the air.
Critical Failure The spell doesn't work and the mage feels immense pain at their back causing D3 damage. The mage will have to wait 3 turns before attempting to recast this spell.
Critical Success Upon casting the mage is boosted 5 blocks into the air and will be able to fly for D15 emote turns.
Red Lines This spell can only be used at night and cannot be casted upon others. The wings cannot be used as a weapon. Other abilities can be used while this spell is active. The mage cannot carry people while flying.

Additional Effects

At night, when the mages power has risen to its fullest potential, they can extend claws from their hands and feet at will, making them able to climb over vertical surfaces. It also grants more damage to hand on hand combat. The rest of their body also gains in muscle mass and size.
Range Selfcast
Damage / Effect When attacking without any weapons, their claws deal 2 damage.
Red Lines This ability can always be activated, but takes one emote turn to be activated. This ability can only be used at night time.

Crimson Eyes
When first becoming a vampire, their eyes change to a crimson color. When they are in dark areas, they obtain regular night vision. Next to that, they are also able to see heat coming from potential targets.
Range 50m / 50 Blocks
Damage / Effect The mage gets night vision and heat vision for as long as they make their eyes glow.
Red Lines This ability only works in cold and dark environments.

Blood Sucker
The mage gains the ability to regain life forces from consuming blood. They can expend one Vial of Blood, or they can bite someone else in their neck to gain life forces. They can also bite someone and fill up a vial of blood instead.
Range Touch [Storing Blood]
Damage / Effect The mage consumes one Vial of Blood, or some blood in equal amounts from a willing target, and regains D3 life points. They can also bite an unwilling target, if they roll higher than the target. They can also, instead of healing themselves, fill a vial with blood.
Red Lines This ability requires one emote turn to be activated. The mage can't use this ability to fill a flask with their own blood. The mage can't heal themselves with their own blood.

Storing Blood
While the mage has a blood vial on them, they will stop decaying indefinitely.
Range Selfcast
Damage / Effect Blood vials will not age and will always be usable while on the mage.
Red Lines The mage can only use this effect on 6 blood vials at all time.

Vampiric Skin
The mage has gained full control over the composition of their own blood, making them able to concentrate the iron within their blood under their skin. Next to this, they also gain the ability to not bleed when slashed, and their open wounds close after 2 rounds of combat with any weapon not made of silver. If it was silver, the bleeding would continue.
Range Selfcast
Damage / Effect The vampire gains two additional health points.
Red Lines If the weapon the mage was hit with was made out of silver, the mage will bleed from their wounds.

Vampiric Hover
While falling from great heights, the mage has the ability to stop right before hitting the floor, taking near to no fall damage in the process.
Range Selfcast
Damage / Effect The mage is immune to fall damage.
Red Lines The ability can only be activated if the mage is conscious.

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