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Voidal Magic uses the space in between realms, known as the Void. Commonly seen as a rather dark and unholy form of magic Voidal Magic is disliked by most races as it utilizes the remains of dead people, blood and even the very souls of the dead.


Learning Necromancy is as old as time. Trails of them have been left all over the world of Eden. Graves have been left opened, tombs broken and bodies missing. This practise is a sin for all, disturbing the dead and performing rituals to bring back the dead. These people have unholy abilities, being able to summon and speak to the dead makes them hunted. Only the gods should have such powers. Though with the deals with demons and the dark realms, they have this power, raising dead, bringing life to statues and to take the soul of a mortal being, they are not to be meddled with.


Vampirism, the term commonly associated with blood magic, is the way of using blood to perform spells, rituals and other taboo. Once going down the path of this voidal magic, there will be no return in sight, as the mage will take his secrets down into their grave, most commonly with a wooden stake lodged into their chest.

General Rules

Blood charges per creature size table

Blood Charges
Size # of charges
Tiny None
Medium 2
Large 3
Huge 5
Gargantuan 10

Elemental Magic Pyromancy · Aquamancy · Aeromancy · Geomancy
Voidal Magic Hemomancy · Necromancy
Other Magic Currently None