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The Marble City of Luminion
Luminion Logo png.png
Nicknames The Enlightened City,

The Marble City.

Country The Enlightened Kingdom of Luminion
Founded Founded in 1521 by Aldir’tor Zaithrall


The Royal Council


Aldir’tor Zaithrall

A'mos Celephin'nel

City Mayor Fynenar Aey'flir
Scinari’cilus Marathra Mir'ithil
Language(s): Common/Elven


A painting of Luminion by Fynenar Aey'flir

The Marble City of the The Enlightened Kingdom of Luminion stands as a beacon of Azari supremacy in the centre of Arda, the Glade of Dragons. The city was founded in the early months of 1522 by the the then Therri'cill Aldir’tor Zaithrall. The city is home to the largest High Elven population in all of Eden. Furthermore, a small minority of Tieflings also settled within the city walls.

Luminion is the seat of the Zaithrall family, and it often hosts many great tourney's magic lessons and festivals.

Historical Events

Founding of Luminion - 1521

Eldrin's Rebellion of 1522

The Royal Wedding of 1523

Local Government

The City Mayor

Similar to Aerial, the city mayor is an office usually held by the prince who rules the region. If the prince is not available, it is expected of them to appoint one of their closest Pricecilus to fulfil the duty for them.

List of Luminion Mayors

  • Aldir'tor zaithrall (1521 - 1522)
  • Fynenar Aey'flir (1522 - Present)

City Scinari’cilus

The Scinari are servants only to the Mother herself. They reside within the city temples where they bring offerings to the Mother, bless Azari in need and often aid the city Medi'cilus in their duties. Commoners often call the the Mothers of the city. At the helm of the temple is the Scinari’cilus, or High Priestess in common tongue. She acts as a guide for all Azari'cill within the Kingdom and safeguards the laws of purity.

List of Luminion Scinari’cilus

  • Ayerlinde Valya'mors (1522 - 1523)
  • Marathra Mir'ithil (1523 - Present)

Notable Buildings

  • The Colleges of Magic - A fountain of knowledge and home of many great spellcasters. The Luminion colleges are the biggest and most advanced in Eden and allow students to learn a wide variety of subjects ranging from Aeromancy and Alchemy to Languages and ancient history.
  • The Colosseum - The Luminion Colosseum is home to many great tourneys, plays from troupes all over Eden and spectacular Jousts where knights show off their martial prowess.
  • The Silver Bastion - Royal seat of the Zaithrall family. One of the largest buildings constructed within the city walls. It is often used for meetings with officials from far away nations and great feasts for the 'cill and their allies.

Notable Figures living in Luminion.


Other Notable figures: