Respen Zaithrall

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Respen Zaithrall
Title(s) Pricecili
House Zaithrall
Born 1523 AFS
Father Aldir’tor Zaithrall
Mother A'mos Celephin'nel
Siblings Cirlia Zaithrall

Tetheris III Zaithrall

Realm(s) The Enlightened Kingdom of Luminion
Race High Elf
Culture Elven

Physical description:

Long White-blond hair frames a pair of brilliant blue eyes and a small smile.

Standing at 213 centimeters (7ft), Respen is clad in all manner of robes and tunics of every color imaginable. never seen without a circlet upon his brow, he doesn’t wear any other jewelry, Most often seen with a staff at his side made of pure white birch wood and a blue gem at the top.


Respen has the combined intelligence of his father and mother alongside an adventurous nature. He can be a bit clumsy sometimes though. He always has been kind to his people, and always tried his best to make friends with these people but he sometime struggled to find some of his own age. He always seemed happy when he is with his people, but he becomes even happier when he gets to spend time with his abundance of pets and animals! He always thinks of his actions beforehand, revealing little to those that do not know him. He loves the water coming to it to calm his mind as he grew a greater appreciation for the water and it’s calming nature.

One of the most important things in his life is his family as he is proud of his bloodline and tries to live up to it. He also is a devoted follower of the Pantheon and most importantly, the Mother. As kind as he is to his people, he is resentful of their polar opposites. Having learned early in life to be against those of Lunn kind and the corruption of their beliefs. One of his greatest motivations at the beginning of his life was to live up to his Father, as he is a great leader of his people and to make his parents proud of him as he would always address him with respect. As time passed, he devoted himself more to helping his people and being there for his brother and sister. He knew eventually a day would come when he would have to support him with everything he has and wishes the best for them. This happened slowly, as his father was always busy ruling the lands and his mother became very ill for some time. He would try anything to gain the endorsement of his father as he only wished for him to be proud of him. His frustration at the lack of heed from his Father only grew with time.

This lead him to feel left out at times and just try his best for his people, but he never loses his love for his parents. With time, it would only grew better as did the bonds with his brother and sister.


Born in 1523, Respen grew within the City of Luminion as the Last of a set of triplets. The last in line for the throne but no less trying to live up to it. Most of his younger years were spent with his family until he would adventure out more into the city and meet its people as the first of his siblings.

He mostly spent his time reading books and stories about the past, or made up ones about adventures he could have. He never said no to a chance to go outside of the city often, coming along with his father to political meetings with other nations as he loved to see more of the world. Throughout his life he met a lot of people within the city, where one of his better friends his personal guard Eldtion Loreal as was tasked with protecting him and never failed to do so. He also had to learn to protect himself by enrolling in the army at a young age learning how to use a sword in which like his father, was rather unskilled at, preferring to use his mind over brawn. He found a half-blood within their city who possessed the powers of Aquamancy. Shortly after, she would teach him how to use these powers and learn how to use a different kind of magic than from the rest of his family. He learned how to be as calm as a river but as devastating as a waterfall, for his training he would travel the world to learn more about the element going across Eden, seeing much of Eden. At the end of this journey, he had to depart from his teacher and follow his own path. Time would pass and he would focus and trained more with his magic. Soon after, he would become a professor at the Luminion College of Sorcery where he hopes to find someone worthy to teach this gift and better the city.

Respen always takes any chance to go outside of the palace or the walls with his brother and sister, to show them the beauty of the world as well. He loves spending time with them, overly excited when he learned his brother had learned how to use Aeromancy, almost right away asking him to go for a dual. He won. His love life he keeps quite quiet. Respen met a young Medi’cilus by the name of Aer’ilin on a rainy day. He fell for her, quite literally as he stumbled to the ground when they met. Sadly because of their jobs, they do not always have time for one another, but try and make every moment they have special.

Respen now mostly spends his time preparing himself to be always there for his family, mostly for when his sister or brother has to take the task of leading the kingdom. But he will always take time for his beloved pets and lover, always at the ready to help them and his people.


  • Loves most animals and especially his pets some of his favorites being his fox and frogs but his favorite animal is frogs as he finds them cute.
  • He can almost always be found on a body of water if he has some free time as it connects him to his element and calms his mind.
  • Loves to enjoy wine even when it was not jet allowed by his mother but sneaking in a sip when he could.