Cirlia Zaithrall

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Cirlia Zaithrall
Cirlia bust.jpg
Title(s) Aeri'cill, Pricecili
House Zaithrall
Born 1523 AFS
Spouse Fynenar II Zaithrall-Aey'flir
Father Aldir’tor Zaithrall
Mother A'mos Celephin'nel
Siblings Tetheris III Zaithrall

Respen Zaithrall

Rule 1542 AFS - Present
Realm(s) The Enlightened Kingdom of Luminion
Race High Elf
Culture Elven

Physical description:

Cirlia stands at around 190 centimeters (6’3). She bears icy blue eyes with thick blond eyebrows and long wavy white-blond hair. Her frail nature was gifted to her by her parents. Clad in robes of all colors, Cirlia prefers to wear light and airy dresses.Cirlia almost never leaves the palace without a circlet made of precious metals and jewels, gifted to her. She wears no rings, and the occasional necklace, but she never leaves the palace without her silver cuff, embedded with a glimmering opal.


Cirlia has the mannerisms of her mother and the calculating nature of her father. Her cool demenor is something she has perfected, proving to be useful in political tact and a hinder to making friends. Among the Azari’cill nobility, Cirlia struggled to make friends as she learned quickly that some would only be her friend to better themselves.  Raised to be the heir of the kingdom, there is little room for mistakes or missteps, especially when giving favors to supposed ‘’Friends’’. Only once did she succeed in making a true friend, which ended rather tragically for her.

Like her family before her, her pride has her believe that it is her bloodlines divine right to rule Enlightened Kingdom and its people. She is a devout follower of the Elven Pantheon and the Mother’s rule within it. Her icy demenor is barring to most, but she is a deeply emotional person. One such instance is the illness of her mother and the subsequent withdrawal of her father. Spending her days playing in the palace at her Mother and Father’s feet, Cirlia was the first of the triplets to notice her mother’s disappearance. Knocking on her parent’s bedroom door, her cries for her mother went unanswered. Moving forward, Cirlia took to playing in a corner of her father’s study, simply wanting to be with him since her mother had disappeared. Once her mother returned, Cirlia was overjoyed to be with her again, but wanted to continue spending time with her father as she had. This would be the day she discovered the door to her Father’s study now locked. Her cries now for her father also went unanswered, but this for longer. Eventually, she stopped coming to the door.

These disappearances took a heavy toll on Cirlia, pouring herself into her studies and her people as she hoped to impress her father and mother so that they may return to them as they were. This continued until she was in her late teens, finally giving up on having a relationship with both of them, becoming a bitter and colder person for it. After many, many discussions with the Scinar Kharis, and a chaotic family dinner, Cirlia finally managed to start repairing their bond together, as under all the resentment, she still loves them both fiercely.


Born in 1523, Cirlia grew up sheltered within the confines of the Court of the Luminous Enclave. As the first of the triplets, Cirlia is the heir of the Enlightened Kingdom, resting on her shoulders from the day she was born. Her youth consisted of endless study and mingling with the other noble children, though she found more comfort away from the gossip and in her books.

Preferring to spend more time away from the other children and more time in her books, Cirlia became more interested in the arts and histories of her own and other Nations. Excelling in her collage classes, Cirlia’s knowledge in History of the Azari’cill, Music, Debate and Tactics expanded tenfold. Her aptitude for debate and silvery tongue chose her career path for her. Not to join most her own age in the temple, or even her brothers in training, Cirlia was to become a Diplomat, using her knowledge of other kingdoms and silver words to her kingdom’s advantage. Though at this time, Cirlia was barred from leaving the Capital city due to threats of war from Hadrina without a guard, she went to the other kingdoms anyways to learn their people and culture.

Beginning her family ritual of becoming an Aeromancer, Cirlia is currently under tutelage of her mother.

Whilst all this was happening, Cirlia did have one friend. Fynenar II, heir to the Aeyflir family. Meeting by chance in the tavern, neither one remembered the other from their early years. Sitting down to talk, the two chatted for hours, topics flitting like the wind. The two became quite close, one rarely seen without the other, both for professional reasons and personal, as Fynenar became her personal guard. Then things took a more… forbidden route. Cirlia fell fast and hard for Fynenar II in her late teens, and by the time the two were 16 they had begun secretly courting, skirting around their parents and siblings. Cirlia meant to make him her King, but the two were found out shortly after the Holiday Masquerade of 1529. Losing her only friend and lover caused Cirlia to withdraw from the kingdom, returning to her books and family for comfort.

Cirlia lives a life of sheltered plenty within the walls of the palace. Her loss of her lover made her consider handing the crown to her middle brother, but she decided to choose duty to her people over her heart, though a part of her will always resent giving up that love.


  • Cirlia’s summoning stone is in a different place than most. She set her stone in a silver cuff that she never leaves without
  • Cirlia despises frogs of all shapes and sizes, largely why she avoids her brother’s rooms.
  • Cirlia likes to walk among the vineyards to clear her head, the smell of grapes in the sun is calming to her