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The Land of Eden

General Information

Eden world map as of 1530. (Download to see all the details)

A World of Wonders and Endless Possibilities

Driven by imagination, the world of Eden is a sandbox filled with interesting races, nations, biomes, stories and characters.

From the moment you join you will be pulled into a plethora of adventures

which rarely end without something magical happening.

Playing on Eden is an exercise in collaborative creation.

You and your friends have all the freedom to create epic stories filled with

tension and memorable drama.

Your collective creativity will build stories that you will tell again and again,

ranging from utterly absurd to the stuff of legends.

Welcome to Eden. Welcome to Fables and Fantasy RP

Welcome to the Fables & Fantasy RP Wiki!

The goal of our Wiki is to serve as a repository of accurate, up-to-date information about the server.

In general, the information here relates to the current server lore.


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Minecraft version: 1.20.2

Optifine Recommended!

Server Lore

The Nations of Eden The inhabitants of Eden World Lore Magic and Spell Lores Server Guides
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Minor Factions:

Defunct Factions:

Human races:

Elven races:

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Other races:

World Lore:

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Magic and how to use it:

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